How to Build a REST APIs using Nodejs and TypeScript

In this tutorial, we are going to be building a REST APIs using both Nodejs and TypeScript!

Top 10 Tools, Libraries and Testing for Angular Developer in 2020

In this post, I want to list my favorite tools that I’ve had the pleasure to work with and that I would recommend anyone to give a try "Top 10 Tools, Libraries and Testing for Angular Developer "

A Beginner’s Guide to Currying in Functional JavaScript

In this article. We will see how currying works and how it will be useful in our work as software developers. In JavaScript, currying is a composition practice that rewrites a function with multiple arguments into a series of functions, in which each function only takes one argument.

Build Custom Date Range Picker For Angular 8

In this post, we'll Build a Month Range Picker in Angular 8, like your favorite travel site

GitHub Development Workflow - Developers need to know

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It’s designed around Git, a system for tracking changes in software code. In this article we'll take a look at the key concepts of the GitHub development workflow.

Understand and Using the DOM like a Pro

How to stop fearing the DOM, use it to its full potential and actually start loving it

6 Front-End Challenges in 2020

Front-end development is stressful and hard — but with practice, one can master the craft. If you’re willing to put the work and effort in, you’ll be able to become a proficient problem solver in the front-end development landscape. One effective way to become a great front-end developer is to simply build and solve as many challenges as one can. Here Are 6 Front-End Challenges to Code. Are you able to code These front-end challenges?

Why you Should Use TypeScript with Vue.js

Why you Should Use TypeScript with Vue.js? It’s easier to write good TypeScript code than good JavaScript code !!!

How To Setup and Use Matter.js in a React App

The methods require the developer to be able to make a reference to a specific module or body within the Matter.js engine. One method to achieve this is by using React's state to store objects or variables that have been declared in the initializing process, called in the componentDidMount() method.

What is Implicit and Explicit Coercion in JavaScript?

There are cases where JavaScript implicitly does coercion and we aren’t aware of it. Coercion applies to every data type present in the JavaScript world.

To become Vue.js Master - Read this post

If you want to become a master of your craft you’ll need to learn from the best. For those developers that are trying to become Vue masters, what is a pro-tip that you’ve learned that’s really helped you?

Vue.js 3 is Future-Oriented Programming, Don't miss !

If you are interested in Vue.js, you probably know about the 3rd version of this framework. This article is aimed at people who have at least some background in JavaScript and Vue.