How to creating your custom model for Tensorflow.JS

We look into how to use Java to create an image classification model using TFRecords and train it with python. Then we will read that model in TensorflowJS in order to predict images.

How to install the Tensorflow object detection API

In this video tutorial, will install the Tensorflow Object Detection API and test it out using the object_detection_tutorial.ipynb file.

How to Generating Faces with a Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) in Keras/Tensorflow 2.0

Updated for Tensorflow 2.0. Implement a Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) from scratch in Python using TensorFlow and Keras. Using two Kaggle datasets that contain human face images, a GAN is trained that is able to generate human faces.

Machine Learning Full Course - Learn Machine Learning for Beginners

In this machine learning tutorial you will learn what is machine learning, machine learning algorithms like linear regression, binary classification, decision tree, random forest and unsupervised algorithm like k means clustering in detail. What is Machine Learning? How does Machine Learning works? AI vs ML vs Deep Learning, What is Deep Learning? Machine Learning vs Deep Learning, Jupyter Notebook Tutorial, Understanding Linear Regression Algorithm, KNN Algorithm Working, Machine Learning Interview Questions ...

Tensorflow Tutorial for Beginners - Tensorflow on Neural Networks

In this TensorFlow tutorial for beginners - TensorFlow on Neural Networks, you will learn TensorFlow concepts like what are Tensors, what are the program elements in TensorFlow , what are constants & placeholders in TensorFlow Python, how variable works in placeholder and a demo on MNIST.

10 GitHub Repositories that Every New Developer Should Know

In this GitHub Repositories tutorial, you'll see top 10 GitHub repositories that every new Developer should know. GitHub is one of the most popular sites for hosting source codes with version control. In fact it now also has GitHub Jobs through which you can apply for the top companies. It also becomes an enormous developer’s network.