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Creating the Frontend of a Headless CMS in 10 Steps | Nordic APIs |

In a previous article, we introduced what a headless CMS is and learned how to develop a headless CMS API. in this post, we'll discover how to create a frontend using Angular and Express.

Enhance Your Productivity With The Notion API

Notion is an incredible productivity tool that I use every day. They just recently released an API that you can use to integrate with Notion, so in this video I will be walking you through their entire API by building out a site that allows you to leave video suggestion ideas.

How To Use Google Places Photo API

In this video, we will explore how to use the Google Places API to download photos. This is a continuation of our series where we explore the Google Maps API.

Build a Weather App in React JS | Using Weather API

Hey people,In this video, we're going to build a weather app in React JS. We use the Open Weather API. We will use the fetch method to fetch the API calls ...

How to create a URL Shortener in Python Tutorial 2021

In this tutorial I'll be showing you very quickly how to create a URL Shortener that works with custom names.API: https://cutt.ly/✎ GitHub: https://github.co...

How to Implement JWT Authentication with .NET 5.0 API

In this tutorial we'll go through an example of how to implement JWT (JSON Web Token) authentication with refresh tokens in a .NET 5.0 API.

Using Google Maps API for Python Projects!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use Google Maps API for Python Projects. Learn how to create a Python script that queries the Google Maps Platform (using the Distance Matrix API). You can use Google Maps Platform's set of APIs to incorporate into your projects to retrieve data from Google Maps for route data, travel times, etc.

How to Track Location Using IP Address With Python

Learn How to Track Location Using IP Address With Python. In this video, I will show you how you can create a Python script that will scrape your location from the website : https://ipinfo.io/ and then we will select the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinate of that location which will be used to plot your marker on folium map

Serverless Data API for Your Next Database

#### Serverless DBaaS is maturing, but a high barrier to entry remains. DBaaS ease of use has to be about both developers and operators. App development stacks have been improving so rapidly and effectively that today there are a number of easy...

How to Spellcheck Words and Sentences in Java

In this tutorial, we'll learn Generate spelling correction suggestions for words and sentences by using Natural Language Processing APIs in Java. Very simple, in just a few steps.

Respectful REST APIs: ‘Sunset’ and ‘Deprecation’ HTTP Headers

In this tutorial, we'll learn Respectful REST APIs: ‘Sunset’ and ‘Deprecation’ HTTP Headers.

Using JMeter and Google Apps Script, analyze Mule4 API performance

If our project allows us to use Google Drive and Google App Script then only this Automation Framework is useful. My end goal is to make an Automation performance Framework, using which any project can easily analyze their API's performance and do their next action plan according to their needs.

What is the Cloud Healthcare API?

Welcome to the first episode of Healthcare Solutions Spotlight - a series that explores how Google Cloud helps healthcare providers deliver interconnected experiences, access harmonized data insights, and streamline solutions. In this video, we give you a brief overview of the Cloud Healthcare API and some of its common use cases.

Build Quickly. Easily. At Scale. Try it on Twilio

Build Quickly. Easily. At Scale. Try it on Twilio. Build with the best. Twilio is the global communications platform serving over 10 million developers, Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. With our API and a few lines of code, add SMS, Chat, or Email to your applications in the programming language you already use, or build Video and Voice experiences to enable your users to communicate with context. Our APIs are free to try—you only pay for what you use.

Cloud Workflows in a Minute

Workflows from Google Cloud is a tool that allows you to orchestrate and automate Google Cloud and HTTP-based API services with serverless workflows. In this episode of Cloud Bytes, we speak to what Workflows is and how you can use it to automate your application services. Watch to learn how you can use Workflows to integrate tasks, microservices, and APIs.

Create and Refresh a list from an API in Flutter (RefreshIndicator)

Create and Refresh a list from an API in Flutter (RefreshIndicator). In this video, we create a Flutter application and build a ListView to display a list of names that we retrieve from an API. We also make use of the RefreshIndicator widget in flutter to refresh the data in our list. This will fetch the latest data for our list from the API and then display that data set in our list. I show you how you can setup your list view, create a mock API with mock data, retrieve and display the API data in your flutter app and also refresh the data from the API using a refresh indicator widget, all within 15 minutes. Hope you will find this useful!

How I Stopped Coding Repetitive Service Components with Kong

#### Discover a new toolset aimed at solving application and API connectivity challenges, while still staying focused and meeting business needs. <iframe class="ql-video" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"...

Writing Asynchronous Non-Blocking Rest API using JAVA.

Writing Asynchronous Non-Blocking Rest API using JAVA. Handle large traffic, improved application performance, and responsiveness...

Base Client | Create Apps Faster with Flutter

Base Client | Create Apps Faster with Flutter. You will learn to create Base Client for all the network calls inside your Flutter application. You can use this client for Get, Post and all the other methods. In Part 2 of this video we will learn to create common error handler to handle all the possible errors from API.

How To Test Your API Using Postman

In this video, we will talk about testing your APIs using postman.