Top 10 Resources for Learning and Designing REST APIs

The REST API is a common design pattern when it comes to architecting APIs for web and mobile applications. REST stands for representational state transfer and is a design pattern that includes elements such as hypermedia, resource naming, HTTP methods usage, caching, versioning, and so on. In this post, we are going to list some of the resources that you will find useful to learn or get in-depth about designing APIs with REST.

How to Read Azure DevOps logs from Node.js using REST API

This article will take you step by step from a blank file to having the logs from your Azure Dev Ops Release pipeline. As you may know they are available online, but to get to them there are a couple of steps/clicks one must go through. You may want to get the logs and process them programmatically. For example I had to check if a particular string is part of the Release pipeline logs.

How to Build API client in Node.js

Creating a custom wrapper library for an API your application consumes can make handling repeated tasks easier. Learn to build an API client in Node.js in this article.

Build Chat bots with Dialog flow — Step By Step Guidelines

Dialog Flow from Google (earlier known as is a great platform for developing chat bots for multiple platforms. Earlier when Dialog Flow was known as, they had an Android and iOS client library to integrate chat bot into mobile apps....

How to Build a Simple Web Apps using JavaScript

In this post, we'll discuss How to Build a Simple WebApp using JavaScript

How to Run Umbraco with Angular and Docker

In this post, we'll discuss How to Run Umbraco Rest with Angular and Docker

How to Build a CRUD API with Java, MongoDB, and Spring Boot

This tutorial shows how to build a CRUD API with Java, MongoDB, and Spring Boot. How to build a CRUD API with Java and MongoDB. In this tutorial, you create a Java data model class and mapped it to a MongoDB domain document using Spring Data annotations. You use a simple embedded MongoDB database as the datastore. You use Spring Boot to quickly and easily expose your data model via a REST API. Finally, you secured the REST API using Okta and Okta’s Spring Boot Starter.

Learning the REST API Web Service Testing uses SOAP UI

Learning the REST API Web-Service Testing uses SOAP UI. REST API Testing using SOAP UI + Industry standard REST API WebService connected to MySQL Databases for learning and practice. Complete A to Z course for learning the REST API Web-Service testing uses SOAP UI from basics to advanced concepts.

How to use React to Create a Weather App using RESTful APIs

This React tutorial explains how to use React to create a weather app using RESTful APIs. Create a Weather App on React with RESTFUL APIs from Scratch. Simple React Weather App with RESTFULL APIs. Lean how to use React to create a weather app using RESTful APIs.

Web Services API - Learn Web Services from Scratch

Web Services API - Step by Step Beginner Tutorial - Learn Web Services (Soap and Rest) from Scratch: Understand what exactly is Web Service. How web services work. What is SOAP Web Service. What is REST Web Service. understand the very basics of SOAP and REST web services. Difference between SOAP v1.1 and SOAP v1.2.

How to Create REST APIs in Node.js using TypeScript

This Node.js and TypeScript tutorial explains how to create REST APIs in Node.js using TypeScript. Creating REST APIs with Node.js and TypeScript. A WebAPI consisting of endpoints to a request–response message system (JSON/XML) exposed as an HTTP-based server. We will be using a tool called Huncwot that helps learn web programming and that optimizes for programmers productivity by reducing choices and incorporating community conventions.

Advanced patterns for GitHub's GraphQL API

Advanced patterns for GitHub's GraphQL API. The GitHub API is a key part of accelerating workflows at scale. This GraphQL API will leave you with tactical tips for how to paginate effectively, create and plan queries, use tech-preview features, and manage costs learned from years of practice and iteration at Toast and beyond.

How to Build an Ionic Chat App with React and Stream

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through how to build a lightweight Ionic chat application that is powered by React and Stream Chat.

How to Build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless

In this GraphQL and Serverless tutorial, you'll learn how to build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless. Exploring Serverless API, we will have a look at the more advanced features and standards around mutators and resolvers and then she will close by going all in, full Serverless and deploy a GraphQL server to a function in the cloud.

How to Get Query String Parameter Values From URL using JavaScript

Javascript Query string URL parameters are very useful while doing CRUD operations on the server side.& from client side also we might need to get query string parameters from URL using JavaScript & modify them.

Couple of rules to keep when Designing API Methods in JavaScript

This article will go over a couple of rules to keep in mind when designing methods for an API in JavaScript

What's Angular in the JAMstack?

This Angular tutorial explains what JAMstack is and What's Angular in the JAMstack? The JAMstack (JavaScript, API, Markup) is a modern architecture using the technologies that we are used to, it’s been growing in popularity since its conception.

Using Context API + Hooks for Elegant state management

State management is the core part of front-end development. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use Context API + Hooks for Elegant state management

Ionic 5 and Angular 8: Display, Update and Delete Records with RxJS

This post is about displaying API records with delete and update actions using new Ionic and Angular reactive programming. Work better with RxJS in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Tutorial: Create a Web API with ASP.NET Core in 1 minute

In this post, you learn how to: Create a web API with ASP.NET Core in 1 minute