What is an artificial neuron and why does it need an activation function?

What is an artificial neuron and why does it need an activation function? Activation functions take values from the single neuron summing block. It determines whether a node should be activated.

Usability of Activation Function on Deep Learning

Explanation of 3 common activation functions on Deep learning by usability. We can imagine activation Function is a thing that firing our brain (in this case neuron) to think. Maybe that illustration makes you more confuse.

Activation functions in Neural Networks

Activation functions in neural networks are used to define the output of the neuron given the set of inputs. These are applied to the weighted sum of the inputs and transform them into output depending on the type of activation used.


In neural network activation function are used to determine the output of that neural network.This type of functions are attached to each neuron and determine whether that neuron should activate or not, based on each neuron’s input is relevant for the model’s prediction or not.

Activation Functions- How should the Neurons Trigger

We all know that a Neural Network is an information processing paradigm that is inspired by the biological processes scientists were able to observe in the brain.

Activation Functions, Optimization Techniques, and Loss Functions

Activation Functions, Optimization Techniques, and Loss Functions: A significant piece of a neural system Activation function is numerical conditions that decide the yield of a neural system.

Types Of Activation Functions used in Neural Network?

Discuss various types of activation functions and what are the types of problems one might encounter while using each of them.

Activation Functions — Neuron is dead or alive!!

Hello, everyone! In this medium article, we’ll talk about activation functions.

Activation Functions in Neural Network

A concise analysis on roles and types of activation functions in neural networks. Detailed pros and cons of 5 popularly used ones in Artificial Neural Network.

Artificial Neural Networks- An intuitive approach

A comprehensive yet simple approach to the basics of deep learning. The human brain is the most sophisticated of all supercomputers.

Types of Activation Functions in Neural Network

What is an Activation Function? The activation function is usually an abstraction representing the rate of action potential firing in the cell.

Activation Function Sigmoid

The S-shaped function. The sigmoid function also called the logistic function, is traditionally a very popular activation function for neural networks. Let's dive into activation function sigmod.

Neural Network Part1:Inside a single neuron

The perceptron or a single neuron is the fundamental building block of a neural network .The idea of a neuron is basic but essential . Lets start understanding the forward propagation of information through a single neuron.

What is activation function ?

One of most important parts of neural network.The output of the activation function to the next layer (in shallow neural network: input layer and output layer, and in deep network to the next hidden layer) is called forward propagation (information propagation). It’s considered as a non linearity transformation of a neural network.