An AWS Lambda Advent-ure in Python

For many of us, Advent is a time to look forward; a countdown to Christmas; 24 days in December at the end of the year that we mark with special calendars

Accessing Payload, Variables and Environment Properties in Kumologica

This article will demonstrate how to access or manipulate message payload, variables, and environment variables inside Kumologica flow.

New – Use AWS PrivateLink to Access AWS Lambda Over Private AWS Network

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You simply upload your code and Lambda does all the work to execute and scale your code for high availability.

Everything You Should Know About Serverless API

Everything You Should Know About Serverless API - The ultimate guide for anyone who needs to opt for serverless API from nooks and corners.

Serverless Integration and Distributed Tracing in Kumologica

Distributed tracing is a key aspect in the new world of serverless integration as it is one of the 3 pillars of observability i.e logs, metrics, and traces.

The Complete AWS Lambda Handbook for Beginners (Part 2)

In this post, we’ll look at AWS Lambda pricing, some interesting Lambda facts and examples of great AWS Lambda use cases in your serverless application.

The Complete AWS Lambda Handbook for Beginners (Part 1)

AWS Lambda is an event-driven serverless compute platform, spinning up the service in response to an event — find out more about Lambda triggers in part 1 and part 2 of our Complete Guide to Lambda Triggers series.

Building Serverless Data Extraction API Using Kumologica

In this article, see how to build a simple API that demonstrates the extraction of data from an external API and prepares them for processing.

Low Code Serverless Integration With SendGrid Using Kumologica

In this article, we see how to build a simple order management service that will furnish and send a purchase receipt email using SendGrid.

How to Access URI and Query Parameter Inside Kumologica API

A URI is a resource identifier that can uniquely identify a specific instance of a resource. URI is part of the URL that is passed to get a unique resource.

Microservice and Serverless With Micronaut + GraalVM

Micronaut is creating a buzz around cloud-native application development due to its enriched features and optimizations based out of modern Polyglot JVM.

How to Run Selenium BDD Tests in Parallel with AWS Lambda

Have you ever felt annoyed by the long waiting time to receive test results? This solution might save your time and money—parallelization in the cloud.

How to Build an API in AWS - Using AWS Lambda and API Gateway

APIs, short for Application Programming Interfaces, are connection points that allow different (parts of) computer programs to exchange data. Using APIs for the delivery of a software service makes your code better organized and easily reusable. In this article, I am going through the basic steps of creating an API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

Serverless Batch Process With Kumologica

In this article, we are going to build a batch file processing following a serverless architecture using Kumologica.

Practical Serverless: Integrating Amazon S3 and Rekognition with Ballerina - DZone Microservices

Take a look at Ballerina’s AWS Lambda functionality, used to implement an integration scenario between AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) and AWS Rekognition.

Yan Cui on Serverless, including Orchestration/Choreography, Distributed Tracing, & more

Today on the InfoQ Podcast, Yan Cui (a long time AWS Lambda user and consultant) and Wes Reisz discuss serverless architectures. The conversation starts by focusing on architectural patterns around choreography and orchestration. From there, the two move into updates on the current state of serverless cold start times, distributed tracing, and state.

Log based monitoring for AWS Lambda

Dashbird is a service that approaches monitoring and error-tracking by collecting and analyzing CloudWatch logs. Monitoring and analytics has been an issue for Serverless systems since they were invented. While it’s easy to attach an agent like NewRelic or DataDog to a server or container, function monitoring requires a different approach. Serverless applications, where logic is distributed over a large amount of functions, attaching agents or wrappers leads to cost increase and development overhead. To provide insights into FaaS architectures, Dashbird collects all your CloudWatch logs and extracts meaningful and actionable metrics from that.

How to Optimize AWS Lambda Costs (With Examples)

Here's how you can track and optimize you're AWS Lambda costs. I’m in my late 30s and still have memories of the days when there was a clear difference between developers and system admins. As a developer, each time I needed a simple software environment set up on the development server, I had to call the IT admin and wait for him until he installed… a different version of one of the software packages I asked for! It took anywhere from two days to a whole week just to have a simple application server installed.

What Are AWS Lambda Triggers?

Find out everything you need to know about AWS Lambda triggers, from Dynamo DB integration to how to trigger a Lambda, in this simple introduction. We talk a lot about more advanced level of Lambda triggers in our popular “Complete Guide to Lambda Triggers” series, Part 1 and Part 2 out now. So, this time, we’re bringing it back to the basics because skipping some steps when learning something new might get you confused, it tends to get annoying, or it can even make you frustrated. Why? Well, to be able to understand how something works appropriately and later on to know how to implement your knowledge practically without any kind of stress involved, you must master everything about there is regarding the particular subject in particular order.

Answering the biggest AWS Lambda questions

Aws Lambda has been around for a while yet question surround this magnificent product from Amazon. Have you heard about AWS Lambda, the new computing system that offers you a variety of benefits like real-time data processing and custom back-end service? Wish you knew the ins-and-outs of this system so you could decide if it's the right fit for you? With so much information available about AWS Lambda, it can be hard to know what it is without an AWS Lambda FAQ.