When are Static Variables Initialized in Java?

In this tutorial, we'll explore the static variable initialization process. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) follows this process during class loading.

How to Remove Array Elements in Java

There are no specific methods to remove elements from Array in Java. We can iterate over the array and create a new array by skipping the element to delete.

Why are Local Variables Thread-Safe in Java

Before we introduced thread-safety, and how it can be achieved. In this article, we'll take a look at local variables and why they are thread-safe. Learn why local variables are thread-safe in Java.

Super Type Tokens in Java Generics

Learn how to preserve the generic type information at runtime using super type tokens. We're going to get familiar with super type tokens and see how they can help us to preserve generic type information at runtime.

How to Generate PDF Files with Thymeleaf

Learn how to generate PDF files using Thymeleaf.

Foreign Memory Access API in Java 14

Java 14 brings in a new API to wrap accessing memory managed outside of the JVM. Here we explore the need for the API and how it works.

Java 14 Record Keyword

With the release of Java 14, we can now use records to remedy these problems. In this tutorial, we'll look at the fundamentals of records, including their purpose, generated methods, and customization techniques.

How to Validate Phone Numbers with Java Regex

Learn how to validate different formats of phone numbers using regular expressions.

Build Chat bots with Dialog flow — Step By Step Guidelines

Dialog Flow from Google (earlier known as API.ai) is a great platform for developing chat bots for multiple platforms. Earlier when Dialog Flow was known as API.ai, they had an Android and iOS client library to integrate chat bot into mobile apps....

Different Sorting Algorithms that every Developer must know

In this article, we will be discussing different sorting techniques and algorithms with examples that are most frequently used in computer science. We will discuss Bubble sort, Selection Sort, Insert

The RoadMap for Java Developers in 2020

The RoadMap for Java Developers in 2020. The 2020 Java Developer RoadMap. Mandatory skill for any Java developer in 2020. The Complete Java Developer RoadMap 2020. The Full Java Developer RoadMap 2020.

Top Best Tools For Java Developers In 2020

Top best java development tools 2020. Top 15 Best Tools for Java Developers in 2020. Which tools Java Developers Should Learn in 2020. top best java development tools.

Java vs Python: Which One is Better for Future?

Python vs Java: Which One is Best for Web Development? Which is better for future Python or Java? Java vs. Python: Which one should you choose?

Top Best Tools For Java Developers In 2020

Top best java development tools 2020. Top 15 Best Tools for Java Developers in 2020. Which tools Java Developers Should Learn in 2020. top best java development tools.

10 JVM Languages that can be Java Alternative [2020 Updated]

Over the past many years, Java remained the sole answer to JVM requirements. It, both as a language and a framework, empowered business enthusiasts and developers to craft innovation in the JVM environment and reap higher benefits. But now, Java...

Load Balanced Websockets with Spring Cloud Gateway

We will learn about creating load-balanced WebSocket connections in Spring Boot based microservice and Spring Cloud gateway. We will be creating an example app and demonstrate a sample chat based application.

10 Powerful Programming Languages For Doing Machine Learning

In computer science, Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the fastest-growing areas. Those who are working with these technologies are in the win. In recent times, more and more industries and businesses are inheriting machine learning...

A Guide to Spring’s Open Session In View

**Overview**: Spring Open Session in View is one of the transactional patterns, for binding Hibernate session/JPA Entity Manager to user request life-cycle. Spring MVC comes with one of the implementations for an open session in view pattern...

The Best Practices of Using Async and Await in Mobile Development

Best Practices - Async / Await. This week, James is joined by friend of the show Dean Faizel, Microsoft Mobile Customer Advisory Team Engineer, who talks us through the best practices of using async and await in mobile development.

How to Build a CRUD API with Java, MongoDB, and Spring Boot

This tutorial shows how to build a CRUD API with Java, MongoDB, and Spring Boot. How to build a CRUD API with Java and MongoDB. In this tutorial, you create a Java data model class and mapped it to a MongoDB domain document using Spring Data annotations. You use a simple embedded MongoDB database as the datastore. You use Spring Boot to quickly and easily expose your data model via a REST API. Finally, you secured the REST API using Okta and Okta’s Spring Boot Starter.