How Google is improving its Search with New Strategies in AI and ML?

How Google is improving its Search with New Strategies in AI and ML? By introducing the new features of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Google Search and Google Maps, the company is positive for improved customer engagement.

A Deepfake Bot is Altering Women’s Photos into Fake Nudes

A deepfake bot powered by artificial intelligence is used to undress images of women including young girls and transforming original images into fake nudes. Abusers are using artificial intelligence and deepfakes for pornographic imagery to harass women.

Who Should be Responsible when Robots and AI Cause Accidents

Robots and artificial intelligence systems are transforming autonomous vehicles. However, the third annual edition of the TechLaw.Fest forum discussed the liabilities when a self-driving car meets with an accident.

Upgrading Psychiatry Treatment Using AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence and big data are improving psychiatry treatment on a large scale by leveraging predictive modeling, computational phenotyping and patient similarity. Human-like AI robots will comfort mentally unstable patients.

レポートでテスト自動化に対するVisual AIの影響を検証

101か国の288人の品質エンジニアからの経験的データは、テスト自動化の分野におけるVisual AIの利点を示すレポートの裏付けとなる洞察と信頼性を示している。このレポートは、Visual AIを使用した機能テストツールとビジュアルテストツールを販売しているApplitoolsからのものである。

Expanding the Capabilities of AI and Data Analytics in Cricket

In this article, we will dive into technological innovations like AI, IoT and Data analytics, which are transforming traditional cricket.

AI-Powered OCR — Laying Groundwork for Automation?

In this article, we will discuss how artificial intelligence and OCR technologies are helping in digitalization and complete automation.


先日のブログ記事でMicrosoftは、偽情報(disinformation)に対抗する2つの新しいテクノロジを発表した。Video Authenticatorツールと、操作されたコンテンツを検出し、閲覧中のメディアが本物であることを保証するテクノロジである。

Basics of Reinforcement Learning AI Engineers Must Know Of

The applications of reinforcement learning are growing across the globe with each day passing by. Especially, AI engineers are expected to be trained at it.

New AI Technologies Generating Employment for AI Professionals

AI technologies have grown unprecedentedly off late, and the employment opportunities in the sector have surged even faster for potential AI professionals.

Continual Learning: An Overview into the Next stage of AI

Continual learning is an upgrade form of supervised machine learning, of AI application. This helps in learning from continuous flow data and trends (e.g. Google trends) but catastrophic forgetting can pose a hurdle.

Deconstructing Maxine, Nvidia’s AI-powered video-conferencing technology

In this post, which marks the first installation of our “deconstructing artificial intelligence” series, we will take a look at how some of these features work and how they tie-in with AI research done at Nvidia. We’ll also explore the pending issues and the possible business model for Nvidia’s AI-powered video-conferencing platform.

Being Tony Stark: How To Build A Voice Assistant Of Your Own?

In this article, we will be focusing on forging a basic and easy voice assistant of our own. It would be a customizable voice assistant which you surely tweak with, as per your desires and requirements.

Intel Welcomes First Satellite made out of Artificial Intelligence

Intel Welcomes First Satellite made out of Artificial Intelligence. PhiSat-1 is a satellite that consists of a new hyperspectral-thermal camera and on-board artificial intelligence processing that is capable of recognising and discarding cloudy images which can save almost 30% of bandwidth.

Reckoning Artificial Intelligence Common Sense through Neural Network

Reckoning Artificial Intelligence Common Sense through Neural Network. Researchers have been unsuccessful in planting common sense through symbolic logic and deep learning into Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. The recent initiative COMET uses neural networks to bring breakthrough changes.

Adaline Explained With Python Example

In this post, you will learn the concepts of Adaline (ADAptive LInear NEuron), a machine learning algorithm, along with a Python example.

AmazonがAWS Deepcomposerの一般提供を発表

先頃、Amazonは、機械学習 (ML) を学ぶための創造的な方法を開発者に提供するAWSのサービスであるDeepcomposerの一般提供を発表した。Deepcomposerは、開発者向けの機械学習対応キーボードであり購入できる。

MicrosoftがAzure AI PlatformでImmersive Readerサービスの一般向け提供を発表

Microsoft Azure AI Platform内のCognitive Servicesスイートの一部であるImmersive Readerは、読者がテキストを読んで理解するのに役立つ。Microsoftは最近のブログで、サービスの一般向け提供を発表した。これにより、開発者とパートナーは自身のソリューションや製品で、70以上の言語でテキストを翻訳し、テキストを読み上げ、強調表示によって注意を向けるなどの機能を持つこのサービスを活用できる。

How companies can develop AI specialists: newsnit

Employers need AI professionals to grow and stand out from their competitors. Upskilling and reskilling are their options to build the AI talent they need.

All About Artificial Neural Networks – What, Why, and How?

Artificial Neural Network is a learning system that seeks to emulate the human brain. Here is an overview of ANN, critical to the discipline of Artificial Intelligence.