Amelia sarah

Amelia sarah


The popularity of the Wordle game and a way to make an own Wordle game

My day begins with playing a Wordle game. Wordle is a five letter word game. The word needs to be guessed within six tries. Wordle had become my part of the day.

This Wordle game also made many entrepreneurs raise their eyebrows. Many games similar to Wordle are booming in the app store. Building a wordle game app is the best idea to make a profit as many Wordle-like game apps are downloaded by many.

If you have any ideas to make a game like Wordle, I recommend you approach the best mobile and web app development company. Because it will save you time and the cost of building an app. Thus, be smart and choose a notable web/mobile app developing company like Appkodes and be the next one in the trend.


Whatsapp: +917708004661.



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The popularity of the Wordle game and a way to make an own Wordle game
Amelia sarah

Amelia sarah


The best-in-class mobile app development service for your business

With the large number of people accessing the internet through smartphones, mobile apps are helping to succeed in your business. You may wonder how a mobile app helps your business be profitable and successful. So, building a mobile app helps to increase accessibility to your services and also improve your recognition.

Many companies provide you with a typical mobile app development service. But, only a few companies deliver the best-in-class mobile app development service. Appkodes is a well-known and the best mobile app development company that has proven records in providing top-notch service to our customers. At Appkodes, we excel at developing custom mobile apps with various futuristic features and functionalities. We incorporate several latest technologies to thrive your business high.

We help you with your plans and finish them with the best result. It’s our joy giving you the best. Therefore, reach us for developing a customizable mobile app for your business.


Whatsapp: +917708004661.



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The best-in-class mobile app development service for your business
Rowena  Cox

Rowena Cox


How Do Push Notifications Work?

When I made the videos on how to implement push notifications, a lot of people had questions about how push notifications actually work. So I made a little video to talk about the logistics of push notifications; how they work and what to take into account. Hope this helps!

⏱ Timestamps
00:00 - Intro: Push Notifications The Big Picture
00:21 - How Do Push Notifications Get Sent?
02:54 - Push Notification Tokens
04:14 - Send Push Notifications to Groups
05:16 - Where To Send Your Push Notification From?
07:32 - Types of Push Notifications

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How Do Push Notifications Work?
Zac Efron

Zac Efron


Helping Users Discover Quality Apps on Large Screens!

Huge screens are developing in reach, with now over 250M dynamic Android tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS gadgets. As request keeps on speeding up, we're seeing clients accomplishing like never before on huge screens, from mingling and messing around, to performing multiple tasks and finishing things. To assist individuals with maximizing their gadgets, we're rolling out huge improvements in Google Play to empower clients to find and draw in with excellent applications and games.

Changes in Play

We'll acquaint three primary updates with the store: positioning and promotability changes, cautions for bad quality applications, and gadget explicit appraisals and surveys.

Positioning and Promotability Changes

We as of late distributed our huge screen application quality rules notwithstanding our center application quality rules to give direction on making incredible client encounters on enormous screens. It envelops a comprehensive arrangement of highlights, from essential similarity necessities, for example, picture and scene support, to more separated prerequisites like console and pointer abilities. Before very long, we'll refresh our highlighting and positioning rationale in Play on enormous screen gadgets to focus on excellent applications and games in view of these application quality rules. This will influence how applications are surfaced in list items and suggestions on the landing page, fully intent on assisting clients with finding the applications that are best improved for their gadget. We will likewise be developing our interest in article content across Play to feature applications that have been enhanced for enormous screens.

Alarms for Users Installing Low Quality Apps

For applications that don't meet essential similarity prerequisites, we'll refresh current alarms to clients on enormous screens to assist with setting assumptions for how applications will look and capacity post-introduce. This will assist with informing clients about applications that may not function admirably on their huge screen devices.We are attempting to give extra correspondences on this change, so remain tuned for additional updates in the not so distant future.

Gadget Specific Ratings and Reviews

In conclusion, as we recently reported, clients can before long see evaluations and surveys split by gadget type (for example tablets and foldables, Chrome OS, Wear, or Auto) to assist them with settling on better choices about the applications that are ideal for them. Where material, the default rating displayed in Play will be that of the gadget type the client is utilizing, to give a superior feeling of the application experience on their gadget. To see your appraisals and audits by gadget, you can see your gadget type breakdown in Play Console today.

Apparatuses for Getting Started on Large Screen Optimizations

Developers advancing for huge screens are as of now seeing positive effect on client commitment and maintenance. To assist you with getting everything rolling, here are a few hints and assets for streamlining your application for huge screens:

  • Utilize our huge screens quality rules as an agenda to help you benchmark your applications' similarity level and plan for any improvements - -
  • Reference our designer documentation on huge screens advancement, including our assets for building responsive formats, and how to best help different screen sizes.
  • Track gadget type changes in center measurements as well as client and issue circulations across gadget types through our as of late delivered Device Type breakdowns in the Reach and Devices segment of Play Console. You can utilize Reach and Devices for existing applications or games, yet in addition to design your next title - by picking a significant companion bunch and examining client and issue dispersions.

The highlights in Play will carry out continuously throughout the next few months, so we urge you to get an early advantage in anticipating huge screen application quality upgrades in front of these changes. En route, we will keep gathering criticism to see how we can best help huge screen enhancements that further develop customer encounters and enable designers to fabricate better applications.

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Helping Users Discover Quality Apps on Large Screens!
Gordon  Murray

Gordon Murray


Liquid Pay Payment App: Flutter Liquid Pay Payment App Concept

Flutter Liquid Pay Payment App UI 

Flutter Liquid Pay Payment App Concept Designed by Nihal Bora


alt text. alt text. alt text. alt text. alt text. alt text. alt text.

Author: Longhoang2984
Source Code: 
License: MIT License

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Liquid Pay Payment App: Flutter Liquid Pay Payment App Concept
Elliot  Bayer

Elliot Bayer


Deep Dive into App Store Earnings, Social Commerce Growth, & More 2022

This is the first episode of a new segment on this channel called Whats Appening. Here, I cover various business related updates in the world of apps. In this episode we'll dive into app store earnings, social commerce growth, tiktok figures, app track transparency failures, and more.

💻 Source Code:
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Deep Dive into App Store Earnings, Social Commerce Growth, & More 2022

Benefits Of Launching A Profitable E-Learning Business With An Udemy

Learn benefits of launching a profitable e-learning business with an udemy clone app and what is an eLearning Business?

The e-learning market has been growing at a swift pace. Globally, the online learning business market is anticipated to grow at an exponential CAGR of over 21% between 2021 and 2027. The advent of several new technologies, such as AI, VR, and cloud-based LMS, will drive the market growth. This huge growth can be attributed to the increased adoption of e-learning in various industries such as education, BFSI, and healthcare over the past three to five years.

What is an eLearning Business?

An eLearning business is an online platform that educates people, either by imparting niche-specific knowledge or teaching new skills. It provides learners the comfort of learning from anywhere and anytime, enabling them to take the knowledge gained into practice and apply it.Best Learning Management System You Should Consider Using 2022

In addition to teachers, tutors, and educators, eLearning businesses also provide them with a platform to share their own knowledge and expertise.

An eLearning business creates an educational platform for teachers, tutors, and learners.

The main objectives of an eLearning system are to:

Create a platform between teachers and students

Enhance the quality of learning and teaching

Meet the learning style or needs of students.

Manage the platform

Enroll students

Provide learning materials

What are the benefits Of Launching A Profitable E-Learning Business?

Elearning in business is a growing trend nowadays. 9 New Elearning Trends & Predictions for 2021/2022 | Udemy clone App

Thanks to the Internet and new technologies, companies in all segments achieve great results, reducing costs and improving the performance of their training programs. The worth of this business is growing day by day because of the increasing number of users; the job market also appreciates skill rather than academic results. And if learners take a course online, they will save time and money. So, this business has a target customer. Besides, there are other benefits to this business.

Reduced Cost: More and more companies are realizing that eLearning system is a significant cost-saver. An eLearning business can get started with low capital. If a company has a large number of employees, then it makes sense to invest in eLearning as opposed to traditional training methods. The biggest advantage of eLearning is that it can be accessed by employees whenever they have time to study at their own pace. The most significant advantage of eLearning is that it drastically reduces costs for the companies that implement it. Corporations now report that e-Learning is amongst the top two training methods that they use.

Improves Productivity: An online learning system — Expert Plus LMS is a platform that allows you to create and offer a variety of educational materials to your employees. This is a great way to ensure they’re equipped with all the necessary skills, and can help in improving the quality of their work. With the help of an online learning system, you can offer your employees to work with videos, audios, games, texts, interactive exercises, theoretical lectures, or any other type of content they enjoy working with to enhance employee learning.

Also Read 7 Factors For Ensuring a Successful eLearning Implementation

What are the benefits of using an An Udemy Clone App?

Udemy clone script provides a platform for the learners to learn new course programs in an easy and engaging way. The LMS — ‘Expert Plus’ created by BSEtec has been opted for by hundreds of users all across the world. Our open source LMS script has various features that have helped several organizations and educational institutions build a bridge between teachers and students by creating online training courses & education platforms.

Key features of Udemy clone script that increase the user’s engagement and involvement.

Customizable design: The script is fully customizable with theme and banner management and the design is flexible and can be modified according to the preference of the users.

One tap Login: The social login feature of this script helps to streamline the user verification using social networking apps like Google+, Facebook, or twitter with a single tap.

Multiple payment gateways: Our online tutoring software has multiple payment gateways to help the customers pay according to their preferences and convenience.

Website security, encryption and Firewall: Our software is completely free from any attack of viruses because we have strong security and firewall and enhanced the protection using CSRF, which ensures that the admin is free from any form of malware, spyware, worms, or any Trojan.

Internal Messaging System: It provides them with the facility to compose, send and receive messages.

SEO Friendly: Our e-learning script is SEO friendly, i.e. it helps you to rank higher in the search engines and helps to bring in organic traffic.

To know How to Improve Learning Management System? — Top 5 Strategies

To wrap up

Starting an eLearning business isn’t easy. But if you want to develop a custom learning management system — Expert Plus LMS for your business then BSEtec’s team of experts can help you. You can contact BSEtec and get 24*7 support from our experts.


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Benefits Of Launching A Profitable E-Learning Business With An Udemy

7 Scripts To Develop Live Video Streaming Apps - Streambiz

7 Scripts That Will Help You Build A Live Video Streaming Application. Live Video Streaming App can Be for Live Events or Individuals to Use it for Fun and also Earn Money Online.

StreamBiz is one of the most exclusive offers for you who are looking for the best live stream video app builder. Are you looking for a video host app for your company, educator Institute, or events? Download Now. Click here! StreamBiz is a unique app presented by BSETEC to fulfill your requirement for any time of video streaming creative business plan online. Maybe you are the best marketer in your company who has got the opportunity to present your brand more lively on social media apps. However, if you want to excel now in these times with a personal video app for your business idea, then you should start without any worry. Take the free live streaming script app called StreamBiz available on Google playstore or the Apple store. Get the latest features and technology support for free

Now Here are the 7 Best Scripts for Live Video Streaming Apps 

1. StreamBiz Live Video Script

Build a Bigo live clone or a periscope clone, all you need is Streambiz free video app script to allow the creator to build an exclusive unique video app that can be used for a particular crowd or can be used by anyone to present online. The script is available on Google Play or Apple Store easily without any technology or sign-up interaction. Use this in media, technology, education, sports, corporate, or the government. The app itself is a proud technology provided by one of the excellent and leading technology companies BSETEC

2. Zoom Clone Script

Live video streaming script apps have become more important than any other application, Zoom app is the most suitable for all just like StreamBiz high technology suite for video app development. Zoom video app, mostly used for live conferences, the scream script is now available on our website. It has some amazing features that you can apply while creating a video stream app for your company or business. The feature includes a user can start a video session on zoom and share with others, also anyone can have a personal chat room, group chat, recording of the meeting, and set an extra miles sample for others in the video app script clone business. 

3. Periscope Clone Script Live Streaming App

Periscope is a broadcast live video sharing platform for the targeted audience who are logged in already and for everyone who wants to join and watch hosted videos on periscope. Also, it allows streaming a live moment that can be shared with anyone on any social media app. Periscope is a good app for speakers and educators, business professionals who cover a huge audience at one moment can easily use this, and similarly if you want to clone this app, we have a free live streaming script for video making apps


4. Live TV Stream Script

Interestingly this app script is famous and empowers the user to create a live stream video app. It Is compatible with any desktop and mobile app. The user can easily watch the stream and share it with others on social media. One can have a full panel control to edit, filter, and do lots more. The script can be cloned easily with a live stream script. It has transaction options for all the viewers. And this helps the businessman to earn money through the paid version of the video stream for various events. 

5. Castasy Video Streaming App 

The App is famous and can be used for multiple purposes, we can clone this type of template, and yes. It is very easy and convenient. Anyone can use cactasy so bring a huge new set of video streaming apps in the market with the best features that can be very unique and different for everyone. To clone this app contact our experts now BSETEC

6. Gentle Ninja Meerkat Turnkey App Script

This app script is making a special noise. Yet very interesting, it can be cloned with our free open source code online. The app has features that allow the user to log in via social media, live re-streaming, scheduling, follow up, get the entire management admin panel, and much more. One can just start using our free live streaming script and build the most exclusive video app in less time. 

How Live Streaming has Helped Small Businesses to Grow?

7. Bigo Live App 

The Bigo live app can be cloned easily with the help of a Streambiz, a very useful and smart option that allows the end-user to log in, like, follow and share. Play interesting games and get the best options to earn money online. This is way different than other applications like zoom or periscope. Contact our experts for more details. 

Live Video Streaming App can Be for Live Events or Individuals to Use it for Fun and also Earn Money Online.


Ask us all about live video streaming app cloning, free advice with 100% technical support, free download at 


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7 Scripts To Develop Live Video Streaming Apps - Streambiz

How to Develop an on-demand fuel delivery app in 2022?

Do you want to try your hand at a mobile app for on-demand fuel delivery? Do you want to know how to have this app built and how it may help your business?

Take a look at here comprehensive guide and learn the key factors in detail. 

How to Develop an on-demand fuel delivery app in 2022?

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How to Develop an on-demand fuel delivery app in 2022?

How To Develop A News Mobile App: Features, Cost Much More.

People's interaction with their phones has increased dramatically in recent years, and they are increasingly eschewing the use of physical carry items.

This article is for you if you're wondering how to get started with an app and how much it costs to construct a newspaper mobile for Android and iOS platforms.

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How To Develop A News Mobile App: Features, Cost Much More.

What's the Average App Development Cost in 2022?

Planning on building your own mobile app but unsure how much it would cost to design an application for your company?

This article is to understand where these numbers come from, what they represent in reality, what variables impact them, and how to save money on mobile app development using our tried-and-true methods.

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What's the Average App Development Cost in 2022?

How to Create a Location-Based App the Right Way

Location-based apps have progressed beyond simple local discovery in recent years. They've transformed millions of people's lives, from Uber to Instagram, Tinder to Runtastic. Many sectors continue to create location-based apps to make their clients' daily lives more pleasant and entertaining.

This report illustrates how to build a location-based app, as well as the key features of geolocation apps and the basic steps you'll need to get started.

Check Out here :

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How to Create a Location-Based App the Right Way
Rushabh Patel

Rushabh Patel


10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)

Hiring a taxi online is the latest trend for both personal and business trips. Public transport may not be the perfect choice during urgency. Check the list of the 10 popular taxi apps for iOS and Android users. 

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10 Best Taxi Apps for Ride -Hailing Business (Android & iOS)
Anne  Klocko

Anne Klocko


Find out: Translating LitElement apps (Vaadin Fusion i18n)

In this video, Marcus Hellberg shows you how to internationalize LitElement based apps that use webpack. He will cover the use of the lit-translate library and configure it to work in a webpack project. The example app uses Vaadin Fusion, but the instructions work for any Lit-based project.

0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Creating a new project
1:15 - Intro to lit-translate
1:40 - Install lit-translate
2:00 - Creating translation files
3:29 - Loading translation files with webpack
8:29 - Adding a selector for changing the language
9:53 - Preventing a flash of untranslated content
14:19 - Outro


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Find out: Translating LitElement apps (Vaadin Fusion i18n)

Driver Booking App UI Kit | Draftik

Aber Driver UI Kit is a high-quality pack designed for Taxi projects based on Uber, Grab & Go-Jek apps. To know more visit

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Driver Booking App UI Kit | Draftik