Tips About Kafka Connect On Heroku You Can't Afford To Miss

Tips About Kafka Connect On Heroku You Can't Afford To Miss. Find out carefully. It will help your projects complete quickly.

Apache Kafka Tutorial  - Fundamentals

In this tutorial, you'll learn about fundamentals of Apache Kafka: What is a Stream? How to do data streaming? Data Flow Control. Parallelism. Microservices. In Close. Many of these tutorials seem to be on the basis of Object Oriented Paradigm (OOP)

Detecting Fraudulent Transactions in a Streaming App using Kafka in Python

Learn how to detect and filter fraudulent transactions in a streaming application using Apache Kafka with Python API. Apache Kafka is an open source distributed streaming platform.

Guide to Setting Up Apache Kafka Using Docker

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to do an Apache Kafka setup using Docker. Docker is one of the most popular container engines used in the software industry to create, package, and deploy applications.

Apache Kafka 2.8 - ZooKeeper Removal Update (KIP-500) and Overview of Latest Features

Apache Kafka 2.8 is out! This release includes early access to the long-anticipated ZooKeeper removal encapsulated in KIP-500, as well as other key updates, including the addition of a Describe Cluster API, support for mutual TLS authentication on SASL_SSL listeners, exposed task configurations in the Kafka Connect REST API, the removal of a properties argument for the TopologyTestDriver, the introduction of a Kafka Streams specific uncaught exception handler, improved handling of window size in Streams, and more.

Triggering Lambda Functions From Amazon MSK

Triggering Lambda Functions From Amazon MSK. Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) is a fully managed, highly available service that uses Apache Kafka to process. Lambda now supports Amazon MSK as an event source. How a Lambda function is actually invoked by Amazon MSK.

You Can Replace Kafka with A Database

You Can Replace Kafka with a Database. You might consider taking a leaf from Kafka's book. What does all this have to do with databases and Kafka? Which is the same year that Kafka was released by LinkedIn. You don’t actually need Kafka — all you need is a plain old database.

Combining Strict Order with Massive Parallelism using Kafka

Combining Strict Order with Massive Parallelism using Kafka. Having been involved in several large-scale Kafka projects for different clients across a broad range of industries, I have heard my fair share of questions on Apache Kafka.

The Design of an Event Store

The Design of an Event Store - The topics “event-driven architecture” “event stream processing” and “event sourcing” have enjoyed quite a buzz as of late.

3 Top Resources To Learn About Apache Kafka

3 Top Resources To Learn About Apache Kafka. The popularity of Apache Kafka is not backing down. If you haven’t gotten your head around Kafka yet, you probably should.

Apache Kafka Starter with Sample Project

Apache Kafka Starter with Sample Project. Today I will show you how can you learn Apache Kafka and how can you make a simple Java Project.

Guide to Purging an Apache Kafka Topic

In this article, we'll explore a few strategies to purge data from an Apache Kafka topic

Serverless Kotlin and Apache Kafka® with Google Cloud

Serverless Kotlin and Apache Kafka® with Google Cloud | In this workshop, you will set up and deploy a serverless application that includes event functions, services, and data streaming. You will use cloud services for hosting the event functions, services, and data streaming while ensuring full portability to your own infrastructure using open source technologies, including Kubernetes, Apache Kafka®, and Knative.

Configuring Message Retention Period in Apache Kafka

Learn how to configure time-based message retention properties for Kafka topics.

Using Apache Kafka with .NET

This article explains the details of using Kafka with .NET applications. It also shows the installation and usage on a Windows OS and its configuration for an ASP.NET API. Diogo Souza explains using Apache Kafka with .NET including setting it up and creating apps to test sending messages asynchronously.

Apache Kafka 2.7 is One Step Closer to Killing ZooKeeper

In this video I go through the new features in Apache Kafka 2.7, it is very interesting to see the amount of work Apache Kafka is doing to get closer to removing ZooKeeper

Apache Kafka 2.7 – Overview of Latest Features, Updates, and KIPs

Tim Berglund breaks down the seven Kafka Improvement Proposals (KIPs) that will add substantial updates to Apache Kafka®, including adding a new inter-broker API in relation to ZooKeeper removal, throttle create topics, support for PEM format, sliding windows, and end-to-end latency metrics. Make sure to check out the release notes and blog post for more information, and let's get to building.

Introduction To Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an open source distributed streaming platform that allows you to build applications and process events as they occur. Kafka is a Publish-Subscribe based messaging system that is exchanging data between processes, applications, and servers. Applications may connect to this system and transfer a message onto the Topic(we will see in a moment what topic is) and another application may connect to the system and process messages from the Topic.

QuickStart — Apache Kafka + Kafka-Python

Apache Kafka can process trillions of events a day. QuickStart — Apache Kafka + Kafka-Python

Apache Kafka: Что это и как она изменит архитектуру вашего приложения

Apache Kafka становится всё более популярной платформой для хранения и потоковой обработки данных. В обзорном докладе Иван расскажет про основные идеи, стоящие за Kafka, каким образом вокруг Kafka выстраивается архитектура приложения, и где в этой архитектуре может быть место бэкенду на Node.js.