Serverless REST API with Azure Functions, Node, JSON and Azure SQL

In this post use Azure SQL JSON support to easily create serverless REST API with Node, taking advantage of all available post-relational features

The difference between SQL vs NoSQL and NewSQL

Understand the difference between SQL vs NoSQL vs NewSQL.Comparison between all the SQL databases and which is best solution for big data.

Why Serverless Architecture Is The Future Of Software Architecture?

Any business when thinking of scaling business applications in a cost-effective way goes for a cloud computing approach. Even leading technology companies like Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Spotify are also getting benefits offered by...

How to Build and Deploy Back End System with Serverless

This Serverless and AWS tutorial explains how to build and deploy Back End System with Serverless Framework. Build a Complete Back End System with Serverless. The Ultimate Guide to Backend Serverless Development. Set up your AWS account to work with the Serverless Framework. Set up a Serverless Project and deploy a Lambda. Deploy an API using API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Create an API to get data from your DynamoDB table.

Understand to Use Serverless

The name serverless is pretty contradictory. No, serverless doesn’t mean that there’s no server involved. There has to be a server somewhere, of course.

JavaScript Saves the World

JavaScript Saves the World - How to build a green sustainable web application with NestJS and Serverless. When building apps, we focus on minimizing costs, time to market, bugs, bundle size, application speed, SEO, but we spend almost no effort trying to minimize the damage our applications are making to the environment.

Microservices Anti-Patterns

In this post, An experienced developer talks about the Microservices anti-patterns that he's seen while working with clients of all sizes. These anti-patterns are actually more common in the wild than fully functional Microservices Architectures.

Building a Serverless, Production-Ready Web App

In this Serverless tutorial explains how to build a cost-effective, production-ready, scalable web applications with a beautiful UI. With Serverless tools. Build a full web application using Corvid, the Wix Serverless coding platform built into its powerful UI editor, and explain how Serverless design patterns improve development velocity and experience while delivering unbeatable business value. Building a web application is a complex task: backend application servers, databases, network components, front-end framework, and more.

How to Build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless

In this GraphQL and Serverless tutorial, you'll learn how to build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless. Exploring Serverless API, we will have a look at the more advanced features and standards around mutators and resolvers and then she will close by going all in, full Serverless and deploy a GraphQL server to a function in the cloud.

Future of Web Development and What You Should Learn in 2020

In this web development tutorial, we will look at just about every technology in web development. You'll see the future of Web Development and What You should learn to become a web developer in 2020

Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Computing

In this Cloud Computing full course tutorial for Beginners, we'll give you everything you need to know about Cloud Computing. We'll cover the fundamentals of cloud computing, the cloud lifecycle, and important concepts of AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. We'll cover some Cloud Computing interview questions that would definitely help you out in a cloud computing interview

Getting Started with Python working on Google Cloud Functions

Writing Python cloud functions is easy and fun, as I will now demonstrate. To follow this tutorial you’ll need a Google Cloud Project, a local Python development environment and the gcloud SDK.

How to build Scalable APIs using GraphQL and Serverless

GraphQL and Serverless Tutorial: Learn how to build Scalable APIs using GraphQL and Serverless

How to Migrating Kubernetes App to Serverless with Cloud Run on Anthos

In this video, learn how you can Migrating Kubernetes apps to Serverless with Cloud Run on Anthos

Serverless: Five Key Things you need to Know

Serverless: Five Key Things you need to Know - Key changes to architecture/design/development practices required to benefit from serverless apps

Unlimited Email Sign-Ups for Free - Serverless Mailing Lists

Create a simple serverless function to collect email from your users for free without external tools