Google vs Australia, India’s Quantum Labs And Rockets On Oil Rigs: This Week’s Top News

On Tuesday, MeiTY announced establishment of a Quantum Computing Applications Lab in India with help from AWS.

How India-Australia's New Partnership Could Lead To AI Initiatives

The governments of India and Australia should invest in a new India-Australia partnership, with critical technology at its centre.

Best Trampoline to buy in Australia

<p>Complete your fitness goal by choosing a good quality&nbsp;<strong><a title="Trampoline" href="">Trampoline</a></strong>.&nbsp;<strong>Klika</strong>&nbsp;can be your one-stop destination to...

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What Is Happening With Google in Australia?

Google just made an appeal to the Australian public. The ACCC has responded in kind. What does this mean for Australian users of Google?

The Surprising Pattern of Food and Service Deserts in Victoria

Access to groceries, banks and other basic services in Victoria varies with income, but not the way you may think. The range and accessibility of basic services such as supermarkets.

A quick look at the timing of measures for COVID-19

From the 1st COVID-19 case appears in a country, this virus has penetrated into different communities at a different rate among different countries.