Bursting Your On-Premises Data Lake Analytics and AI Workloads on AWS

In this article, see how to build on-premise data lake analytics and AI workloads on AWS. It's nothing special. Why is it used by so many professionals? Read this article to the end and you will understand.

Performance Tuning Techniques of Hive Big Data Table

Performance Tuning Techniques of Hive Big Data Table. Do you know yet? Find out carefully. It will help your projects complete quickly.

Red Hat Releases OptaPlanner 8

Red Hat Releases OptaPlanner 8. InfoQ spoke to Geoffrey De Smet about Red Hat’s OptaPlanner 8 release. This new version provides better support for new technologies such as Spring Boot and Quarkus, while still supporting Spring Boot and plain Java. One of the improvements for release 8 are quickstart examples showcasing the various OptaPlanner features in the supported technologies.

What to do about a shortage of Data Scientists Today?

Like these top tech companies, Harvard Business Review reveals that LinkedIn’s growth is not distant from data-backed moves. A bit of history: how LinkedIn did it

Understanding Top 3 Use Cases of Machine Learning for Business

Curious about how to implement machine learning in your business? Here are 9 real-world problems that can be solved by machine learning across industries.

Hugging Face Launches Free NLP Course

While prior knowledge of PyTorch or TensorFlow knowledge is not compulsory, some familiarity is desirable.

IITians Spearheading The AI Revolution In India

Here is the list of IITians holding key positions in companies revolutionising AI in India.

How AI Enables Intuitive Camera Control For Drone Cinematography

The model generalises to different actors, activities, and background compositions.

Oxford Scientists Build Al Platform To Calculate COVID-19 Death Risk

The research was presented at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference and is funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Meet Lak, The Brain Behind Google Cloud's Pathbreaking AI Solutions

Lak leads the Analytics and AI solutions team at Google Cloud. His team drives client roadmaps that incorporate intelligent processes. Meet Lak, The Brain Behind Google Cloud's Pathbreaking AI Solutions.

Train “undying” Flappy Bird using Reinforcement Learning on Java

In this article, we will start from the basis of RL and walk through the key components to build the training architecture. If at anytime you cannot follow our code and would like to try the game, you can refer to our RL repo.

Using Optuna to Search for Tiny RL Policies

Using Optuna, the hyperparameter optimization library to search for tiny RL policies! The code used is open-source on Github.

Artificial Intelligence For Kids

As parents, you are likely to refrain from giving anything to your child that is artificial. However, the one thing that the children of today need to master is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Difference between AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Modern technologies make our life more comfortable, and you probably have no idea what technologies stand behind that. Have you ever thought of how fridges adjust temp themselves or how Siri works?

GitLab Brings on UnReview to Solve Code Review, Address AI/ML DevOps

GitLab Brings on UnReview to Solve Code Review, Address AI/ML DevOps. Software lifecycle services provider GitLab recently acquired UnReview, a machine learning (ML) tool that helps identify appropriate code reviewers, both to bring this functionality to its DevOps platform.

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Vertex AI

Google Cloud’s Vertex AI brings AutoML and AI Platform together into a unified API, client library and user interface.

Explaining Machine Learning to Grandma: Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning

In this tutorial, I will explain Machine Learning to you: Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning

Solving the Problem of Bias in Artificial Intelligence

In this article, we’ll dot the i’s, zooming in on the concept, root causes, types, and ethical implications of AI bias, as well as list practical debiasing techniques shared by our AI consultants that worth including in your AI strategy.

How Machines Learn Emotions: Sentiment Analysis of Amazon Product Reviews

How do you train machines to identify emotions? This is a tutorial for sentiment analysis of Amazon product reviews using machine learning algorithms.