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Download our Mobile App Data scientists and researchers actively look for new and better algorithms to solve existing problems. All the algorithms are mathematically and computationally heavy and have a lot of code involved. Say for example, you’ve made an algorithm which predicts the stock price of Google with 95% accuracy. Following the normal way,…

Should Companies Pay Users For Their Data?

Given how data is an essential driving factor, should users who provide this data in the first place, be paid for use by the tech companies?

How to Automate Data Labelling with Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth

Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth to fully manage data labelling services for generating high-quality ground truth datasets.

Top 15 AI Acquisitions Of 2020

This year was no exception to the trend of bigger companies' acquisitions of promising smaller startups to add to their AI prowess.

Top Free AI & Data Science Courses Launched In 2020

As the year 2020 comes to an end, we list a few courses in AI and data science that were made free and are still available for tech enthusiasts to avail.

Guide To Hive AI - The Full Stack Deep Learning Platform

Hive is a full-stack AI company providing solutions in computer vision and deep learning-based industry-specific use-cases.

Guide To Lightly: Tool For Curating Your Vision Data

Lightly, makes deep learning more efficient by popularizing the use of self-supervised methods to understand and filter raw image data.

Most Popular Datasets for Question Classification

Questions Classification assumes a significant part in question answering systems. Here, we will discuss some of the popular datasets.

Data Mesh 2.0

The era of the monolithic data warehouse and data lake is coming to an end — long live the decentralized data mesh! We are just at the beginning of the data mesh era —and it’s going to become even more compelling as the concept/architecture develops. In this article, I’m going to summarize the decentralized data mesh 2.0 concept, contrast it with the centralized data warehouse/lake paradigm, and suggest some directions where this exciting, emerging data mesh concept will likely (must?) evolve.

Datasets For Neural Sequence Tagging with the Implementation in TensorFlow and PyTorch

Sequence Tagging is a sort of pattern recognition task that includes the algorithmic task of a categorical tag to every individual from.

Comprehensive Guide to Datasaur - The Text Data Annotator Tool

Datasaur develops AI-based enterprise and production tools designed for data labelling in natural language processing.

Guide To Playment - A Leading Data Labeling Platform for Image, Video and Sensors

Playment is a end to end data annotator platform for image, video sensor training data for computer vision models at ground truth datasets.

CheatSheet | MATPLOTLIB - Analytics India Magazine

Download our Mobile App Matplotlib is a plotting library in Python for creating two and three-dimensional plots. All plotting is done with respect to x and y axes. To download the cheatsheet, please login below and follow our Facebook Page. What Do You Think? If you loved this story, do join our Telegram Community. Also,…

Deep Dive in Datasets for Machine translation in NLP Using TensorFlow and PyTorch

Machine Translation is the changing of one language into another. We will discuss some of the popular datasets for machine translation.

Guide To Labelbox - The Customizable Data Annotator Tool

LabelBox, A rapid and customizable data annotator tool that has been a market ruler over two years and relied on for many industry use cases.

Non-IT Is Also The ‘IT’ Sector For Engineers - Analytics India Magazine

The emergence of niche technologies have opened lucrative avenues for engineers in not just IT but also non IT industries.

Best Data Governance Practices That Enterprises Should Adopt

Different organisations adopt data governance practices which may differ from case-to-case; here are a few best practices

DataRobot Raises $270 Million For R&D, Building Out Operations

DataRobot, an enterprise AI company, has raised $270 million in a new round of funding, before going public.

NASSCOM & AIM | Data Annotation Market Research - Demand Side Survey

NASSCOM has commissioned a research with Analytics India Magazine as the Research Partner to understand the Data Annotation market and opportunity for India. This survey / questionnaire has been developed to understand the demand for Data Annotation services. This demand would originate from companies developing AI solutions or utilising AI across the firm. These companies would include Software & Tech, AI Startups, IT services, Healthcare, Automotive / Self-driving, Retail & eCommerce, Engineering, Digital Media, BFSI & Fintech, and Chip & Semi-conductor to name a few.

Inheritance and Its Type with Python

Concepts of Single, Multilevel and Multiple inheritance methods Inheritance and Its Type with Python