Create Your First REST API with ASP.NET Core And Visual Studio Part-1

A simple video about Creating ASP.NET Core Web API(Rest API) with Entity framework core and SQLServer using Visual Studio 2019. In this introductory video, We have created an ASP.NET Web API project with Visual Studio 2019 from the template we have already there by default.

Building ASP.NET Core applications on Visual Studio Codespaces and Visual Studio Code

How to use Visual Studio Codespaces service and Visual Studio Code to build and run ASP.NET Core web applications on Azure cloud.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Monthly Update July 2020

Join us as we recap the new ASP.NET Core components so far in 2020, and preview new controls that will be released with Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core in R3 2020.

Handling Concurrency in an ASP.NET Core Web API with Dapper

In this post, we will cover how to handle concurrency for a resource in an ASP.NET Core Web API. The endpoint we will focus on is updating a product resource. The product lives in a SQL Server database and we access it with Dapper.

Integration Testing on ASP.NET Core Web API Controllers with SQL Backend

In this post, we will test an ASP.NET Core Web API controller with a SQL backend using xUnit. All the tests will exercise the SQL database rather than mock it out. This will quickly give a good amount of coverage and confidence that all the Web API layers are working together correctly.

Creating a Multi-Tenant ASP.NET Core Web API with Dapper and SQL RLS

In this post we’re going to leverage SQL Server Row Level Security (RLS), Entity Framework Core and ASP.NET Core to create a multi-tenant database with a multi-tenant web API. The structure of the code will be deliberately simple and focused on the key bits that are needed for a multi-tenant web API.

Upload File or Image with JSON Data in ASP.NET Core Web API using Postman

How to upload file or image with JSON object using Postman. Creating a POST request with a JSON body. How to upload an image or file along with the POST JSON data.

ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection

A simple example of using the ASP.NET Core DI container that isn't in a Controller class (all the examples I've seen so far are how to inject objects into a controller) ...ASP.NET Core now has a built in default DI container. Here’s a simple example of using this that isn’t in a Controller class (all the examples I’ve seen so far are how to inject objects into a controller) …

Calling an ASP.NET Web API from jQuery

I've been playing with ASP.NET Core Web API recently ... here's a quick post on calling one of these APIs using jQuery Ajax ...For simplicity, I’m going to use a hardcoded list of people and not going to persist the people in a database. Here’s the API controller constructor and the hardcoded list:

Introducing Project Tye

Project Tye is an experimental developer tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. Project Tye is an experimental developer tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying microservices and distributed applications easier. When building an app made up of multiple projects, you often want to run more than one at a time, such as a website that communicates with a backend API or several services all communicating with each other.

.NET Framework July 2020 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10, version 2004

Today, we are releasing the July 2020 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 on Windows 10, version 2004. Quality and Reliability This release contains the following quality and reliability improvements. ASP.NET – Use FIPS-compliant hashes in ASP.Net telemetry data.

What is the ASP.Net Machine Account on my Computer?

Some users have reported the existence of the ASP.Net machine account. In this article, I will discuss what is machine account in windows 10/7 and how to disable it, machine account password, and can I delete machine account? .NET Framework is an application on Windows that requires the installation to run several apps or games. However, when the .NET Framework is downloaded and installed, the application automatically creates an ASP NET machine account.

Fluent Validation in an ASP.NET Core Web API

Fluent Validation allows you to separate validation rules from your model and helps you structure the rules so that they are nice and readable. The rules are also super easy to test.

File/Image Upload using Web API | [Unsupported Media Type Error Solved]

How to fix unsupported media type error in ASP.NET Core WEB API file or image upload. File or Image Upload in ASP.NET Core Web API . 415 Unsupported Media Type error occurred during file upload in ASP.NET Core, this problem is solved in this video.

How to use API Analyzers in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of API Analyzers and Swagger to improve the documentation of your ASP.NET Core APIs. This article discusses how we can work with API Analyzers in ASP.NET Core 3.1.

Hire ASP.Net Developers

Looking to outsource your asp dot net development requirement? ASP.Net is a special feature of the DOT Net framework created by Microsoft. At []( ""), we have a team of experienced...

Introducing "Web Live Preview"

If you work on any type of app that has a user interface (UI) you probably have experienced that inner-loop development cycle of making a change, compile and run the app, see the change wasn’t what you wanted, stop debugging, then re-run the cycle again.

ASP.NET Core Updates in .NET 5 Preview 7

.NET 5 Preview 7 is now available and is ready for evaluation. Here’s what’s new in this release: Blazor WebAssembly apps now target .NET 5 Updated debugging requirements for Blazor WebAssembly Blazor accessibility improvements Blazor performance improvements Certificate authentication performance improvements Sending HTTP/2 PING frames Support for additional endpoints types in the Kestrel sockets transport Custom header decoding in Kestrel Other minor improvements Get started To get started with ASP.NET Core in .NET 5 Preview 7 install the .NET 5 SDK.

.NET Core JSON Serialization Changes - Newtonsoft vs System.Text.Json

Microsoft changed the default JSON serialization/deserialization engine in NET Core 3.x. Learn how to avoid a potential bug as you upgrade your application.

Mocking IQueryable Extensions with Moq

Mocking IQueryable extensions such as Where or FirstOrDefault on an IQueryable is difficult. Come learn one workaround I found. Unit testing is the base level of the testing pyramid and thus a vital cornerstone of effective software development. In order to effectively unit test your code you should make use of SOLID design principles and mocking frameworks. T