Top 130 Android Interview Questions - Crack Technical Interview Now!

Top Android Interview Questions & Answers from Beginner to Advanced level. Get ready to crack your next android interview with these android interview questions

How to Build Scientific Calculator App using Android Studio

Develop Scientific Calculator App in Android Studio (source code included) - Learn the art of android project development and become an android professional

Develop Android To-Do List App - Android Project for Beginners

Work on android project To Do List and become ready to work in the IT industry as an android develoepr. This is an android project for beginners to help you master the subject

Top Android Projects with Source Code

Android projects with source code - Work on real-time android projects. We’ll start project ideas from beginners level and later move to advance projects.

Create Tic Tac Toe Game App in Android Studio

Tic Tac Toe android app is a good game project for beginners. Work on real-time android projects and become industry ready.

Android Layout and Views - Types and Examples

Android Layout and Views - Learn what is view & layout in android, types of views & how to use them, what is viewgroup and types of layouts with attributes.

Android Proguard Tool - How to Enable Proguard in Android?

Android Proguard tool - What is proguard in android and what is its use, how to enable it, advantages and limitations of android proguard tool.

How to Publish Android App on Google Play Store - DataFlair

Steps to Publish an Android app on Google Play Store - Who can publish android app on Google play, what to check before publishing the app?

Android SQLite Database for Android Developers

Android SQLite database - Learn what is SQLite in android, Its need, its features that make it so helpful & methods of SQLite

Android SDK Tools - Installation and Features - DataFlair

What is Android SDK Tools and various SDK tools available? How to integrate SDK tools in your Android applications and what are their features?

Shared Preference in Android - Example and Implementation

Android preferences -Learn what is preference in android, shared preference in android, comparison between them, implementation of Android shared preference

Localization in Android - Step by Step Implementation

Localization in Android - Learn what is android localization, its implementation and examples to use it in your Android application.

How to Set Eclipse for Android Developers

Setup eclipse for android developers to create android applications. install Eclipse IDE on Linux. Integrate Android SDK with Eclipse IDE and start using it

JSON Parsing in Android - Step by Step Implementation

JSON Parsing in Android - What is JSON, Comparison betwen JSON and XML, JSON parsing step by step implementation and functions.

Android Security - Best Ways to Secure your Android Devices

Android security - Learn what is security in Android, how to make your Android devices secure, what are security patches and how are they important.

Storage in Android - How to save data and files in Android? - DataFlair

Storage in Android - Learn How to save files in Android, various storage options available in android like internal storage, external storage.

Android Telephony and Telephony Manager Implementation - DataFlair

Android Telephony - What is Android telephony, architecture of telephony in Android, Implementation of TelephonyManager in Android

Android Menu - Steps to implement Menu in Android - DataFlair

Implement Android Menu in your application - Provide functionality to your application and make it user friendly. Also, Learn its types and implementation.

Android Application Package - APK Files - DataFlair

Android Application Packages - learn what is APK, what are its uses, how to download apk and what are the contents of an Android Application Package(APK)

Android Push Notification Overview - DataFlair

Learn what is Android push notification, history and uses of push notification, Push notifications and methods, Push Notification APIs and implementation