Improve Your Code With ESLint + VsCode + Airbnb Styleguide

In this video, we'll set up ESLint to improve our code quality and style. We'll integrate it with VSCode to make things super easy!

Installing and using ESLint on your existing JavaScript code

ESLINT helps to increase productivity, write your code according to standard and flag errors when your code base is breaking style guide…

3 Questions and 1 Prediction for Seattle AirBnB

I set out to use the AirBnB property listing datasets for Seattle in 2016 to answer 3 questions and make 1 predictive machine learning model that could be beneficial for their business

Keep Calm and Stack Up — Implement Stacking Regression in Python using mlxtend

In this post, I will discuss Stacking, a popular ensemble method and how to implement a simple 2-layer stacking regression model in Python using the mlxtend library. The sample task that I have chosen is Airbnb pricing prediction.

Using Data Science to Make Your Next Trip on Boston Airbnb

However, an unexpected global pandemic locks me down in NYC and delays my plan. After staying home, I have been planning the next trip to Airbnb Boston with data science techniques. In this post, I will provide you with data visualization and machine learning.

A New Yorker’s Guide to Airbnb Pricing

An iterative approach to Machine Learning pipelines. So you want to try a bite of the big apple? You want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep? And you don’t care if it’s Chinatown or on Riverside. Well you’re hardly the first. At 10 million residents and 60 million annual visitors, the city has seen its fair share of people cross the gates of JFK or LGA.

Setup ESLint, Prettier & Airbnb Style Guide in under 2 Minutes

I'm going to show you how to install ESLint, Prettier & Airbnb Style Guide in under 2 minutes! This is the quickest method I've come across, and I've been to hell and back with ESLint and this is the only method that's worked out consistently!

Essential Guide to Navigating AirBnB in Los Angeles

An analysis of AirBnB listings in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the top travel destinations in the United States, and even the world!

An island of truth: practical data advice from Facebook and Airbnb

How-to guide for building core datasets at your company. Explore concepts on data lakes, warehouses, table schemas, and metrics.

Seattle Airbnb Listings — an analytical picture

In the pre-pandemic world, the popularity of Airbnb as an alternative to traditional hotels had been touching new highs, especially among…So this only makes it natural for data curious nerds like me to take a peek at the reams of data the listings generate. A good place to start is Seattle ...

A Closer Look from the Perspectives of Host and Visitor

IIn this blog I will share an analysis of the “Hello world” dataset — Kaggle Seattle Airbnb data in 2016 — to provide some insight for potential visitors to Seattle and local Airbnb hosts in Seattle.

Airbnb-Part B (Python- Interactive Map, Natural Language Processing)

Airbnb-Part B (Python- Interactive Map, Natural Language Processing) Analyze the Airbnb situation in Seattle through a Comparative Study with Washington DC, Regression Model, Interactive Maps and Natural Language Processing. Presented constructive suggestions to city council and travelers.

Exploratory Data Analysis on Airbnb Properties in London

In this post, i am going to try to answer that Where should I buy new property for investment in London? This is my first project at Istanbul Data Science Academy.

Analyzing Vancouver Airbnb Data

Airbnb can be considered the largest hotel chain in the world, although the company does not own any of the real estate listed on their.

Enhance Property Rental Income

Country Home - The #1 Property Management Company enhance your rental returns by increasing the relationship between the Tenants and Landlords in Kolkata.

How Does Location Affect the Price of Airbnb in Prague

In this analysis I was the most interested in how do different features of an Airbnb listing, especially the location, affect the price.

Add Eslint Support to your React Native Project with React Hooks

Add Eslint Support to your React Native Project with React Hooks - Recently I came across a requirement where I needed to add eslint support for my one of React Native project. In this article, I’m going…