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Follow Along With My Extreme Budget Makeover

An end-to-end spending tracker using the Gmail and Google Sheets APIs.2020 is the year of improvement — for the self, for the government and the institutions that be, and for spending habits. My method of budgeting ...

Verify Phone Numbers on The Web with the Web OTP API

Finding, memorizing, and typing OTPs sent via SMS is cumbersome. The Web OTP API simplifies the OTP workflow for users. Let' s learn how to verify phonr numbers on the web with theweb OTP API

Kick-Off Webinar for InterSystems IRIS Native API Online Programming Contest

The topic of this webinar is dedicated to the InterSystems IRIS Native API programming contest. In this competition, we would like to see what kinds of interesting applications can be built using the Native API

Webinar: Discover, Deliver and Secure your APIs Anywhere

There is growing adoption of Kubernetes apps alongside legacy application clusters, and this change is accelerating with the adoption of hybrid clouds and the use of multiple cloud providers. This session will focus on understanding these challenges and introduce an architecture that can alleviate them across any cloud, including a developer’s local machine.

A Guide to Quickly Understand the Slack API

A quick look at the fantastic API for building on top of one of the most popular remote tools in the world

A Brief History of the Future of the API

Mark Rendle talks about the various technologies and standards from across the years, the pros and cons of each, and which solutions are appropriate for which problems. He looks at ways of migrating legacy APIs from old technologies to the modern alternatives.

The Open Food Facts API

Open Food Facts has a Laravel package, which provides a convenient wrapper for the Open Food Facts API. Learn how to look up millions of food products within your Laravel app.

Indexing Your Offline-capable Pages with the Content Indexing API

Your PWA might cache articles and media files, but how will your users know that your pages work while offline? The Content Indexing API is one answer to this question currently in an origin trial. Once the index is populated with content from your PWA, as well as any other installed PWAs, it will show up in dedicated areas of supported browsers.

Next Generation Client APIs in Envoy Mobile

Jose Nino guides the audience through the journey of Mobile APIs at Lyft. He focuses on how the team has reaped the benefits of API generation to experiment with the network transport layer. He also discusses recent developments the team has made with Envoy Mobile and the roadmap ahead.

2 Quick Points to Simplify Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

You have a saving account, so you need to know what it is. APY makes it easier for us to understand what we will earn in a year since interest is typically compounded and credited monthly. Here are the 2 ways to simplify APY: The common formula for APY shows how it uses interest and APY is variable.

How to Protect APIs Using the Microsoft Identity Platform

Microsoft identity platform allows developers to build applications that sign in all Microsoft identities and get tokens to call Microsoft APIs, such as Microsoft Graph, or APIs that developers have built..In this video, Matthijs Hoekstra explains how developers can use the Microsoft identity platform to implement authorization that protects APIs.

Record Videos in the Browser Using Media Recorder API

With MediaRecorder API we can access encoded blob chunks, which means that once the recording is finished we can construct a real file out of them, and then upload or download it. Learn how to use newly-released MediaRecorder API to shoot videos in the browser

Stream Processing with Siddhi

Batch Processing and Stream Processing are the two general methods that are used for processing data. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages depending on the use cases will be explored in this article. Let’s begin by identifying the two methods.

7 Tips to Optimize Your Backend API Without Caching

In this video, I explain 7 tips that you can apply to optimize your backend APIs without the need of caching. Caching is a great idea however cache invalidation is also worse so we try to squeeze as much performance of other areas much as possible.

Top 5 Python Scripts for SEO - Google Trends API & More

Top 5 Python Scripts for SEO: Python SEO Analyzer. Broken link checker. Calculate keyword growth using Google Trends and Python. Get Google Webmaster Tools data with Python. Pyscape: grab data from the Mozscape API

Google Maps API Tutorial | Custom Marker Icon | Multiple Info Window

Multiple info windows make the map appear cluttered. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to integrate Google Maps API into your web application with multiple custom marker icons and info window.

How to Detect Idle Browser Tabs with the Page Visibility API

Knowing when users aren't using your site is important too, especially for performance! Let's see how the page visibility JavaScript API allows us to do that. Let’s look at some examples that use Page Visibility API!

Build a REST API with Node JS and Express | CRUD API Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know about creating a simple API using Node and Express. What is a REST API? There are some more often used terms and technologies when building APIs such as Express, Node, Postman, and a CRUD API.

Top 10 Design tips for building REST APIs

Software Design is functional Art. Most digital software thrives on a backbone of a well written API and REST is one of the preferred and versatile styles for writing such scalable APIs. Here are the top design considerations that would make it easier to write efficient REST APIs.

Building a Marketplace app? Get It Approved on the First Review!

In order for someone to add an application to the Marketplace, we require that the application uses OAuth authentication and meets minimum viable product criteria. This article helps apps have a higher chance of being approved on their first attempt.