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How to Setup Development Environment for Ruby on Rails App using Docker

This Docker Compose tutorial will show you how to set up a development environment for a Ruby on Rails application using Docker. You will create multiple containers – for the application itself, the PostgreSQL database, Redis, and a Sidekiq service – with Docker Compose. Creating a development setup for your Rails application using Docker containers

Build and Deploy NLP Model with Python, Docker, Flask, GitLab, Jenkins

A complete Guide to Build and Deploy NLP Model with Python, Docker, Flask, GitLab, Jenkins. A to Z (NLP) Machine Learning Model building and Deployment. Developing the NLP Model for Sentiment analysis and Machine learning deployment on local server using flask and docker. Select the most efficient Machine Learning Model, Tune the hyper-parameters and selecting the best model using cross-validation technique. Understanding about software development and automation in real scenario and concept of end-to-end Integration.

11 tips how to write excellent Dockerfiles

This Dockerfile tutorial explains how to write excellent Dockerfiles with 11 tips. Hints, tips and guidelines for writing clean, reliable Dockerfiles. Best practices for writing Dockerfiles: Will give you tips and tricks to get better build time performance and smaller images. The most important take-away is: you should be using multi-stage Dockerfiles and enable BuildKit.

Dockerization of Go

In this Goand Docker tutorial, Joan shares the alternatives when Dockerizing (containerizing with Docker) Go applications. Containers are one of the most popular paradigms to run software applications in all kind of environments (development, testing, production, etc)

Exploring Docker: A Hands-On Guide for Absolute Beginners

Docker Tutorial: A Hands-On Guide for Absolute Beginners, we will start to explore docker by talking about the benefits of Docker, looking at commands to work with containers and images, the Dockerfile and more. We will take a simple Node/Express/Mongo app and dockerize it by adding a Dockerfile and using docker-compose to bundle services together. We will also run our containers on a Digital Ocean droplet.

Top 17 Tips and Tricks | Docker

These tips are regarding speed, configuration, storage, and more. So, If you are aspired to learn Docker and build a successful career, reading "most important docker tips and tricks" in this post.

Automated End-To-End Testing with Selenium and Docker

Automated end to end testing is the most effective way to test your app. This tutorial explains how to use Selenium and Docker for End-to-End Testing. The Ultimate Guide to End to End tests with Selenium and Docker. Automated End-To-End Testing with Selenium and Docker

Automated Testing for Terraform, Docker, Packer, Kubernetes, and More

This automated testing guide explains how to write automated tests for infrastructure code, including the code written for use with tools such as Terraform, Docker, Packer, and Kubernetes. Unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests, dependency injection, test parallelism, retries and error handling, static analysis, property testing and CI/CD for infrastructure code.

DevOps Tutorial for Beginners - DevOps Full Course

In this DevOps tutorial for beginners - DevOps full course you will learn DevOps end to end right from what is DevOps , various DevOps tools it has like Docker, Git, Jenkins, Chef, Kubernetes, Nagios, Puppet, Ansible in detail.

Find Security Vulnerabilities when Scan Your Docker Images

How to find security vulnerabilities before it’s too late. Scan Your Docker Images for Vulnerabilities

Introduccion a Docker: What, Why and How

In this Docker tutorial you will learn what is docker, why do we need Docker, how Docker works? Understand Docker and it’s various components. Learn install Docker and understand Docker life cycle. There are various docker commands as well explained in this tutorial to help you get started.

Getting Started with Containers and Kubernetes

This Kubernetes tutorial explains how to harness Kubernetes Meetup Kit technologies and deploy the “Hello World” Flask app onto a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster. Getting Started with Containers and Kubernetes. Getting Started with Kubernetes Meetup Kit. Containers offer the same process isolation, but are generally more lightweight, portable, and performant than full virtualization. Container clusters, which can be used to manage thousands of running containers across a set of physical machines, abstract away much of the work of rolling out new versions of applications, scaling them, and efficiently scheduling workloads. Out of these, Kubernetes has emerged as a mature, production-ready system.

Zero to Kubernetes: Learn Kubernetes from Beginner to Advanced

Zero to Kubernetes: Learn Kubernetes from Beginner to Advanced - A step-by-step course on how to architect, develop and deploy applications in Kubernetes. You've heard of Docker and Kubernetes, You want to master Kubernetes, but where should you start? This course walks you through the full path from coding an application to deploying it to a production-grade Kubernetes cluster.

How to Setup Ruby on Rails and and Postgres on Docker

Setting Up Ruby on Rails With Postgres Using Docker. This makes getting up and running simple, you’ll be up and running in no time, on any machine that supports Docker.

The State of Kubernetes Development Tooling

The State of Kubernetes Development Tooling, learn combinations of Kubernetes tools they can use to have an effective workflow for developing applications that run on Kubernetes. The tooling available: Helm, Draft, Skaffold, Forge, Telepresence, Garden, and Tilt.

The basics of Log Aggregation on Kubernetes

In Kubernetes cluster tutorial, we'll explore the absolute basics of log aggregation on Kubernetes. Learn how to achieve scalable logging in your Kubernetes cluster with this straightforward tutorial.

How to Create Docker Containers for Python

This tutorial walks you through the full process of containerizing an existing Python application using Docker and pushing the app image to a Docker registry, all within Visual Studio Code. The tutorial also demonstrates how to use base container images that include production-ready web servers (uwsgi and nginx), and how to configure those servers for both Django and Flask web apps, which is helpful to know no matter what your deployment target.

Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm: Container Orchestration War

This tutorial on "Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm" will explain the fundamental differences between the two popular container orchestration tools - Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm, Container Orchestration War, Kubernetes Training, Docker Training