Augmented Analytics With PySpark and Sentiment Analysis

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enrich COVID19 tweets data with a positive sentiment score.You will leverage PySpark and Cognitive Services and learn about Augmented Analytics.

Augmented Analytics is the Next Wave of BI and Analytics

Gartner named Augmented Analytics as the next wave of disruption in the data and analytics that pioneers should plan to embrace. Modern Business Intelligence (BI) systems have a ton going for them, yet there are still places where we have to consider data and analytics in an unexpected way

The Importance of Augmented Data Management for Businesses

With Augmented Data Management, the average business user can draw in with cutting-edge analytics tools that take into account Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) and leverage refined analytical techniques and algorithms in a guided.

Why is Augmented Analytics the Future of Data Management?

The massive technological improvements, have led businesses to seek more big data for analytics. Augmented Analytics powered by AI and machine learning is the new buzzword for Business Intelligence. Read why is augmented analytics the future of data management.We live in the Data Era. Not just data, but Big Data. Datasets have become complex, fastmoving, and increasingly huge. Legacy BI systems that handled data cannot fathom the volumed data coming at live speed.

MIT Researchers Develop AI System That Can Defer To Human

MIT Researchers Develop AI System That Can Defer To Human. Researchers at MIT have developed an artificial intelligence system that is able to understand when to defer a task to an expert,