A Guide on AngularJS Expressions With Examples

You will learn about the AngularJS expressions using numbers, string, object, array with examples in simple steps. AngularJS is a dynamic and robust JavaScript-based MVW (Model View Whatever) Framework

Web App using Google App Script — Material design but no server/server Frameworks

This article provides a very basic overview of how to build a webpage using AngularJS and Material Bootstrap using Google App Script. By using Google App Script we can do away with requirement of a server of NodeJS. Google will take care of that.

Angular Full Stack project built using Angular, Express, Mongoose and Node

Angular Full Stack is a project to easly get started with the latest Angular using a real backend and database. Whole stack is in TypeScript, from frontend to backend, giving you the advantage to code in one single language throughout the all stack.

How to Install Angular CLI on Ubuntu 20.04

This tutorial will help you to install Angular CLI node module on your Ubuntu 20.04 Linux system. . Angular is the most popular framework used to build mobile and web applications. Angular is an open-source web application framework developed by Google an a large community of individuals. As of today, Angular 10 is the latest version available for the installation. This tutorial will help you to install Angular CLI node module on your […]

Angular vs. React: Which Is Better and How?

We are living in a technology-mediated world. And, here, we want our hands on the best technology to develop apps. Speaking about the same, we often find ourselves between the simmering debate, what is better between the two- is it Angular or React?

Angular 5 Material Tutorial With Example From Scratch

Angular 5 Material Tutorial Example From Scratch. Angular is one of the most used Frontend javascript frameworks nowadays. We are using the version 5 of the angular so. It is Angular 5 Tutorial with an example.

How to Use Two-Way Data Binding Between Components

In this article, we will look at the same concept of two-way data binding between your two components from scratch.

Are Angular and Angular JS The Same?

In this article, we figure out the key differences between Angular and AngularJS open source tools for front end developers to make the usage of these frameworks, terms, and names more conscious. But before we start to compare, let’s clarify what these names mean.

Is it still worth using AngularJS in 2020?

When you decide to create a web application today you should absolutely choose specific tools and technologies among a large variety of available solutions. From languages and framework to task runners.

Angular-based calculator for the game Factorio

This is the repository for the Factorio Lab project, a tool for calculating resource and factory requirements for the game Factorio.This project is intended to build on the features of the Kirk McDonald Factorio Calculator (GitHub). It is built from the ground up using Angular, Redux, and Typescript.

Angular NgClass Example | NgClass in Angular 9/10

Angular NgClass is an inbuilt directive in Angular that allows you to set the CSS class dynamically for the DOM element. Helpful in Angular latest version.

CARS Management System Web App

The client (CARS) is using an external management system. CARS would like a new system that fits their needs better as the existing system has many features that they do not utilize. Given that it is a pay to use system, the end goal is to take the client off of it and build a system that is more in line with their day to day activities. CARS also used an external application management system

Angular Gradient Progress Bar

Angular Gradient Progress Bar .This angular package provides 2 variants of the progress bars that can be used:

Multi Select With Autocomplete For Angular

MultiselectAutocomplete This project was generated with Angular CLI version 10.0.0.Multi Select With Autocomplete For Angular

Angular NgClass Example | NgClass Directive In Angular 9

Angular NgClass is an inbuilt directive that allows you to apply CSS classes dynamically based on expression evaluation. NgClass offers three simple ways.

Top 7 Form Validation Libraries For Angular

Validate form fields with ease.This is a hand-picked collection of 7 best free Form Validation components, directives,  other related libraries for Angular to validate form fields on the client-side or server-side.

10 Best Multiple Select Libraries For Angular Apps

10 Best Multiple Select Libraries For Angular Apps A Multiple Select enables your users to select multiple items/options in an efficient way.

An RSS reader application made with Angular and Angular Material

Angular RSS Reader An RSS reader with the following features: An RSS reader application made with Angular and Angular Material

Small library for generate xls files via Webworker

This builder we made for simple and fast generation xls files on client-side. It works with small & medium data size. Files wil open only in Microsoft Excel(!). Google Spreadsheets, LibreOffice and another programs are not supported.

The Ng-Matero Extensions is an extended library of Angular Material

Ng-Matero Extensions .The Ng-Matero Extensions is an extended library of Angular Material