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MyCrypto - Flutter App Oct 19 #2022 #comingsoon via @YouTube

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MyCrypto - Cyrpto Currency Flutter App
Jonas  Wald

Jonas Wald


Why do entrepreneurs prefer to start a crypto exchange like Binance?

In this fast-paced world it is a bitter truth that every individual has to outsmart others to make sure themselves to survive in this world. This applies to every industry. Speaking of the business platform, most of the #entrepreneurs look for a high potential #business model, in order to attain a highly recognisable position among others. The business model should also be featured in the current trend. That’s how the #crypto exchange business sought most of their attention among various business models. Wondering how it jumped off to the top position? Here’s your answer being hidden >>>> Crypto exchange business

After figuring it out, the majority of the entrepreneurs were looking forward to initiating their own crypto exchange similar to #binance. This might make you feel somewhat dizzy. Let me explain it in detail, As you know our people will be involved with a particular platform only after gaining trust to the whole level. That’s the major reason to go with the Binance type of exchange. It is an undeniable fact that the Binance exchange is the top featured crypto exchange with the maximum number of crypto users. Being a dominant crypto exchange, Binance has managed to hold upto 28.6 million users in the year #2022. Isn’t it possible to gain 10% of such massive user-base for your business? Probably it is highly possible. Also, it is possible to gain trust among the new set of people while starting similar kinda exchange.

As there are various ways to start a crypto exchange like Binance, their main choice of development is the #binanceclonescript. As previously said, this is a fast-paced world, enthusiastic entrepreneurs will look for a more simpler way to establish such a crypto exchange. That’s why they opted for the Binance clone script

Binance clone script is the most simplest way for initiating a crypto exchange similar to Binance as this crypto exchange software is equipped with all fascinating features of the Binance exchange. This is why the entire development process of establishing this crypto exchange is made easy.

After making clear the ways one by one, there is a final crucial step that has to be taken care of. It’s none other than the selection of the right crypto exchange software provider in the current crypto space. As you know a particular service can be claimed in an enriched manner only with the help of a genuine provider. That’s why it should be considered as the most important step in the crypto exchange business. Failing to choose such a genuine provider makes the entire business collapse in a matter of days due to the poor quality of the service.

Why to be a part of a disaster when having a better solution in hand. Yes! I do have the solution you search for. After a complete research for my personal use-case, I ended up with Coinsclone. Being a supreme crypto exchange software provider, they have been positioned in the top among several rivals in the market. Know what made me end up with #coinsclone 

After getting to know about them, it wouldn’t be fair to continue with the same set of words. Instead, get in touch with their team of experts who will be guiding you with the entire development phase, and clear all of your queries in a snap of time.

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Have a great experience of their work and proceed with your business process effectively. 

For instant live demo >>>>> Binance clone script

Why do entrepreneurs prefer to start a crypto exchange like Binance?

Mobile App Maintenance

As application owners, you'd have to get ready for the different types of Mobile App Maintenance costs. Also if you're taking a look at an approximation, you'd have to check out numerous aspects while budgeting for Mobile App Maintenance.

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SEO SMM Services ~ Antigua Web Solutions

SEO SMM Services are regularly mistaken to be exactly the same thing. SMM is important for Search Engine Optimization. The key contrast is that SEO is the natural technique for growing a brand. Conversely, SMM is a paid technique that doesn't generally bring result in organic growth. Our social media marketing strategies complement SEO impeccably. Search engine optimization makes a site more visible, and SMM directs people to the site.

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Franz  Becker

Franz Becker


New Azure region coming to China in 2022

In order to meet the China market’s growing needs for global public cloud services, Microsoft is planning to bring a new Azure Region to North China in 2022 through its local operating partner, 21Vianet. This expansion is expected to effectively double the capacity of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud portfolio in China in the coming years, which includes Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform operated by 21Vianet, to power innovation and digital transformation for developers, partners, and customers in China and around the world.

According to the white paper China Cloud Industry Development1, the cloud market in China is expected to reach 300 Billion RMB (est. $46 Billion) in 2023. In response to the pandemic, 63 percent of organizations in China are leveraging cloud-related innovations to accelerate digitization in their products, payments, e-commerce, automation, and more.

“This unveils a big opportunity. Microsoft Cloud operated by 21Vianet was the first international public cloud compliantly launched in China through a local operating partner. Our intelligent, trustworthy, and neutral cloud platform has been empowering hundreds of thousands of developers, partners, and customers from both China and the world to achieve more with technical innovation and business transformation. The upcoming region will reinforce the capabilities to help further nurture local talents, stimulate local innovation, grow local technology ecosystems, and empower businesses in a wide range of industries to achieve more." —Alain Crozier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR)

The Microsoft Cloud platform delivers intelligent, scalable, secure, compliant, and trustworthy cloud services, which includes Microsoft Azure, an ever-expanding set of cloud services that offers computing, networking, databases, analytics, AI, and IoT services; Microsoft Office 365, the world’s productivity cloud that delivers best-of-breed productivity apps integrated through cloud services, delivered as part of an open platform for business processes; Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, the next generation of intelligent business applications that enable organizations to grow, evolve, and transform to meet the needs of customers.

In China, Microsoft has been collaborating with 21Vianet to run all these essential cloud services since 2014. Announced in 2012, and officially launched in March 2014 with two initial regions, Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet was the first international public cloud service to become generally available in the China market. Following Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform operated by 21Vianet successively launched in China in 2014, 2019, and 2020.

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New Azure region coming to China in 2022
Cyril  Parisian

Cyril Parisian


Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 now available!

We’re excited to announce that the first preview release of Visual Studio 2022 is ready to install! This is the first release of a 64-bit Visual Studio and we’d love for you to download it, try it out, and join us in shaping the next major release of Visual Studio with your feedback.

Our key goal with this preview is to test and tune the scalability of the new 64-bit platform! With the new 64-bit platform Visual Studio is now capable of scaling to make use of all the system resources you have to improve the reliability of Visual Studio especially when working with complex solutions or using Visual Studio over long periods of time. The 64-bit conversion effort affects every part of Visual Studio, so the scope is much bigger than our usual previews.

We know that you expect quality, stability, and scalability from Visual Studio. And to be totally transparent, the quickest way for us to get there is when real developers like you tell us where we can improve. We really do pay attention to every bug report, suggestion, and upvote! Which you can submit from inside Visual Studio via report a problem.

The Visual Studio 2022 previews can be installed side-by-side with earlier versions of Visual Studio, are available in all three editions (Community, Pro, and Enterprise), and are free to use.

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Visual Studio 2022 Preview 1 now available!