The Ethics of AI and Autonomous Vehicles

In a perfect world, AI should be developed to avoid unethical issues, but that may be unlikely since those issues cannot always be predicted. In an automated society, human beings will have the responsibility to support and protect each other more than today.

Why Don’t AI Coders Study AI Ethics?

Why Don’t AI Coders Study AI Ethics? We hear about the societal affects of AI, brought about by willful ignorance of ‘techies’ or ‘tech bros’. So I thought about, what keeps AI coders so distant from the ethics field?

Trust: Why AI Ethics and MLOps go hand-in-hand

Trust: Why AI Ethics and MLOps go hand-in-hand. The worst thing that can happen to your AI endeavor, is that you end up damaging people’s lives through good intentions.

Here is How Enterprises Can Implement AI Ethics in 2020

Here is How Enterprises Can Implement AI Ethics in 2020. This means that organizations are constantly being changed, from the executives all the way down to the entry level, but all of this applies to AI.

Sources of unintended bias in training data

Almost every week, the press highlights examples of machine learning models with biased outputs. With discrimination at the forefront of public discussion, how is social inequality reflected in the biased outputs of ML models?

Can AI Help With the Reopening of the Economy?

Yesterday, I attended a webinar by the Vector Institute, a Canadian not-for-profit collaboration between leading research universities, the government, and private sector dedicated to advancing AI, machine learning, and deep learning research.

How-To Build Trust in Artificial Intelligence Solutions

A Psychologist’s perspective on trust-building in AI and what mechanisms companies need to understand to meet the needs of their customers…Currently, I am focusing on trust in AI, Autonomous Weapons Systems, and our AIQ project