Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon that provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis.

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25 things about security that every Engineer

This article is part of a series (see part two abut data) on top things all software engineers and solutions architects need to know to produce a secure, scalable, elastic and well-architected solutions on the cloud.

NSDetect: A Tool To Discover Potential AWS Domain Takeovers

Utilities That Might Help You Earn/Save Few Hundred Thousand Dollars! 🤑In this story, I would be talking about the automated detection of AWS NS Takeover, a security issue related to the misconfiguration in AWS Route 53 service.

Preparing for the AWS Database Specialty Certification — 7 Steps

A guide with a visual topic landscape map. Here I detail recommended preparation steps, and share the technology topics landscape map that I created that helped me prepare for the exam.

AWS Certification: Preparing for Your Examination

So you’ve decided to go for an AWS certification exam. Well done! But now what? I want to share with you some of the techniques I use to optimise my learning patterns.

AWS Step Function Tricks

4 hacks to help construct workflows.Having worked with AWS step functions for a little while now, i’ve had to jump a few hurdles to get what I wanted, and I figured other people could benefit from the hours of hair pulling. Sharing is caring, or so they say…

Data People, Come To The Cloud

A brief introduction to the cloud platforms to data engineers, analysts and scientists — and how you can learn about the data in the cloud

Why AWS Has Been Imitated But Never Surpassed

As the first company to launch cloud services and leader of the cloud service market for more than a decade, AWS remains the cloud giant with more than one-third of the cloud computing market share.

Deno with Docker and EC2

Learn how to dockerise your Deno application and run it on Amazon EC2 instance. Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust.

6 Ways Cloud Platforms Can Cut Down Your Costs And Improve Efficiency

Today, not only Google but other top cloud platforms are offering top-notch AI services, where users can derive insights on the go.

Deep dive into Redshift Spectrum and its internals

Deep dive into Redshift Spectrum and its: Internals functioning of Redshift Spectrum and when to choose between Athena, Spectrum or s3-select to query data over s3

Build a Node App to receive text messages with Ngrok and Store

Build a Node App to receive text messages with Ngrok and Store . This article will demonstrate how to create a Node application that will receive SMS Messages with ngrok and Twilio and send contents of the message to an RDS MySQL Database.

AWS DynamoDB | Spring Boot CRUD Example Deployed in Elastic Beanstalk

This tutorial will guide you , How to Integrate DynamoDB with Spring Boot Application & deployed into AWS using Elastic Beanstalk !!

KDnuggets™ News 20:n26, Jul 8: Speed up Your Numpy and Pandas

Speed up your Numpy and Pandas with NumExpr Package; A Layman's Guide to Data Science. Part 3: Data Science Workflow; Getting Started with TensorFlow 2; Feature Engineering in SQL and Python: A Hybrid Approach; Deploy Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS Fargate.

Docker Compose — Now on AWS!

New beta feature Docker-ECS allows direct pushing of Docker Compose to the Aws cloud!

How to Upload image to AWS S3 made simple - Flutter

Today we will learn about uploading image to AWS S3 made simple

Deployment of Web Apps with CloudFront, S3, Lambda and Cookies

If you host apps on AWS there are managed services helping you release changes gradually avoiding risky “big bang” deployments. For…

The “finally” block in AWS Step Functions state machine

Regarding AWS StepFunctions, this article demostrates how to have states that can be executed regardlessly.In a workflow, there could be some operations that need to be executed no matter what happens, for example, cleaning up temporary resources that are created at the beginning of the workflow. If we relate to Java language, it is similar to what we do with finally block.

How I Prepared For The AWS Certified Machine Learning Exam

How I Prepared For The AWS Certified Machine Learning Exam. In this article, I will describe how I prepared for the AWS Certified Machine Learning — Specialty exam. I will share the materials I used and my thoughts about their usefulness.

Learn Internet Of Things On Cloud | AWS IoT | Azure IoT For Beginners

IOT or the Internet of Things on Cloud will introduce you to implementation of IoT on Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. We will see how cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure provide variety of IoT Cloud services to implement IoT on top of these Cloud platforms. This video is a good starter for individual wanting to implement IoT with Cloud Computing.

Docker AWS Beta Just Announced: DevOps and Docker Live Show (Ep 84)

Docker just released a new Beta with built-in AWS deployment support. Let's check it out! Support this show on Patreon! It's the #1 way to support me intervi