My Favorite Angular CLI Commands and Options

This article is tied to Angular CLI version < 6. For Angular CLI 6+, check out the official docs. In my last blog post, I talked about the reasons why you should use the Angular CLI for your next Angular application. I told you that with the Angular CLI, you

How to Connect Firebase Database with Angular App from Scratch?

In this tutorial, We are going to learn How to connect Firebase Realtime NoSQL cloud database with Angular app from scratch?. We’ll be using AngularFire library for setting up Firebase database in the Angular web application.

The Different Types of Angular CLI Commands

In this article, we are going to learn what the different types of Angular CLI commands are, and the tools that power them.

Consuming Wordpress Rest API with Angular

In this article, we will be looking at how to consume WordPress Rest Api With Angular. It provides an interface for applications to interact

5 Guidelines Every Angular Developer Must Follow

In this blog, we will learn some key guidelines that Angular developers should accommodate. Guidelines to follow in an Angular Project a) Never write the code for DOM manipulations in angular components, since Angular is designed in such a...

10 Advantages of AngularJS Development Services for Enterprise

AngularJS is the most popular open-source framework and used for creating single page web applications. We are explaining the top 10 benefits of Angularjs development services for enterprises.

Becoming a Full Stack JavaScript Developer in 2020

Becoming a Full Stack JavaScript Developer in 2020: Full Stack JavaScript Software Engineer. What to learn to be considered a full stack JavaScript Developer in 2020. Angular, React, Vuejs, MongoDB, Nodejs, JavaScript,....

How to Implement AES Encrypt and Decrypt Data in Angular 8

In this article, You’ll learn how to implement AES encryption and decryption in Angular 8 while developing an application.

11 JavaScript Features Every Developer Should Know in 2020

In this JavaScript tutorial, you'll see top 11 important JavaScript concept and features every Developer should know in 2020. 11 JavaScript Features Critical to Understand: Scope, Hoisting, Prototypal Inheritance, Promises, Higher Order Functions, Callbacks, Immediately Invoked Function Expressions, Closure, The Module Pattern

Everything you need to know about GitLab

GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features. In GitLab beginner tutorial, you'll learn: Introduction and Getting Started: What is GitLab, Create an account on GitLab, Create a new project on GitLab. Getting started with Git Commands. How to Fork a project. How to create SSH Key. How to install GitLab Runner on Mac OS. ow to install GitLab Runner on Windows OS. GitLab CI/CD Getting Started

10 More Useful Angular Features You Might Not Have Heard Of

Here I will outline 10 more useful Angular features that you may not know .... for example we may have some components that are used to select items: .... This page should not be accessible to people who have not logged it.

How to Use Cookies in Angular for Storing user’s Credentials

In this post, I will be explaining about using Cookies in Angular for Storing user’s Credentials

Typescript Fundamentals - Angular

In this post, we discussed the fundamentals of Typescript and objected-oriented principles

The Art of Code

Like to code? Like cool graphics? Like to know how to program something pretty? Join Dylan Beattie - programmer, musician, and creator of the Rockstar programming language - for an entertaining look at the art of code. We’ll learn about esoteric languages and quines - how DO you create a program that prints its own source code?

How to Build Electron Desktop App with Angular 8

In this post, we are going to learn step by step how to build a cross-platform basic Electron desktop application with Angular 8 with the help of Eclipse IDE.

How to Add a Text Editor in Angular 8

The text editor is a program for adding and editing text. In this post, we will learn how to add a text editor in an Angular 8 application.

Learn Validations in the Reactive Form in Angular

In this Angular tutorial, we will learn about validations in the reactive form in Angular. How to Validate Angular Reactive Forms. We will create a simple user registration form and implement some inbuilt validations on it. Along with the inbuilt validations, we will also implement some custom validations to the reactive form.

Angular Security - Authentication with JWTs

JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) help get around the contradiction between HTTP and authentication. In this post, we discuss how to use JWTs and an Angular client to add user authentication to your Node and Express application.

Angular, React, Vue and Co. – Web Components and Micro Apps

Angular, React, Vue and Co. – Web Components and Micro Apps. How to use Web Component to build a Micro App architecture. Web Development is exciting nowadays! We get new innovative technologies on a regular basis. While this is awesome it can also be overwhelming, especially when you have to maintain a product for the long term. Web Components and Micro Apps provide a remedy for this dilemma. How to use it to mix different technologies. How to implement overreaching routing, messaging and authentication

Top 10 Tools, Libraries and Testing for Angular Developer in 2020

In this post, I want to list my favorite tools that I’ve had the pleasure to work with and that I would recommend anyone to give a try "Top 10 Tools, Libraries and Testing for Angular Developer "