Deep Few-shot Anomaly Detection

I will discuss more on the differences at the end. In this post, I will share some of our exciting work on leveraging deep learning techniques to address this problem.

Isolation Forest is the best Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Big Data Right Now

Isolation forest or “iForest” is an astoundingly beautiful and elegantly simple algorithm that identifies anomalies with few parameters best Anomaly Detection Algorithm for Big Data Right Now.

Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders

Learn what are AutoEncoders, how they work, their usage, and finally implement Autoencoders for anomaly detection in perform fraud detection using Autoencoders in TensorFlow

These Tips Will Help You Step Up Anomaly Detection Using ML

Learn different Machine Learning-Based Approaches for Anomaly Detection and how to apply on the dataset to solve a problem.

Credit Card Fraud Detection via Machine Learning: A Case Study

Credit Card Fraud Detection via Machine Learning: A Case Study. A machine learning guide on how to identify fraudulent credit card transactions by using the PyOD toolkit.

Multivariate Outlier Detection in Python

Multivariate Outliers and Mahalanobis Distance in Python. In this article, we will be discussing the distance metric called Mahalanobis Distance for detecting outliers in multivariable data.

Fraud and Anomaly Detection with Artificial Neural Networks using Python3 and Tensorflow.

Learn how to develop highly accurate models to detect anomalies using Artificial Neural Networks with the Tensorflow library in Python3.

Azure Streaming Analytics and Anomaly Detection

Let’s talk about this feature of Azure called stream analytics and how to detect an anomaly before it becomes a failure.

Introduction to Anomaly Detection Using PyCarat

Introduction to Anomaly Detection Using PyCarat. In this article, I show you how to use pycaret on a dataset for anomaly detection.

Isolation Forest Algorithm for Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is one of the most popular machine learning techniques. In this article, we will learn concepts related to anomaly detection and how to implement it as a machine learning model.

Isolation Forest: A Tree-based Algorithm for Anomaly Detection

In today’s article, I’ll focus on a tree-based machine learning algorithm — Isolation Forest — that can efficiently isolate outliers from a multi-dimensional dataset.

Uprooting anomalies in online user behavior

A comparative Markov chain analysis to identify the root causes of aberrant online activity. I transition into my role as a data scientist, thanks in part to my Data Science Fellowship at Insight, I’ve come to learn of the many other mediums and methods for tracking and understanding behavior on a much larger scale.

Anomaly Detection using Benford’s Law

Anomaly Detection using Benford’s Law. What are the chances of rolling a dice and getting 5? Of course, 1/6. What are the chances a randomly selected number between 1 and 100 is 32? 1/100.

Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Anomaly Detection

Bite-sized data science for anomaly detection. Today’s article is a continuation of my series on anomaly, outlier and fraud detection algorithms with hands-on example codes.

Outlier Detection with Multivariate Normal Distribution in Python

Anything that is unusual and deviates from the standard “normal” is called an Anomaly or an Outlier. In this post, I will be using Multivariate Normal Distribution

DBSCAN — a density-based unsupervised algorithm for fraud detection

Today I’m going to introduce another technique called DBSCAN — short for Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise. As the name suggests, DBSCAN is a density-based and unsupervised machine learning algorithm.

Real-Time Time Series Anomaly Detection

Develop a Monitoring System on Multiple Time Series Sensors. In this post, we explore different anomaly detection approaches that can scale on a big data source in real-time. The tsmoothie package can help us to carry out this task.

Anomaly Detection is in the Eye of the Beholder

Anomaly Detection is in the Eye of the Beholder. What a deck of playing cards reveals about detecting outliers. With proper fitting, a supervised machine learning algorithm may even be able to find some novel attacks.

Anomaly Detection in Process Control Data with Machine Learning

Introducing anomaly detection with data generated from your own desktop on the Temperature Control Lab device. We’ll be able to generate some real data with the Temperate Control Lab device and train a supervised classifier to detect anomalies.

Anomaly Detection in Time Series Sensor Data

In this article, I will focus on the application of anomaly detection in the Manufacturing industry which I believe is an industry that lagged far behind in the area of effectively taking advantage of Machine Learning techniques compared to other industries.