How to serve static files with NestJS

In this tutorial, we will learn how to serve static files and assets from a nestjs application, this is helpful when building a spa or adding file upload.

How to Replace an Item in a Javascript Array

In this article, we explore two approaches of replacing items in an array, using the mutable Array.splice() or using the immutable Array.slice() + spreading

How to Break down the 'this' keyword in Javascript easy?

As one of the most popular programming languages currently being used all around the world, understanding the core of Javascript is essential. The 'this' keyword is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp. This blog post aims to break down the 'this' keyword into small and understandable bits.

Serverless REST API with Azure Functions, Node, JSON and Azure SQL

In this post use Azure SQL JSON support to easily create serverless REST API with Node, taking advantage of all available post-relational features

Javascript regex match: Check If String Matches Regex

JavaScript String match() method is used to search a string for a match against any regular expression and will return the match as an array if any match found.

JavaScript: Remove Object From Array

To remove an object from the array in Javascript, use array.pop(), array.splice(), array.slice(), array.filter(), array.shift(), array.filter(). JavaScript arrays allow you to add and remove array items in different ways. Unfortunately, there is not a simple array.remove() function.

Javascript Promise then | Promise.prototype.then()

JavaScript Promise then() returns a Promise. The then() method takes up to two arguments: callback functions for the success and failure.

Javascript Map Reduce: How to Use map() with reduce()

To use the Javascript array map combine, first, we map each array values to its square value and then use the reduce() function to get the sum. JavaScript map(), reduce(), and filter() are pure functions that return a new array and does not modify the original array. These functions are array methods.

Javascript Map Index: How to Use Index Inside Map

How to Use Index Inside Map in JavaScript? Well, To access the index of the array map() method, use the second argument of the callback function. To access the index of the array map() method, use the second argument of the callback function. JavaScript array map() method creates the new array populated with the results of calling the provided function on every item in the calling array.

How to Add Feature Flags into Javascript Applications

Feature flags are a great way to prevent stale branches by regularly shipping features in your code without officially enabling them. A feature flag let’s you turn code on and off, in the case of features, a feature flag means you can regularly merge branches and release them. In this post, you'll see How to Add Feature Flags into Javascript Applications

How to Use Import and Export in JavaScript

In this post, you learn about How to Use Import and Export in JavaScript

Top Programming Language for 2020

The most important skill to learn in today’s world is to know how to write a computer program. Today, computers have entered in almost every industry. Be it the autopilot in an aircraft or digital speedometer in your bike, computers in various...

Семантическая вёрстка & шпаргалка по тегам на JavaScript

Разберёмся в семантической вёрстке и попрактикуемся в JavaScript — напишем свою шпаргалку по семантическим тегам. В Академии идёт новогодняя распродажа. Можно записаться на курсы со скидкой до 46%. Можно научиться разрабатывать сайты, освоить JavaScript или WordPress. Знаний и проектов в портфолио после курсов хватит, чтобы начать работать на фрилансе или трудоустроиться в компанию. Мы к этому подготовим.

Send & Recieve SMS messages with Node.js and Express.js

You can use the Nexmo SMS API to send and receive a high volume of SMS ... This is a testing environment for the Nexmo SMS API using NodeJS and Express.

How to Validate Street Addresses using Vue.js

Validate Street Addresses with Vue. js and the HERE Geocoder Autocomplete API. When it comes to geocoding, being able to convert addresses to latitude and longitude coordinates so they can be displayed on a map is not the only use-case.

How to Set up Internationalization in React Application

If you want your application to make a worldwide impact, you have to deal with language barriers. In this post, we will learn how we can implement internationalization in the ReactJS applications using i18Next. i18Next is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks to implement internationalization.

When to Use find() or filter() in Javascript

When we handle an array in JavaScript, we may need to find a single item in the array collection. However, it shouldn't be too difficult if we use the appropriate methods. In this post, i gives you the idea of when to use find() versus filter() in Javascript.

Top 19 Front-End Web Development Tools to Consider in 2020

In this post, we are putting curated list of top tools with key features and download links "Top 19 Front End Web Development Tools to Consider in 2020"

Introduction to D3.js Library

D3.js stands for Data-Driven Documents is front-end visualization library in javascript for creating interactive and dynamic web-based data visualizations, it also has an active community behind it for which it is very famous. Read on to learn more about D3.js and how to quickly start coding it.