Apollo is a GraphQL client and cache for JavaScript, iOS (Swift) and Android.

Adding Apollo GraphQL to Your React Project

In this post, we’ll create a React project from scratch using create - react -app, add in the Apollo GraphQL client, and then use the SpaceX GraphQL API to display data in our application.

Complete GraphQL API Tutorial using Apollo Express and MongoDB

In this video you will learn how to create a full GraphQL API using the Apollo server with express framework using the apollo-server-express package, for the database we will be using MongoDB using Mongoose as the orm.

Testing React Apollo Client

Testing React Apollo Client - Adhithi will walk you through testing your GraphQL operations with Apollo Client. We will write tests for our React client application that uses Apollo GraphQL. By the end of this talk, you will be familiar with best practices for testing React components that use Apollo Client for its GraphQL operations.

Oh Hello Apollo Client, Farewell Redux

Oh Hello Apollo Client, Farewell Redux. A good state management library should have the ability to manage side effects, transform data, and update state. Apollo client 3 has all of that but where does that stand with Redux? Ankita will draw comparisons with Redux and Context and walk you through how an e-commerce application has adopted it and scaled it.

Working with Federated Graphs in Apollo Studio

This video shows how API developers can work with Federated graphs in Apollo Studio with the newly released features.

Using GraphQL Code Generator with Apollo-Server and TypeScript

Let’s see how to get up and running GraphQL Code Generator with TypeScript based GraphQL server in Apollo. GraphQL Code Generator is honestly a game-changer for writing GraphQL based code (both server and client-side). Learning how to leverage GraphQL Code Generator from within Apollo.

Build a Collaborative ToDo App in React Native (Full-stack MERN Tutorial )

Let's master the MERN stack with project-based learning and Learn how to build a collaborative ToDo list app that connects with a GraphQL API. We will build a collaborative project management tool (a better Todo list). For the backend, we will create a GraphQL API using Apollo server, NodeJS and for the database, we will use MongoDB. In this tutorial, I will explain all the steps from setting up the project to deploying it to a server.

GraphQL Data Fetching with Apollo Client in React

GraphQL Data Fetching with Apollo Client in React. Fetching Data using GraphQL Queries with React and Apollo. How to fetch and display data from a GraphQL API in a React project using the Apollo Client state-management library. Before we start getting fully into the Apollo Client, let’s start by creating a React project.

Backend Graphql Authentication

In this video goes over backend authentication using Graphql, Prisma, and Apollo Server.

Apollo Client vs. Redux: Learnings and Experience

Apollo Client vs. Redux. I helped write a new application that interacted solely with a GraphQL backend, and used Apollo Client (AC) to interact with instead of Redux in our React frontend application. AC solves a lot of common front end problems, but tightly couples you to a GraphQL backend

GraphQL Web Components with Apollo Elements

Apollo Elements offers packages based on a variety of underlying web component authoring libraries. You can pick the one that suits your project in order to keep your app sizes small. Write GraphQL components once and use them everywhere with ease. Elements created with Apollo Elements work in any framework or none, even in Angular, Preact, React, Svelte, or Vue apps.

Previewing the New Rover CLI

Rover is a CLI for managing and maintaining data graphs with Apollo Studio. It helps you safely push and pull GraphQL schemas (both federated and non-federated) from the Apollo schema registry.

GraphQL Tutorial For Beginners - Apollo Server Express Tutorial

Learn Apollo-Server-Express! In this video I will go over the basics of graphql using the GraphQL library Apollo Server. I have other tutorials on GraphQL if you want to check out!

How We Built Apollo Odyssey

A deep dive into the building of Apollo Odyssey. Odyssey is a learning platform featuring a mixed media approach and unique authoring experience built with GatsbyJS, MDX, and GraphQL.

GrapQL Directives: A Brief Intro to Custom Directives in Apollo Server

GrapQL Directives: A Brief Intro to Custom Directives in Apollo Server. Kurt Kemple explains how to use Apollo custom GraphQL directives and walks through one he created for real-time functionality in a federated GraphQL environment.

Typescript, Apollo Client and GraphQL Code Generator  -  A Love Triangle.

In this blog post, I have. Typescript, Apollo Client and GraphQL Code Generator  -  a love triangle. Since Shopify uses GraphQL — a query language and runtime system — for accessing its API, I thought that would be a good time to dive into learning GraphQL.

How GitHub Mobile Uses Apollo to Move 10x Faster by Hesham Salman

How GitHub Mobile Uses Apollo to Move 10x Faster by Hesham Salman

Can URQL Replace Apollo Client? URQL tutorial with SSR and SSG in under 20 minutes using Next.js

Let's see how to use URQL and set it up to handle SSR and SSG inside of Next.js. URQL is a lightweight replacement for Apollo Client that handles most of what you typically use Apollo for, in a very similar fashion.

Next.js (v10) with GraphQL and Apollo (v3)

Next.js (v10) with GraphQl and Apollo (v3). Today we are going to look at how to connect a GraphQl API to Next.js with Apollo.

Caching For Apollo Android by Adam McNeilly

Caching For Apollo Android by Adam McNeilly