AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry Available for Public Preview

OpenTelemetry is an observability framework - software and tools that assist in generating and capturing telemetry data from cloud-native software. It is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Sandbox project with stakeholders from companies like AWS, Microsoft, Google, LightStep, New Relic, Red Hat, and Splunk – who collaborate on defining an open standard for the collection of distributed traces and metrics.

Better Managing Cost in AWS with Budgets Actions

Recently, AWS announced budgets actions allowing customers to define actions to take when a budget exceeds its threshold (actual or forecasted amounts). With budget actions, customers will have more control over their AWS Budgets in order to reduce unintentional overspending in their AWS accounts.

Everything You Should Know About Serverless API

Everything You Should Know About Serverless API - The ultimate guide for anyone who needs to opt for serverless API from nooks and corners.

AWS Announces Redis 6 Compatibility to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

Recently AWS announced Redis 6 compatibility to Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, which brings several new features such as Managed Role-Based Access Control, Client-Side caching and some significant operational improvements.

Host your website in Amazon Web Services (AWS) [TAGALOG]

Sa lesson nato pag aaralan natin kung pano gumawa ng sarili nating AWS EC2 instance at mag deploy ng sarili nating website sa public.

Using Terraform to Provision a YugabyteDB Cluster

Learn about the Terraform modules for provisioning YugabyteDB on different cloud providers, with a focus on AWS. See how to provision a cluster, manage nodes, understand different configuration options, and more.

AWS Launches New Contact Flow APIs for Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel contact service for enterprises to set up and manage a contact center. It is based on the same technology used by 70,000 Amazon customer service associates around the world to power customer conversations.

AWS Launches Low-Cost Burstable T4g Instances Powered by AWS Graviton2

AWS provides various Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, including a broad choice of Graviton2 processor-based, which allow customers to optimize their workloads on performance and costs. The latest addition to the Graviton2-based instances is the low cost burstable general-purpose T4g instances.

How To Delete Application Version's from AWS Beanstalk – TecAdmin

Too many application versions, cannot create a new version for application xyz. How To Delete Application Version's from Elastic Beanstalk.

Confused by AWS Storage Options? S3, EBS, EFS Explained

Consider the strengths, weaknesses, and best use cases for AWS EFS, EBS, and S3 to determine which cloud storage service works best for your project.

Improve Your Cost Management with AWS Saving Plans

This in-depth analysis, we take a look at how to implement some of AWS's cost management tools to keep the price down.

AMP at your service

Naina and Sebastian discuss how AMP makes web development less painful and why it's time to move away from paired AMP. Resources: How to create AMP pages usi.

Storage for the web

How should we be storing data and caching our critical app resources on the client? Is IndexedDB still the best option? What about Local Storage? Let's dive .

The Web Platform

This video is a preview of the lessons included in the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp. Note that the bootcamp is *not* video based, but instead based on text.


In this episode, we talk about how to organize your code, do you want to use mono repo? How to do it with AWS SAM? How to share dependencies between different functions? How to build it with AWS CodePipeline? Eric shares how he does AWS Amplify for the frontend programmatically using AWS SAM. This is a revelation if you want to build your backend with AWS SAM and host your frontend with AWS Amplify.

Build a Serverless API with AWS Gateway and Lambda

In this article, we explain general API implementation concepts using AWS Lambda and other AWS services. APIs are a crucial part of any web application and there are different techniques for development and design. Serverless is one approach gaining popularity, because of its cost-efficiency, scalability and relative simplicity. As a leading serverless provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made a huge contribution to the world of serverless development, and in this article, we will explain general API implementation concepts using AWS Lambda and other AWS services.

Webs 4.0: Static Site Generators la nueva re-evolución de la web - Jorge Cano

Las webs de hoy en día, cambian constantemente y los estándares cada vez están mas altos. Performance, SEO, first paint, entre otras cosas se volvieron tan e.

3Psychology Principles Every Web Designer Must know. Free Web Design Course 2020 Episode18

Design is very much about influencing people (positively). Knowing basic human psychological principles allows us to do just that. I'm a firm believer in hav...

How to deploy static websites to AWS S3 and CloudFront

Deploying static websites for progressive web apps, landing pages and countless other use cases. We often see the need for static websites to serve various requirements, such as a web application, an admin interface for a service, a landing page and countless other cases where all that’s required is pre-built HTML pages with CSS and JavaScript. In this post, we’ll take a look at one of Altostra’s templates that can help you deploy static websites quickly. How to deploy static websites to AWS S3 and CloudFront

URL Shortening Service / Web App In Django | हिन्दी में | By Desi Programmer

Source Code : 00:00 : Start 01:47 : Setup 09:00 : Signup 33:30 : Login 40:18 : Logout 42:40 : URL handler 50:30 : r.