Accessible expression with Material Icons and Flutter

Material Design and Flutter both help developers build experiences that are flexible, accessible, and expressive, while delivering great performance and efficiency

Stop Making Incomplete Inaccessible Forms!

One of the most common problems with websites I’m called in to fix are broken malformed incomplete inaccessible forms. There are few things that prosecutors or the lawyers of disabled plaintiffs laser-focus on as a form that users with disabilities cannot use for whatever reason.

Junior Devs: Don’t Make Me Think!

5 Takeaways from Steve Krug’s Classic UI/UX Guidebook. Don't make me think là cuốn sách nền tảng nhất, căn bản nhất. ... how to Graphic designers and developers find themselves responsible for designing ... —krug's third law of usability 1 William Strunk, Jr., and E B. White, The ...

Accessibility in iOS 14 Widgets With SwiftUI

This summer, Apple announced widgets for iOS 14 that you can have on your home screen alongside your existing apps. Widgets help you to personalise the screen with glanceable relevant data upfront. Developers must use Apple's WidgetKit and declarative framework SwiftUI for creating the widgets on iOS 14.

Styled Checkboxes and Radio Buttons Using Minimal HTML and No JavaScript

This is particularly true of the people who throw around the word “component” … you know the types; React/Vue fanboys who aren’t qualified to even write HTML in the first place. It’s like the moment they start thinking about things as “components” every last bit of sane and rational development gets erased from the memory. This is a follow-up to my previous article “Scalable Styled Checkboxes Using Just CSS”. Styled Checkboxes and Radio Buttons Using Minimal HTML and No JavaScript

How to Use Custom Fonts With Dynamic Type in iOS apps

Add a new font to your iOS app today. If only there were a way to make an application's custom font as easy to use with Dynamic Type as the system font APIs… Making Dynamic Support with Custom ...

Accessibility in Angular–Good Practices and Pitfalls

In today’s article, we will focus on reacting to users via keyboard events or shortcuts. We will take five real-life examples of handling keyboard listeners in an Angular app.

Testing Accessibility Before you Deploy with GitHub Actions.

If your CI tests pass, you may want to deploy your code or publish a package. ... Each job can access the value defined in the matrix node-version array using ... The setup-node action configures each job with a different Node.js version before ...

A11y 101: When to use ARIA.

ARIA is an acronym that stands for Accessibility Rich Internet Applications, and from MDN Docs, they are a set of attributes that define ways to make web content and web applications (especially those developed with JavaScript) more accessible to people with disabilities.

Improve Accessibility in Your React App By Managing Focus in Mutable Content

For accessibility, especially with interactive UI, you should not only consider what the user sees, but what a screen reader “sees” too. This is important since the screen reader will communicate to the user how to use your application.

Making the Web a Better Place: Accessibility Learnings

“Accessibility” tends to be a word that’s easily thrown into conversations to convey a sense of inclusivity but oftentimes comes with a lack of understanding.

Need Security Tokens for Java? Try JPaseto

To avoid some of the issues that you might encounter with JSON Web Tokens, it might be worthwhile to consider PASETO tokens instead.

Minimum Efforts Web Accessibility for Developers

In almost all the projects I’ve ever worked on, accessibility was a low priority. Well, in the best cases. Usually, it was not considered at all. Most of my clients were not ready to pay for accessibility.

Scalable “Styled” Checkboxes Using Just CSS. It’s Called EM, Use ‘Em!

In replying to Omar Sharaki’s article “From Static to Dynamic CSS values” on rescaling the garbage example from W3schools, I said that it was a severely — and unnecessarily — overthought way of solving the problem.

There is no data science like applied data science

In this article I want to expand on what in my opinion is needed for an accessible applied deep learning platform. In addition, I want to go into the relation between more fundamental research and applied deep learning.

Handling External Links

During QA on almost every web project I’ve worked on, a time comes when somebody files a bug report like this: These links should open in a new window. I usually try to have a conversation with them about how opening links in a new window is unexpected behavior, it can be jarring, we should let users decide how to use their browser

Best Practices for Web Developers with Webhint

Weil introduced webhint as an answer to the feedback she received from hundreds of web developers while working on the Microsoft Edge dev tools: Making sites accessible, PWA-ready, with all of these sorts of up-to-the-minute best practices and latest features in place is really hard work. […] Webhint helps developers address the challenging and time-intensive parts of developing and debugging for the web.

Embracing the Dynamic Type

This time I want to focus on Dynamic Type in our iOS, iPadOS, and macOS projects. By implementing font scaling we can improve lives for loads of people with disabilities and impairments.

Accessibility Part 3: Semantic HTML and ARIA

Web Accessibility is vast and complex. This has become abundantly clear as I endeavour to teach myself the tools necessary to make the Web truly egalitarian, as it was designed to be.

The World Needs Web Accessibility Now More Than Ever

I attended a talk last year by Mike Gifford where he said, “the web has actually become LESS accessible since 2011.” It’s cheap and easy for anyone to create a website these days, and hardly anyone considers accessibility. And why would you? If it’s not in your daily purview, it’s not going into your list of website requirements. Heck, most people don’t even think of the end user, Disabled or not, when creating a website.