Why Altair Acquired Analytics Firm Ellexus

Altair has stated that it acquired Ellexus– an input/output (I/O) profiling firm, which helps companies understand the way they access data for various applications. The acquisition of Ellexus is said to provide Altair with more storage functionality for high-performing computer solutions across industries. “Altair proceeds to extend its reach and capacities for HPC environments to…

Why Cisco Wants To Acquire BabbleLabs

Cisco has expressed its intent to acquire BabbleLabs, aiming to solve a problem that professionals often face — unwanted background noise, constant interruptions and disturbances while they are on a video conference. The acquisition will integrate intelligence into the Cisco Collaboration platform.  BabbleLabs released this tech back in 2017 and uses supervised machine learning models…

TikTok on the Clock, but Microsoft’s Not Letting the Party Stop

TikTok on the Clock, but Microsoft’s Not Letting the Party Stop: We cannot live without content. It’s true! We have been consuming it for years, even if you think the internet hasn’t been there long.

What TikTok Tells Us About Data Regulations and About the Future of Cloud

Donald Trump and Microsoft tangle over the future of TikTok. We analyze the legal ramifications of buying or banning TikTok with China.

Biggest AI Acquisitions For The Year 2020, So Far

Every year, many AI companies get acquired, especially the promising startups that get gobbled up by large tech companies in order to expand their AI capabilities.