What is REST API? An Overview | Liquid Web

What is REST? The REST acronym is defined as a “REpresentational State Transfer” and is designed to take advantage of existing HTTP protocols when used

RESTful API Design Driven Approach

In this tutorial, you will learn the fundamentals of RESTful API design by applying REST principles and best practices. In additon, learn how to define resources, methods, requests, and responses.

SOAP vs REST vs JSON - a 2020 comparison

Find out who wins in the "SOAP vs Rest" dispute, understand the differences between the two approaches, and find out the role of JSON

REST Without JSON: The Future of IoT Protocols

The JSON/HTTP model may not be the best fit for IoT technologies.

JSON Parsing in Android - Step by Step Implementation

JSON Parsing in Android - What is JSON, Comparison betwen JSON and XML, JSON parsing step by step implementation and functions.