Building a Database — Without a Database

Building a pythonic database class to source, clean, transform, merge, and label your data — all without a database

Understanding Abstraction in Computer Science

This article is an introduction to abstraction in general. The content presented here applies to several sciences other than software engineering.

Applying OOP in Real World Applications

As a programmer, or a computer science student, you might’ve heard or know something about the terms which are shown above. Actually you should have knowledge about these if you claim to be working in the software development or computer science field.

A Commentary on the Abstraction and Reasoning Challenge 

This competition was hosted by François Chollet. This report has been prepared by Somayeh Gholami and Mehran Kazeminia. Currently, Machine learning techniques can only use the patterns that they have already seen.

Get a Grip on Programming With Abstractions

Examples of abstractions in Python — I started learning how to design programs from the ground up — sharing how I got a grip on…After spending a year or so on the self-taught path to programming with Python, I hit the reset button and started over by taking a course in Intensive Program Design. After just a few weeks, I picked up a load of important lessons in the fundamentals of writing software that I never cared to learn before.

Abstract Forms Component in React

DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) is a principle of software development aimed at reducing repetition of software patterns, replacing it with abstractions or using data normalization to avoid redundancy.

Abstract Classes Java

In previous articles, we discussed Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Encapsulation. You can get the idea of OOP concepts by going through those articles. Today we are going to discuss another vital OOP concept called Abstract Classes and methods in Java.

The real reason behind cloud’s complexity

Most of us think that if cloud computing is supposed to make our lives easier, why is it so darn complex? The real reason behind cloud’s complexity

Abstraction in software engineering — Tests

Following my previous posts regarding abstraction in Architecture designs, Abstraction in software engineering — Architecture, and in the

Design Patterns Saga: The Paper Doll

Design Patterns Saga: The Paper Doll. Overview of Template Method Design Pattern