Working with Azure AD B2C in ASP.NET

In this episode, Christos get together with our friend JP to show us how to integrate Azure AD B2C into our .NET applications.

Announcing the new Azure Data Tables Libraries

We’re excited to announce that the Azure Data Tables libraries have been released for .NET, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, and Python.

Introducing Configurable Retry Logic in Microsoft.Data.SqlClient v3.0.0-Preview1

The first (false) assumption mentioned in the infamous Fallacies of distributed computing states that “the network is reliable”. Unfortunately, it turns out that distributed applications leveraging services running on multiple compute nodes can suffer from transient connectivity issues, and this is true for on-premises, hybrid and cloud-based deployments.

Minimal APIs in AspNet Core 6

ASP.NET Core 6 has introduced minimal APIs that provide a new way to configure application startup and routing a request to a function. In my previous article I covered the new way of configuring application startup. In this article we will see how the new routing APIs can be used to map HTTP verbs to a function.

Is C# a Dying Language?

It's hard to define what a dying technology actually is. Is it fewer related jobs? Or is it because of fewer developers using it?

6 Easy Ways to Export Data to Excel in C#

Syncfusion's .NET Excel library allows the user to export or write to Excel in C# and VB.NET from various data sources like data tables, datasets, arrays, collections of objects, databases, CSV/TSV, and Microsoft Grid controls in a very simple and easy way. Exporting data to Excel helps in vis

Modern Development: Creating A REST API, Via CI/CD and Back

If you are about to start your next project, which will presumably involve the creation of a backend REST API that will interact with data stored in a database, you should do so by using a modern approach and apply DevOps principles right from the start.

Useful Visual Studio Extensions for Working with Blazor

Using Blazor VSCode Extensions, you can build applications from start to finish using the C# programming language. Useful Visual Studio Extensions for Working with Blazor. We explore some working of the best of Blazor’s VSCode Extensions. Blazor’s VSCode Extensions make building applications less stressful and more efficient.

Everything You Need to Know About Syncfusion WPF Diagram Control

A picture is worth a thousand words; that’s where diagrams come in handy to explain and communicate complex information more effectively. When it comes to developing a diagramming application, the Syncfusion WPF Diagram control is the component of choice. The WPF Diagram (SfDiagram) control is po

Build apps for Microsoft Teams with .NET

Microsoft Teams apps extend the functionality of Teams. We’re taking a closer look at how to get started developing a new Microsoft Teams app with .NET and Blazor using the Teams Toolkit extension. Build apps for Microsoft Teams with .NET

How to Work with Appointments in Blazor Scheduler

Learn how easily you can work with appointments in Syncfusion’s Blazor Scheduler. To learn how to add the Blazor Scheduler to your application, watch this vi...

Customizing the Graph SDKs

The Microsoft Graph SDK for .NET provides a pleasant experience for working with the Microsoft Graph APIs. However, what if you wanted more control over how the underlying HTTP pipeline is used?

ASP.NET Core 6 to Challenge Python and Node

When comparing .NET to Python or Node, one of the complaints is the amount of ceremony around setting up a new project. Even the simplest web service is expected to have a Program class, a Startup class, and one or more Controller classes.

Create a Query Builder UI Component in a Blazor Server Application

Learn how to create and configure the Syncfusion Blazor Query Builder component easily. This video first explains how to create a Blazor application and add ...

Build PWAs with Blazor WebAssembly Using Syncfusion Components [Webinar]

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how to build a progressive web application with ASP.NET Core-hosted Blazor WebAssembly using our Blazor components, updat...

Hierarchy in the Blazor DataGrid Component

Learn how easily you can display a Data Grid in a hierarchical structure which can be shown or hidden by clicking the expand or collapse button.Download an e...

3 Different Hosting Models in Blazor

Blazor is an open source single-page web application development framework developed by Microsoft. Unlike other frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue which depend on JavaScript libraries, Blazor allows you to write and run C# code in web browsers via WebAssembly. In this blog, we will discuss a

Easy Steps to Create a Blazor Server App with Authentication

In this article, we are going to see how to create a new Blazor server application with authentication. We will use the built-in AuthenticationStateProvider service to enable authentication. Then, we will obtain the authentication state data from the ASP.NET Core HttpContext.User property. Let’s s

5 Performance Tips For .Net Developers

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you some .Net 5 performance tips with benchmarking!

Azure Functions Updates Include Moving .NET outside the Runtime

Azure Functions is moving to an out-of-process model that runs a .NET worker process alongside the runtime. The Azure Functions team also announced public preview support for Node.js 14, general availability of custom handlers and Java based functions running on Linux in its January update.