iOS App Development with Swift UI

Swift UI is Apple’s new development tool that makes creating User Interfaces simple, easy, and quick. I am extremely excited to teach and learn the ins and outs of Swift UI alongside you. In this video, I explain what Swift UI is, how to set up an app project, and the basics of coding interfaces with Swift UI.

Time Stamps
0:00 - What is Swift UI?
2:30 - Xcode Installation and Project Set Up
6:35 - Introduction to Views
9:27 - Exploring the IDE
15:44 - Project: Creating Structures
25:56 - Project: Adding Stacks
29:14 - Project: Adding Modifiers

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iOS App Development with Swift UI

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Most Trusted and Professional Xamarin App Development

Outsource custom Xamarin app development to a leading offshore cross-platform apps development company in India. Save time & cost with our skilled Xamarin mobile app development team. Feel free to connect with PixelCrayons site today!

Contact No - +91 888-210-8080

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Flutter Application Development: A Complete Guide [2022]

Do you hear people praising cross-platform apps? If yes, then Flutter couldn’t possibly have escaped your notice! Over the years, Flutter has absorbed a significant portion of the cross-platform app development market and registers tremendous spending. As days pass, more clients and developers attempt to use Flutter due to the framework’s enticing perks.

Being the leading Flutter app development company, we are more excited to discuss the technical advancement of Flutter with you. Cross-platform app development is booming because of fast development and cost-effective solutions.

Are you eager to know Flutter application development? You have visited the right place if that’s the case. Below is a comprehensive guide on Flutter app development you wouldn’t want to miss. So, let’s get started!

Flutter – What’s That?

First things first! Let’s begin with introducing Flutter and its must-know components to you.

Flutter is a robust UI package that lets developers create an unmatched cross-platform experience with native performance. Flutter apps remain compatible with multiple devices and platforms while using a single underlying codebase. So, does Flutter reduce time to the market? Yes!  Without spending time building separate apps for different devices, developers construct a single codebase and apply it to all platforms.

Backed by Google tech giant, Flutter holds the Dart programming language at its core. Ahh, an all-new programming language! How would you learn it? Don’t worry! Dart is one of the simplest programming languages with a graspable learning curve. Besides Dart, it combines the Cupertino and Material Design widgets to produce unrivaled UIs without consuming much time.

Do you know?

The first-ever version of Flutter was known as the “SKY” codename and ran on the Android mobile operating system. Now, the latest version Flutter 2.2 is launched on 18 May 2021.

What Makes Flutter the Best App Development Framework?

Yeah, Flutter comprises more functionality and platform compatibility than ever. But what makes it the best app development framework?

Well, Flutter leads the market with its two game-changing advantages, affordability and less time to market. When businesses of all dimensions wish to target multi-platform users, cross-platform apps are life-saving. Besides producing stunning UI, Flutter’s “single codebase for multiple devices” model reduces project cost and launching time. Such inexpensive yet high-quality features popularize Flutter among all ventures, from startups to large enterprises.

Flutter Pros & Cons

Are you convinced of using Flutter for your projects? Wait! Before using Flutter for developing apps, it’s essential to learn about Flutter’s pros and cons. Such comprehensive knowledge will assist you in making informed decisions on choosing the best frameworks for your projects. Let’s take a closer look!

Flutter Pros:-

1. Flutter offers a convenient Hot Reload feature allowing you to preview even the smallest changes within your app.

2. The Hot Reload feature lets you identify bugs and anomalies parallelly with app development. So, you can harness rigorous testing without investing any extra time.

3. Using flawless widgets, you can create captivating user interfaces with the Flutter framework.

4. You already know that Flutter apps work on a single codebase but remain compatible with diverse platforms.

5. Flutter apps load faster and disappoint your users less.

6. Users owning older devices can install Flutter apps without facing technical glitches.

7. Flutter app development is more inexpensive than any other framework.

Flutter Cons:-

1. Dart, the programming language behind Flutter, demands a learning curve before adoption in your projects, though not extensive.

2. Flutter-driven apps are slightly heavy-weight on electronic devices than other frameworks.

3. The Flutter community is yet to grow and devise better libraries for enhanced functionalities.

Get Inspired with Some Flutter Use Cases

The efficient Flutter framework works well for multiple use cases and never fails to satisfy the users. Let’s concrete your belief with some inspiring Flutter applications in real life.

1. Social Networking Apps

Flutter framework brainstorms many never-seen-before social networking apps having the highest utility in the industry. Some praiseworthy Flutter-driven networking apps include Pairing and Meeve.

2. Retail Apps

Let’s admit that apps are creating history in the retail sector. Flutter-driven apps raise the shopping experience with fast UI and vast platform compatibility. Alibaba app is such a Flutter-based product and benchmark example for everyone.

3. Entertainment Apps

Creating revolutionary entertainment apps has become a reality with Flutter frameworks. Hamilton Music is a classic example where Flutter creates miracles for high-quality entertainment seekers.

4. Business Apps

Flutter allows users to run a better business with highly efficient commercial apps like Google Ads. These products remain highly secure and easy to use for novice to expert customers.

Cost to Develop a Fully-Functional Flutter App

You can get a fully-functional Flutter app at a minimum base rate of $15k and reach up to $50k. Depending on your additional requirements, Flutter app development cost varies within the range. The more the features and integrations, and the better the UI, the higher the budget for your Flutter project.

Also, you might encounter some cost differences across geographies. So, a place that has lower per-hour developer wages will cost lightweight in your pockets. It emphasizes the inexpensive benefits of outsourcing developers if required.

Flutter has become mainstream in the app development industry. Hence, the one who aligns with the framework at the earliest churns higher sales and profitability. Besides, a developer can impress his clients and set up a reliable business in the industry. Do you wish to leverage Flutter in your business through experienced hands? Auxano Global Services gets you covered! Contact us and take away premium Flutter apps now!

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Flutter Application Development: A Complete Guide [2022]

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Pricing Table In Tailwind CS

Pricing Table In Tailwind CSS

In this pricing table, we used Tailwind CSS components and utility classes. For making responsive we used responsive classes which are already in utility classes.

Also read:- Tailwind CSS Neumorphism Login and Registration Form

Here we used responsive grid classes and text-color with font-size classes. Also, we used ul and li to show features in the list view.

Make it yours now by using it, downloading it, and please share it. we will design more elements for you.

source code

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Pricing Table In Tailwind CS

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Best Mobile App Development Company in Italy

Mobile applications are a necessity to target a wider audience and reach a global market. iOS and Android are the leaders in the mobile development market. Using technologies like React Native, Flutter, and Ionic, companies can build wonderful mobile applications that will keep the users hooked.

BoTree Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in Italy, building cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android. They have engineers who have 10+ years of experience in building mobile applications. The company is the best mobile app development company in Italy, developing cross-platform apps with a native look and feel. Its team of 30+ mobile developers make sure that clients get the best of their mobile development requirements. 

BoTree has mobile application development experts who have served 200+ clients in 10+ countries. They are constantly upgrading their development methodologies and follow the best mobile app development practices. BoTree’s team offers 24x7 support and develops high-quality apps.

Learn more about their mobile application development application on the website.

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Best Mobile App Development Company in Italy
Cindly Gurley

Cindly Gurley


Hire iOS app developers | Top iPhone App Development Companies 2021

Are you seeking a team of talented iOS app developers for your new project? This list of top iPhone app development companies below will help you reach a conclusion considering every important factor. iOS application development companies in the list below are the best lot of the thousands of available mobile app development companies worldwide. These companies help the businesses grow in the iPhone market with strategized and well-designed applications that include top-notch technology and world-class interfaces.

Choose any one of these and have an application that compels the iPhone users by making a solid impression by the first look only. You've got a list to choose from so that you know who understands your vision the best and can clearly work on it to deliver an application that's unique and best-suited to the details you mention. Choose a company that works with you from idealization to the maintenance of the app, in the long run, to ensure your application's success for many more years to come. Refer to the list below and make an informed decision according to the capabilities of these 10 iOS application development companies:

List Of the Best Of 10 iOS Application Development Companies:

  1. Auxano Global Services
  2. Codiant
  3. Truelogic Software
  4. Magneto it solutions
  5. Qburst
  6. ParamInfo
  7. Kadabra IT
  8. Elinext Group
  9. STRV
  10. Alvin

1.Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is one of the few iPhone application development companies that claim to provide iOS solutions that deliver desired results and complement your business in the best way possible. Starting with custom iOS application development, Auxano Global Services supports the application throughout from ideation to maintenance in the future. The team of experts at Auxano Global Services ensures that the idea you've presented is feasible and then crafts an application tailored particularly for your business. The best part about Auxano Global Services is that you're free to hire only a few iOS developers from their team if needed.

2. Codiant

CODIANT is a leading Mobility and Custom Web Product Development Company with an immense experience in delivering customized services in the field of Mobile App & Web Development, UX Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and Application Maintenance Services for fortune 500 organizations, mid-size enterprises and startups. Our extensive team of subject matter experts, designers, strategists, & developers has a great expertise in designing & optimizing the explicit needs of particular industries with utmost adequacy.

3. Truelogic

Truelogic Software, an Inc. 5000 company, is an innovative technology services company that specializes in custom web and mobile software development firm that leverages global facilities, senior engineers, more than 10 years of experience and methodologies to help you reduce operating costs and shorten timelines. Truelogic has developed more than 1000 projects for well-known multinationals such as McAfee, Sony, Nissan, The Television Academy (The Emmys).

More Results….

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Hire iOS app developers | Top iPhone App Development Companies 2021
Moss Richarde

Moss Richarde


Hire Desktop Application Developers |Desktop App Development Companies

What do you think of when someone tells you they need a software application developed or an app created? You probably think of one of the top companies. With so many people struggling to develop the next big app, these top firms have become champions in their industries. This is why they can afford to pay for experienced developers.

Choosing a desktop applications developer wisely is crucial because you may not have a second chance at firing them if things go wrong. If you choose an experienced, top company, you’re likely to have fewer issues. 

If you’re ready to hire a top company to build your app, the following list contains the best developers in various fields. You can browse through some of their apps and services below.

One of the best things about this company is that they have a wide range of different areas on which they focus their software development. They provide everything from mobile apps to utility software and much more. For optimal development, you need the best. If you’re looking for the top companies from where you can hire desktop application developers, here are a few suggestions.

The top companies from where you can hire desktop applications developers include:

Let's take a Look here are the Top 10 Desktop Application Development Companies:

  1. Auxano Global Services
  2. Apptunix
  3. Qburst
  4. People Productions
  5. 3Advance
  6. AppWithUs GmbH
  7. PromptWorks
  8. Rozdoum
  9. Tudip Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Kernix

1.Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is one of the best application Development Company. Our Desktop App Development team of developers are always on the tech edge and constantly adapting if there is any slightest change in the following development tools & technologies. Combining that with the ongoing development cycle so as to better the real-time process to provide solutions to give you a sustained competitive edge. 

2. Apptunix

Apptunix is a leading App & Web Solutions development agency, based out of Texas, US. The agency empowers cutting-edge startups & enterprise businesses, paving the path for their incremental growth via technology solutions. With top-notch technical and functional expertise, Apptunix is a perfect blend of knowledge with innovation. The company has gained positive reviews when managing intricate business problems by brainstorming and an action plan that follows a proven & holistic approach.

3. Qburst

QBurst is a full-service software solutions provider that works with clients to maximize the effectiveness of their business through the adoption of digital technology.Though a premier organization or valued business like yours might be looking for entire development cycle or only would be interested in few solutions, our goal and aim is to provide maximum benefits to the customer at every step whether in Business Analysis, Desktop Software Architecture, UI design, Desktop Software Development.

More Results….

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Hire Desktop Application Developers |Desktop App Development Companies

6 Best Future Trends of Mobile Application Development

The trends of mobile application development is growing day by day; expand your business through online web and mobile applications, chechout the best future trends of mobile application development

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6 Best Future Trends of Mobile Application Development
Aakash  Soni

Aakash Soni


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tinder in 2021?

By 2024, the online dating industry is expected to grow more than $4320 billion and grow year over year. Many entrepreneurs see developing a dating app as an opportunity to get stable in the market. But the question that strikes every mind is how much does it cost to create a dating app similar to Tinder?

Auxano Global Services has immense experience developing successful dating apps both for iOS and Android. As a mobile app development company, we are here to share our expertise to help you develop an engaging and addictive dating app that can help you earn while delivering a great experience.

Let’s discuss what’s the main reason why these dating apps are so popular.
The social dating app allows people to find a match for themselves and then fix a date with the match with the help of a chatting feature integrated into the app. Logging in to Tinder requires a Facebook ID so that the location and interests can be used to find the perfect match.

Making an app like Tinder isn’t easy, and if you are thinking of creating such an app, then it should have unique features. Here we can help you as we are in this industry for more than a decade and can help you create a unique app for dating. Hire our top-rated mobile app developers and get this app within a range of $35k-$50k and to know the exact price and other additional information, read out the datasheet.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tinder in 2021?


On demand apps are making the lives of people easier in every sector and the healthcare sector is no exception . The efficiency that these apps bring has revolutionised the healthcare domain. Many medical practitioners, healthcare institutions and even pharmaceutical agencies have already started using these apps for ensuring better patient experience and thus, higher business profits. Some apps are specially designed to benefit the patients as well.

The majority of patients find healthcare apps beneficial as they enable faster service and with these apps patients can get care without having to go to the hospital.In society, where we believe in “health is wealth,” providing the quickest medical care to patients can do wonders. It can be beneficial for both patients and doctors alike.

Benefits of On Demand Apps in Healthcare Industry

  • Improved Ancillary Services by Incorporating Technology
    Ancillary care services comprise around 30% of the total medical spending, making it essential for every healthcare service provider. These services help reduce the core workload as all the secondary care is facilitated by ancillary providers.
    Ancillary technology can save time and operational costs. They ensure your patients receive the best secondary care, which is essential for acquiring and retaining new patients.This technology enables you to expand your patient reach by connecting you to a wider patient base insured under worker compensation, group health, secondary group health, auto medical, and medicare plans. Ancillary technology readily educates the patients and payers on the advantages of how their services can bear a change in the overall clinic operation.

  • Quick Medical Guidance
    On demand apps enable patients to get quick and efficient medical guidance anytime and anywhere . The medical experts can reach the patients instantly or they can guide them remotely to take the right action to reduce the pain or even save their lives.

  • Convenient Appointment Booking
    Using on demand apps, patients can book the appointments sitting at home anytime and visit the doctor just before the appointment. It saves time and reduces the panic caused by waiting for long hours. The patients can also cancel the appointments in case of any complexity. These apps also benefit the doctors to manage the appointments better and accordingly decide their tasks.

  • Enhances Brand Value
    Having such apps like Mhealth apps, healthcare professional finder app, emergency apps, etc. improves the brand value of the clinics and hospitals. More and more customers can be targeted to use the services. Using these apps, contact details and personal information can be collected to advertise any benefits or offers related to enticing the patients.This helps in creating brand awareness.

  • Easier Patient - Doctor Communication
    Medical apps help in better patient-doctor communication which increases transparency and ensures better treatment. In remote locations or in emergency situations, such apps are like a blessing, as remote patient monitoring is possible. The doctors can guide the patients without being actually present there.

The [On Demand apps] are revolutionising the healthcare industry and are drastically improving the efficiency of healthcare services. It is making it convenient for doctors and patients to carry out the process. It has also increased the reach of healthcare services to broader horizons as it is no more imperative to go to the hospital to receive healthcare and these services can be used sitting at home itself. The trends of using healthcare IT services in clinics and hospitals are growing at a fast pace as they help better communication and management of resources. These apps have the potential to enhance the entire hospital ecosystem.

Do visit [OyeLabs] to know more about the On Demand Apps Market and how you can be a part of this wide market oppurtunity!

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Pre & Post App Launch Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

It is becoming increasingly necessary to worry about things before launching an app and things to do after launching an app. Earlier, there were limited apps available on the App store. Hence the competition was relatively low, and you could easily come off as one of the top-grossing apps on the Apple Store. The App Store was launched back in 2009, and in the initial years, this was exactly the situation.

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Pre & Post App Launch Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Leading Mobile App company in Chennai, India

#Way2Smile is well versed and can able to craft every category of Mobile Apps during the #CoronaOutbreak for various mobile platforms such as #iOS, #Android and make it unbeatable through the reliable combination of quality, innovation, and on-time delivery.

Visit - Mobile App Development Chennai to get started.

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Leading Mobile App company in Chennai, India

Best IT consulting services company in India

We are here to deliver a unique experience rather than a project.

We’re here to know your business idea and objective which are valuable for us and the experts of #Way2Smile curve your business ideas into a best promising mobile app with unmatched user experience using the latest technologies.

To know more about our Mobile App Development Service, reach us -

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Best IT consulting services company in India

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How to Find App Developers for your Startup? | Aglowid IT Solutions

Most startups, irrespective of what niche they belong to, would need to interact, find app developers and work with them at some point in their business life. Most businesses from all niches have entirely shifted or partly dependent on the internet for managing their business/brand. Online presence is crucial for a business to thrive in today’s time. Be it through a website, or a website and an app. That depends on the scalability and niche you belong to.

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How to Find App Developers for your Startup? | Aglowid IT Solutions
Lilac Infotech

Lilac Infotech


10 Best On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps in India For 2021

Mobile applications have made our daily lives more comfortable, by clicking a few keys on the smartphone from booking a taxi to ordering dinners. One of the places where smartphone applications build a lot of momentum is food on demand. These applications minimize the pain of buying and transport, hunt for parking space, cope with the packed stores, wait in long check-outs, full processing, and quick! In addition, it includes a return to the shop when not all items are available. As the name suggests, a food app on demand is what you want. Only open the app, pick the items you want to order, pay and, as you wish, it is shipped to your house.

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10 Best On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps in India For 2021