Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: Unlocking the power of health data for better care

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: Unlocking the power of health data for better care. As healthcare providers have faced unprecedented workloads (individually and institutionally) around the world, the pandemic response continues to cause seismic shifts in how, where, and when care is provided.

Support for Synapse SQL serverless in Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB

Co-authored by Rodrigo Souza, Ramnandan Krishnamurthy, Anitha Adusumilli and Jovan Popovic (Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics teams) Azure Synapse Link now supports querying Azure Cosmos DB data using Synapse SQL serverless. This capability, available in public preview, allows you to use familiar analytical T-SQL queries and build powerful near real-time BI dashboards on Azure Cosmos DB data.

How to Bridge the Developer Experience Gap with

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Dart sound null safety: technical preview 2

Announcing null-safe support for the Flutter framework. Today we're announcing the second technical preview of Dart's null safety support, along with a preview of sound null safety in the Flutter ...

Connector for AWS in Azure Cost Management + Billing is now generally available

The connector for AWS that helps you manage Azure and AWS costs from a single location is now generally available.

Introducing Amazon SNS FIFO – First-In-First-Out Pub/Sub Messaging

When designing a distributed software architecture, it is important to define how services exchange information. For example, the use of asynchronous communication decouples components and simplifies scaling, reducing the impact of changes and making it easier to release new features.

New date and time system functions in Azure Cosmos DB

The recommended format for DateTime strings in Azure Cosmos DB is yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss. fffffffZ which follows the ISO 8601 UTC standard. You could, alternatively, use an epoch value to represent time as a number, in either milliseconds or 100-nanosecond ticks.

Achieve agility with Azure Data in a changing world

We live in demanding times, and change is happening faster than ever before. Data has always provided important insights into changing contexts, but to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape, adding layers of intelligence where AI advances decision making and applies predictive analytics at the edge to unlock new possibilities is pivotal.

Announcing Web Previews in Appflow

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Web Previews in Appflow, the easiest way to share what you’re working on with coworkers, stakeholders, and more. Unfamiliar with Appflow? It’s a mobile DevOps solution by Ionic that makes it easy to continuously build, deploy, and update mobile app experiences across iOS, Android, and the web. With Appflow, you […]

Ignite 2020: New serverless and analytics capabilities announced

Today, at Microsoft Ignite 2020, we announced new ways to run serverless workloads and bring the power of Azure Synapse Analytics to operational data in Azure Cosmos DB. These capabilities offer new possibilities for NoSQL developers and data analysts to power applications at any size or scale – from dev/test to production.

Three ways serverless APIs can accelerate enterprise innovation

Serverless APIs mitigate these bottlenecks with autoscaling capabilities and consumption-based pricing models.

Amazon SageMaker Continues to Lead the Way

Since 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been helping millions of customers build and manage their IT workloads. From startups to large enterprises to public sector, organizations of all sizes use our cloud computing services to reach unprecedented levels of security, resiliency, and scalability. Every day, they’re able to experiment, innovate, and deploy to production

Azure Cosmos DB Repository .NET SDK v.1.0.4

The repository SDK is currently being used in production for The .NET Docs Show as part of .NET Live TV

Store and Access Time Series Data at Any Scale with Amazon Timestream

Time series are a very common data format that describes how things change over time. Some of the most common sources are industrial machines and IoT devices, IT infrastructure stacks (such as hardware, software, and networking components), and applications that share their results over time. Managing time series data efficiently is not easy because the […]

Azure Cost Management + Billing updates – September 2020

While 2020 may be keeping you on your toes, September should help make your life a little bit easier with the general availability of AWS support in Azure Cost Management + Billing, allowing you to manage all your Azure and AWS costs in a single place; the preview of cost allocation, streamlin...

Enabling resilient DevOps practices with code to cloud automation

At Microsoft Ignite we announced new GitHub Actions for Azure, which we added to our growing catalogue of Azure and GitHub integrations, with more to come soon.

.NET Conf 2020 and Community Events this October

Virtually tune-in to communities around the world through amazing online events, streams, and recordings this October. Stay connected to your developer communities through the upcoming .NET Conf 2020, virtual Meetups, community stand-ups, podcasts, and more! As well as discovering ways to get started with .NET tutorials and hosting your own virtual experiences.

Join Hacktoberfest at the Xamarin Community Toolkit

Code for cotton or from your love for Xamarin in this year's Hacktoberfest! Get the guidelines, tag your pull requests, and get rewarded!

Ionic Appflow: Now Integrated with GitLab Self-Managed

On the heels of our recent GitLab announcement, we’re excited to share another Appflow update: Ionic Appflow now integrates with GitLab Self-Managed. With this feature, you can easily connect your GitLab Self-Managed code repositories to Appflow to manage native app builds, deploy to app stores, and update your apps over time.

Our New Open Source OAuth Integrations Manager

Pizzly is an OAuth Integrations Manager. It provides everything a developer needs to easily consume an OAuth-based API (aka an API that uses OAuth as the authentication method).