How to Create Instant Search with Vue.js and Axios

Vue.js is a framework with high potential. It’s easy to learn, fast, and light in terms of bytes. In this post, I’m going to continue with this article about how to make an instant search input box to filter data that comes from Lorem Picsum Web API. Fetch data from a Web API and add a dynamic filter with computed properties

HTTP requests using Axios

The most common way for frontend programs to communicate with servers is through the HTTP protocol. You are probably familiar with the Fetch API and the `XMLHttpRequest` interface, which allow you fetch resources and make HTTP requests.

Build a web app with Vue, Vuetify and Axios

Build a web app with Vue, Vuetify and Axios. we will be building a Vue.js Application supported by Vuetify and Axios. The aim of this article is to implement a movie application which will be calling on an API.