How to Build Object Detection APIs Using TensorFlow and Flask

Learn how to build Object Detection APIs through deploying a Flask application that runs TensorFlow. This video will show how to create two different REST APIs that will allow you to detect 80 different classes within images. This tutorial is great at demonstrating how to build APIs that could be used for a Web or Mobile application to run object detections.

Django Vs Flask: Which is better for your Web Application?

This Django vs Flask Video is about the comparison of Django and Flask based upon a few parameters. At the end of this video, you will be able to decide which one is the best for your web app.

Flask CRUD Application Full Course With SQLAlchemy

In this article we are going to learn Flask CRUD Application with SQLAlchemy, we are going to build web application that you can create employee, read employee data from mysql database, update employee data and also delete employee.

Build and Deploy NLP Model with Python, Docker, Flask, GitLab, Jenkins

A complete Guide to Build and Deploy NLP Model with Python, Docker, Flask, GitLab, Jenkins. A to Z (NLP) Machine Learning Model building and Deployment. Developing the NLP Model for Sentiment analysis and Machine learning deployment on local server using flask and docker. Select the most efficient Machine Learning Model, Tune the hyper-parameters and selecting the best model using cross-validation technique. Understanding about software development and automation in real scenario and concept of end-to-end Integration.

How to Create a Your First Flask Application in 5 Minutes

In this post, we discuss how to create a Flask "Hello, world" and list application to get you up and going with this popular Python framework.

How to Create Docker Containers for Python

This tutorial walks you through the full process of containerizing an existing Python application using Docker and pushing the app image to a Docker registry, all within Visual Studio Code. The tutorial also demonstrates how to use base container images that include production-ready web servers (uwsgi and nginx), and how to configure those servers for both Django and Flask web apps, which is helpful to know no matter what your deployment target.

Flask vs. Django: Choose Your Python Web Framework

A deeper understanding of the basics is necessary to get started with Flask and Django frameworks. The differences and benefits attached to each framework lie in what kind of project you wish to implement. The main contrasts include:Flask and Django

How to create a basic JSON API using Python and Flask?

In this Python Flask tutorial, you can learn how to create a basic JSON API using Python and Flask. The JSON API specification is a powerful way for enabling communication between client and server.

How to Build a Chatbot using Python and Flask, Twilio

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how easy it is to build a chatbot for WhatsApp using the Twilio API for WhatsApp and the Flask framework for Python.