More Than Just Event Bus — EventBridge Drill Down

More than just event bus — EventBridge drill down. EventBridge might be based on an event bus, but it’s becoming a better way to connect across accounts and services. Let’s drill in.

Infrastructure Outages Happen. Be one Step Ahead.

Infrastructure Outages Happen. Be one Step Ahead. What is the “Disaster Tolerance” approach and why it’s important to adopt it before the next crash arrives. Here’s our take on the last AWS outage.

CI/CD with Altostra and GitHub Actions

In this post we’ll learn how to add a simple GitHub actions CI/CD flow to a basic Altostra API service project.

Keep your cloud accounts clean by setting TTL on unused resources

We talk about the importance of keeping development environments clean from forgotten cloud resources while allowing developers to work freely.

Solving real-life problems using serverless technologies

We explore a use-case of an everyday problem and create a simple solution using a serverless service we create. One of our team members ran into an interesting real-life problem. His husband wanted to sign up for a Yoga class that was filling up very quickly. The problem was that the Yoga school was updating the class availability on the website and not sending email notifications.

Automating CloudWatch Logs Aggregation

How we automated our log shipping to a centralized solution using CloudWatch logs are a very useful tool for Lambda debugging. However, since our entire solution is serverless and we’re running multiple Lambda functions across several environments, we quickly realized that we need a better logging solution - one that will enable us to get a centralized cross-system overview and facilitate cross-services debugging.

Implementing the Scalable Webhook with Altostra

Implementing the Scalable Webhook with Altostra