Role of AI in Mental HealthCare: See it’s Positive Impact

WHO reports that nearly 800 000 people die due to suicide every year which means one person commits suicide every 40 seconds. Social…

Benefits of Robotics Process Automation

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What is data science? What are the qualifications for a data scientist?

Learn the key element of Data Science & Get Data Science Certification . Data Science Certification can help you in uplifting your career & you can become data Science Developer.

An AI Made For Artists! Create Fantastical Creatures in One Click

This tool is perfect for an artist or a video game designer that has to produce many assets of the same creature and quickly iterate between ideas to find the best creature possible.

Can NVIDIA’s A100 80GB GPU Extend Its Lead On MLPerf Benchmark?

In an attempt to further unlock the immense potential of AI for supercomputing, NVIDIA launched an 80GB version of A100 GPU.

IoT and AI - The Perfect Match

AI and IOT are very popular these days. Let's understand Why IoT and AI together make the perfect match!

Can AI Threaten Human Jobs? - Podcast with Rahul (WalmartLabs) and Olaf (Cross Labs)

In this segment of our podcast, we talk to Rahul Agarwal, a data scientist at WalmartLabs in India and Olaf Witkowski, the Director of Research at Cross Labs...

5 Ways In Which AI Can Transform DevOps

In the near future AI will be able to emerge as a tool to compute, analyse and transform how teams develop and manage applications

IIT Madras & ESPNcricinfo’s AI-Powered Tool Is Enhancing The IPL Experience This Season

Superstats takes into account the context of every performance, batting and bowling. Context includes pitch conditions, quality of opposition, and match situation.

Top Healthcare Innovators Share AI Developments at GTC

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) brings everything you need to know about the future of AI in healthcare together in one place.

Why Has Combo Recommendations Decreased On E-commerce

Did you notice any difference in contemporary and past e-commerce platforms? Why has the number of combo recommendations decreased on e-commerce platforms? There used to be hundreds of combo recommendations, but nowadays, you find very few of them. Did you ever give it a thought? Well, in this blog, I am going to discuss the…

Machine Learning Gets Better At Video Editing: Makes People To Disappear

In this work, the researchers somehow seem to have managed to perform video completion i.e. removing objects and filling background easily.

Big Data Analytics Services

Way2smile - Top-notch IT Consulting Company in India providing efficient web & mobile app development, data analytics and cloud solutions to uprise your business. Reach us now.

Micro AI based software to convert documents to actionable information

MintMesh is cloud based micro Artificial Intelligence platform that helps professionals get accurate and actionable information in a fraction of time. It converts documents to actions and actionable information, quickly and effectively.

Computer Vision and 5 Main Types of Image Annotation

Image annotation is an integral part of the machine learning process for numerous computer vision models. This video will introduce five of the most common t...

Using Natural Language Processing for Spam Detection in Emails | Lionbridge AI

Have you ever wondered how a machine translates language? Or how voice assistants respond to questions? Or how mail gets automatically classified into

GreyCampus Free courses for everyone!

Hey everyone, I am Stella Harris, a content manager at Greycampus, one of the fastest-growing providers of online certification courses for the workforce. While social distancing becomes the need of the hour, it calls for self-care, overall...

Human Intelligence Service | Artificial Intelligence Company - AISpotters

AISpotters are the best in providing human intelligence & artificial intelligence service. Our service includes data annotation, image annotation, audio annotation & video annotations.

A Self Taught Machine Learning Engineer: Interview With Eugene Khvedchenya

Eugene is a Kaggle master and is currently ranked 104 on the global leaderboard. He has more than 10 years of experience in developing computer vision applications

Guide To Building And Deploying ML Web Applications Using Pycaret, Streamlit and Heroku

In this article, we will introduce a library called Pycaret and streamlit to help build and deploy ML models and hosting the,m using Heroku.