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Build a React.js Quiz App with Asp.Net Core API

In this video, we've built a quiz app from scratch using react.js and asp.net core API.  We've used React Material UI as Front End UI Framework.

You could learn about full-stack development using this framework.

Discussion @ Times
0:00:00 - Quick Demo
0:00:33 - Create React App
0:03:48 - Design Login Form
0:13:59 - Form Validation
0:20:29 - Create Asp.Net Core API
0:35:18 - User Registration
0:41:11 - Configure Context API
0:50:00 - Routing Configuration
0:56:56 - Questions in the Quiz
1:23:35 - Quiz Result
1:34:09 - Submit Quiz Result
1:39:29 - Show Correct Answers with Qns.
1:46:26 - Protected Routes

📂 Download Project Source Code

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Build a React.js Quiz App with Asp.Net Core API

Future of ASP.NET – Is it frightening?

In this technology-driven world, you need to update yourself with the latest technology to stand strong in this competitive market. 

After COVID-19, in this new normal world, every business wants to shift from offline to online mode. And ASP.NET is one of the application development frameworks that is helping businesses to thrive in this new-normal world. The web application framework is being used across various sectors such as E-Commerce, BFSI, Healthcare, Education, and many more.

Quick Intro of ASP.NET

ASP.NET is an open-source, web-application development framework built by Microsoft to aid ASP.Net developers in creating dynamic websites, applications, and services. Being a cross-platform framework, applications built on this framework runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Docker.

Current Scenario of ASP.NET

In this technological world where technology ever changes, ASP.NET is the most prevalent programming platform. Most software development companies embrace this robust framework to build dynamic websites, web services, cloud-based web applications, and other web applications. 

Let’s have a look at the current trends in ASP.NET

➜ Serverless Computing

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity in the digital world. With Azure cloud, ASP.NET provides a serverless computing platform to businesses of all types. It enables developers to build high-end cloud applications.

serverless computing

➜ Machine Learning Solutions

In today’s data-driven world, machine learning plays a significant role in running business operations successfully. Many well-known companies such as Facebook, Google, and Uber embrace machine learning to run their business operations.

ML.NET 1.4, is a machine learning framework that enables developers to build data-driven ASP.NET applications by implementing ML algorithms.

➜ Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Xamarin is an open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework for .NET. With this framework, ASP.NET developers can build responsive apps for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and Windows.

cross platform xamarin platform

Xamarin allows ASP.NET developers to use C# programming language for back-end code such as business logic, data access and native API access. Apps based on Xamarin leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration and provide native performance.

➜ IoT-Enabled Application Solutions

ASP.NET developers can now leverage .NET IoT Libraries to create apps that can interact with specialized hardware such as sensors, analog-to-digital converters, and LCD devices. Enterprises can invest in lots of other IoT projects with the .NET nano framework.

➜ Building 2D and 3D Game Development

.NET is a component of Microsoft Game Stack. Gaming companies are investing in ASP.NET for building 2D and 3D game development. Game developers can build games for more than 25 different platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and so on.

User Statistics of ASP.NET

ASP.NET has a huge userbase. More than 100,000 contributions from Microsoft itself, and over 3,700 enterprises other than Microsoft support .NET.

contributions from community at Microsoft

ASP.Net usage by websites across the globe.

Asp.Net usage by websites across the globe.

HG Insights, a Market Intelligence provider, tracked 1,087,624 firms using ASP.NET. You can have a look at some of the big companies that are currently investing in ASP.NET. 

companies that are currently investing in ASP.NET

Here, the bar chart shows industry-wise usage of ASP.NET. However, the chart is not completely shown here. You can have a complete in the HG Insights.

industry-wise usage of ASP.NET

According to the Stack Overflow 2021 survey, ASP.NET took fifth place among the most popular web frameworks.

Types of Projects You can Develop with ASP.NET

♦ Dynamic Website Development♦ Cloud-Based Application Development
♦ Windows Form Application Development♦ Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
♦ ASP.NET Application Migration Solutions♦ Content Management Solutions
♦ASP.NET Integration Solutions♦ Web API Development 
♦ Customization & Maintenance Solutions♦ SSRS Report Development 

Take a look at some of the popular websites built on ASP.NET.

♦ GoDaddy

♦ Stack Overflow

♦ TacoBell.com

♦ Marketwatch.com

♦ W3schools.com

♦ Fiverr.com

Future Growth of ASP.NET

With the release of .NET 6 in the recent past, the future looks quite great.

.net - unified development platform

Have a look at the below roadmap of .NET, Microsoft team is consistently working on it to improve and bring something new to the table every time.

.net roadmap
Below are some of the pointers that show the growth of ASP.NET in the coming future:

♦ ASP.NET developers would be able to build fast and scalable cloud applications with Microsoft Azure.

♦ With Azure cloud, businesses would not have to worry about servers and pay only for the resources their application uses while running. The Serverless Computing Market is expected to register CAGR of over 23.17% during the forecast period (2021 – 2026).

♦ With the Xamarin feature, future businesses will invest in Android and iOS app development with .NET and C#.

♦ In the future, businesses will leverage the .NET for building 2D and 3D applications such as games and simulations.

♦ With ML.NET 1.4, enterprises would witness tons of AI applications.

♦ In the near future, ASP.NET will run smoothly on Docker. This would assist developers to faster deploy ASP.NET-based applications.

♦ By implementing.NET IoT libraries in .NET framework, developers would create apps that run on IoT devices.

Should Businesses Develop Their Project with ASP.NET?

Irrespective of the size of an enterprise, ASP.NET is the go-to technology for building applications for businesses.

Without any iota of doubt, ASP.NET is one of the go-to technologies to meet enterprise application needs. Enterprises can meet organizational goals and solve business challenges with the ASP.NET application development solutions 

ASP.NET provides a host of benefits to your business. This robust application development framework is perfect especially for enterprises that are looking for a leading edge in this digital world. 

Let’s take a look:

High Performance Apps: Post-release of .NET 6, ASP.NET has improved performance. It performs faster than any other popular web framework. The performance report is available at TechEmpower Round 20.

Secure Apps/software: ASP.NET safeguards apps from cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF). It includes a user database that supports multi-factor authentication and external authentication via Google, Twitter, and other services.

Diverse applications: With rich libraries and tools, businesses can develop different types of application solutions such as AI-based apps, IoT-based apps, Game development and lots more by investing in ASP.NET.

Bring your Business to Cloud: ASP.NET enables businesses to build high-end cloud applications. Enterprises can now migrate their existing .NET application to the cloud by leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Build High Performing Mobile Apps: Xamarin.Forms, a mobile UI framework from Microsoft for developing mobile apps such as iOS, Android, & Windows apps with .NET from a single shared codebase.

♦ Get Active Community: ASP.NET has many active communities. Businesses can get quick answers to any technical query or discuss anything on ASP.NET from active communities such as Stack Overflow, ASP.NET forums, .NET Tech Community, The .NET Docs Show and more.

Limitation of ASP.NET

Every coin has two sides and the same goes with ASP.NET technology as well. There are a few limitations with ASP.NET.

♦ As ASP.NET is designed by Microsoft, any changes implemented by the technology giant will surely impact application development projects done on the .NET framework. 

♦ Migration of applications to .NET can be costly.

♦ Transiting applications with older versions to new versions could be long and difficult.


– Is ASP.NET still relevant in 2022?

➥ With the release of .NET 6, ASP.NET is quite relevant in 2022. By leveraging this unified platform, enterprises can invest in a host of digital technologies such as cloud-based app development, mobile app development, IoT-enabled application development, dynamic web development and many more.

– Is it worth learning .NET in 2022?

➥ Yes, of course, .NET is worth learning in 2022.By learning .NET, software developers can build modern, high-performing, secure, scalable and responsive applications to match ever-changing client needs. 

– What is .Net 6?

➥ .Net 6 is the long-term support (LTS) release of ASP.NET. This .NET version provides a plethora of .NET projects such as cloud, desktop, IoT, Game, and mobile applications. 

– What is ASP.NET used for?

➥ ASP.NET is used for building a host of applications such as cloud-based solutions, IoT-enabled solutions, Mobile app solutions, Game Development, Content Management Solutions, SSRS Report Development Services, Web API Development Services and Dynamic Website Development.

– Is ASP.NET suitable for web development?

➥ Yes, ASP.NET is suitable for building modern web applications. It is a mature web development framework that has been holding the market for a long time. With the release of .NET 6, ASP.NET has improved its performance, security and scalability. Microsoft is striving hard to make ASP.NET a better platform for building modern web application solutions.

Closing Words

ASP.NET is one of the popular technologies in this technology-driven world. Microsoft has been striving hard to come up with new updates and upgrades in this popular framework to serve the ever-growing ASP.NET development needs. With high-end in-built features, ASP.NET will soar high and will be the choice for many more enterprises in the near future.

If you are willing to build responsive mobile apps, dynamic websites or any cloud-based applications for your clients, ASP.NET has a host of amazing features to make your product and services secure, reliable, and scalable.

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Future of ASP.NET – Is it frightening?

5 Advantages of ASP.NET [Infographic]

Microsoft-powered programming language ASP.net has several benefits compared to other popular IT languages. Many large enterprises prefer to develop their high-end software on this platform.

Over the years, many programming languages & coding platforms have been introduced by several IT leaders or developers. Those languages have done well considering their performance & adaptability.

In spite of that, ASP.net has been the favorite of thousands of developers worldwide. The big advantages that ASP.net offers make it a perfect choice to create large enterprise IT solutions that help businesses grow.

To summarize those benefits we have created an infographic that you can find down below.

Source: Infographic

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5 Advantages of ASP.NET [Infographic]
CodeWithGopi .

CodeWithGopi .


Crud operations in asp.net mvc with stored procedure

How to Insert the Data Into Database by Using  SQL Stored Procedure In Asp Dot Net MVC

 #aspdotnet #crud #asp #sql 

CodeWithGopi .

CodeWithGopi .


CRUD Operations in MVC - Database first

Asp dot net MVC Full CRUD Operation Using Entity Framework DB First | CRUD Operations MVC | MVC Examples

#codewithgopi  #aspdotnet #crud #asp #sql 

CodeWithGopi .

CodeWithGopi .


CRUD operations in asp.net web api

Web API CRUD Operations with Entity Framework and SQL Server | Web API Tutorial for beginners

 #aspdotnet #crud #asp #sql  #webapi 

CRUD operations in asp.net web api
CodeWithGopi .

CodeWithGopi .


CRUD operations in asp.net core 6.0

Asp dot Net Core Mvc Crud Using Entity Framework DB First approach | Visual Studio 2022 with dot Net 6.0

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CRUD operations in asp.net core 6.0

ASP. Net Development Services Company in India | World Web Technology

Develop robust & feature-rich websites & web-apps with ASP.Net platform. Hire ASP.Net developers from World Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. - a top-rated ASP.Net development company in India.

Let’s get in touch to build future-ready dot net application together ➨ https://www.worldwebtechnology.com/asp-dot-net-development-services

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ASP. Net Development Services Company in India | World Web Technology
Coding  Life

Coding Life


Complete Guide to ASP.NET Core Identity|Authentication & Authorization

ASP.NET Core Identity is a fully featured membership system for creating and maintaining user logins. Using Identity API, you can sign in & sign out users, reset their passwords , lockout users & Implement Multi Factor Authentication. It can also integrate with the external login providers like Microsoft Account, Facebook, Google, etc.

You will learn the following topics in depth:
🎫Section #1: Authentication and Authorization UNDER the HOOD.
You will start with securing your web app without using ASP.NET Identity, so that you know what is under the hood. This builds a strong foundation for you.
🎫Section #2: Securing Web APIs
Same idea with the previous section, but here we are securing Web APIs.
🎫Section #3: ASP.NET Core Identity In Depth
Now we are getting into ASP.NET Core Identity. Here you will not only learn how to code with ASP.NET Core Identity, but you will learn all the reasons behind the working of Identity with the knowledge you have just learned in the previous sections.
🎫Section #4: MFA in ASP.NET Identity
MFA is a must when you work with a public facing website. Hence, this section is very important. After the in-depth explanation of the concept, you will start with a simpler Email MFA scenario, then moving on to the Authenticator App MFA case.
🎫Section #5: External Authentication Providers
Lots of applications (public facing or not) want to use external social media to manage the user login, so that the applications can focus on the business logic. This section takes Facebook Login as an example and walks you through the steps of using an external authentication provider

00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:20 Security Overview
00:10:23 Authentication & Authorization Flow
00:17:07 ASP.NET Core Basics
00:23:20 Security Context in ASP.NET Core
00:27:12 Anonymous Identity
00:33:05 Create a Login Page
00:44:23 Generate Cookie with Cookie Authentication Handler
01:04:57 Read Cookie with Authentication Middleware
01:14:28 Authorization Architecture & Flow
01:22:52 Simple Policy based Authorization
01:41:52 Login & Logout Partial View
01:49:43 Custom Policy based Authorization
02:02:27 Cookie Lifetime & Browser Session

Source codes : https://www.patreon.com/frankliucs 

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Complete Guide to ASP.NET Core Identity|Authentication & Authorization
Rubalema  Sonia

Rubalema Sonia


Testing ASP.NET5 Blazor Counter Component Using bUnit Package in xUnit Framework

Next: https://youtu.be/uhdv_MshYqA
In this video, I have walked through a bUnit test project in Blazor that tests the Blazor WASM template counter component. It uses xUnit as the test framework.

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Testing ASP.NET5 Blazor Counter Component Using bUnit Package in xUnit Framework
Coding  Life

Coding Life


Create Full stack Web Application In ASP.NET Core Blazor Webassembly Using Sqlite and Swashbuckle

In this tutorial We are going to create Full stack Web Application In ASP.NET Core Blazor Webassembly Hosted Model using Sqlite and Swashbuckle for Swagger Documentation.

In this crash course you will learn how to implement Basic CRUD Operation along with Blazor Hosted Model.

Blazor webassembly allows you to Run your C## Code To Client Side inside your browser so there is no need to use Javascript Frameworks Like Angular React or Vue.

Source code : https://github.com/itsmaheshkariya/bl…


#asp #webassembly #blazor

Create Full stack Web Application In ASP.NET Core Blazor Webassembly Using Sqlite and Swashbuckle
Coding  Life

Coding Life


Create Full stack Web Application In ASP.NET Core Blazor Webassembly Hosted Model using MongoDB

In this tutorial We are going to create Full stack Web Application In ASP.NET Core Blazor Webassembly Hosted Model using MongoDB.

In this crash course you will learn how to implement Basic CRUD Operation along with Blazor Hosted Model.

Blazor webassembly allows you to Run your C## Code To Client Side inside your browser so there is no need to use Javascript Frameworks Like Angular React or Vue.

Source code : https://github.com/itsmaheshkariya/bl…


#asp #blazor #mongodb

Create Full stack Web Application In ASP.NET Core Blazor Webassembly Hosted Model using MongoDB
Code  Geek

Code Geek


Top Course - Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC - CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core

In this course you’re going to learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC. We are going to go over the basics and build an Expense Tracker.

00:00 Intro
01:36 What we will build in this video
06:21 Intro to the section
07:20 The Tools you will need
08:59 Introduction to .NET Core
16:58 Creating an ASP.NET Core Project
19:58 Project File and Program File
24:10 Dependency Injection
28:22 Startup file, .Net Core Pipeline and Middleware
34:47 Routing in MVC
40:52 Launchsettings, AppSettings, WWWRoot
45:00 What exactly is MVC
49:32 Shared Folder as well as ViewImports and ViewStart
1:00:24 Intro To the Controller Chapter
1:01:01 Creating your own controller in ASP.NET Core MVC
1:06:40 Creating your own view in ASP.NET Core MVC
01:10:48 Routing Explained
01:18:35 Conventional Routing
01:21:42 Attribute Based Routing
01:24:19 Controller Actions
01:26:24 Pass Values to Actions
01:33:39 Action Return Types
01:46:01 Intro Chapter Models
01:47:00 Model in MVC
01:53:37 Code First Approach and Migration
01:58:32 Setting up the Connection String
02:01:13 Setting up DBContext as Well es Entity Framework Core
02:04:54 Setting up DBContext in our startup File in ASP.NET Core MVC
02:08:52 Push our items to the Database, Migrations and checking the DB
02:14:05 Add a controller to our borrowed items
02:18:12 Passing Data to the Controller in ASP.NET Core MVC
02:23:19 Displaying our Data using HTML and Bootstrap
02:31:42 Add new columns to Database
02:37:17 Create Page and Button editing
02:42:57 Designing the create item page
02:52:23 Creating the Entry in the Database
02:58:42 Challenge - Expenses
03:00:13 Challenge Expenses - Solution
03:08:37 Server Side and Client Side validation
03:20:11 Delete Entry in Database
03:32:12 Update Entry in Databse

ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC http://bit.ly/2KUwJIv
WPF Masterclass: http://bit.ly/2PZIpMn
C# Masterclass: https://bit.ly/38xC6WW

Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/tutorialsEU/featured

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Top Course - Learn ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC - CRUD Operations, EntityFramework Core

Juned Ghanchi


Asp.Net Development Company India, Hire Dot Net Developer

IndianAppDevelopers, a top Asp.net development company in India with 10+ years of experience in build robust, high-quality, and scalable asp.net applications for small to large-scale businesses; also, we provide migration services, ongoing maintenance, management services, etc.

We are team of 100+ developers with extensive expertise in enterprise-grade complex solution.

Are you planning to outsource ASP.net development services? Or would you like to hire a team of Asp.net Developers? Get in touch for a free quote!

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Asp.Net Development Company India, Hire Dot Net Developer