How to Customize Your Pre-Filled Google Form using Python

A step-by-step tutorial to create a customized pre-filled Google Form and how to blast it by email using Python

What does explainable AI really mean?

In this article, you can explore Explainable AI, what is the main idea behind it, why is Explainable AI needed and, how are we going to develop Explainable AI?

Machine Learning Can Detect Covid-19 In Less Than Five Minutes!

Machine Learning Can Detect Covid-19 In Less Than Five Minutes! Information and takeaways from research developments aimed at rapid coronavirus detection.

When Profit and Artificial Intelligence Collide

When Profit and Artificial Intelligence Collide. The Looming Crises at the Nexus of For-Profit Corporations and Artificial Intelligence

A Practical Machine Learning Guide

Churn prediction of bank customers from EDA to model evaluation. In this post, we aim to build a supervised learning algorithm to perform a classification task. The goal is to predict whether a customer will churn (i.e. exited = 1) using the provided features.

Guide to StarCraft II Proto API

This article will take you through the initial steps of writing your own API for the StarCraft II client. This is not required at all, community APIs exist in most popular languages. However, the article provides some insights into how a basic SC2 API wrapper works.

Performance Evaluation Parameters of a Machine Learning Model

This gives a good idea of how our model performs it not only tells us how many classifications are done are correctly and how many of them are classified incorrectly but it tells more.

Using Natural Language Processing to compare Viruses

Research to possibly speed up the development of vaccines for a virus. In December 2019, the world came to know about a new virus commonly known as coronavirus or scientifically as COVID-19.

Teaching a computer the difference between a tiger

It’s a foggy morning, you’ve forgotten your glasses inside but theres no time to go back and get them. You head down to where you’re bike is locked.

Accelerating my COVID-19 DL project with Allegro Trains

Allegro Trains will take you out of the village! The current global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has threatened the sanctity of our humanity and the well-being of our societies at large.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. What’s the Real Difference?

The twenty-first century brought tremendous technological advancement that we could not dream about a couple of decades earlier. Today, it can be found that people benefit from Google’s AI-controlled predictions, Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, as well as commercial flights with an AI autopilot that uses everyday music recommender systems to involve artificial intelligence.