All The AWS re:Invent 2020 Machine Learning Releases And Why They Matter

Why it matters? Cost-effective and high performance for your deep learning training on the cloud. EC2 instances powered by Habana Gaudi EC2 instances powered by Habana Gaudi accelerators. Also available via Amazon SageMaker, AWS ECS, and AWS EKS.

Top 10 Quotes By Andy Jassy At AWS re:Invent 2020

Top 10 Quotes By Andy Jassy At AWS re:Invent 2020. We list some of the most memorable quotes here. AWS' Exponential Growth Over Years. 'Customer-Focused' Jassy On Why AWS Is Ahead Of Its Competitors. 'Relentless Innovation' On AWS' Offerings On Containers.

New – AWS Systems Manager Consolidates Application Management

New – AWS Systems Manager Consolidates Application Management. A desire for consolidated, and simplified operational oversight isn’t limited to just cloud infrastructure. Customers ask us for a “single pane of glass” approach for also monitoring and managing their application portfolios.

Introducing AWS Systems Manager Change Manager

Today, we are launching AWS Systems Manager Change Manager, a new change management capability for AWS Systems Manager. It simplifies the way ops engineers track, approve, and implement operational changes to their application configurations and infrastructures.

New – AWS Systems Manager Fleet Manager

AWS Systems Manager is an operational hub enabling you to manage resources on AWS and on-premises. Available today, Fleet Manager is a new console based experience in Systems Manager that enables systems administrators to view and administer their fleets of managed instances from a single location.

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines Brings DevOps Capabilities

Simply put, Amazon SageMaker Pipelines brings in best-in-class DevOps practices to your ML projects. This new capability makes it easy for data scientists and ML developers to create automated and reliable end-to-end ML pipelines.

Announcing AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0

AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0 edge runtime is now open source under an Apache 2.0 license, and available on Github. Access to the source code allows you to more easily integrate your applications, troubleshoot problems, and build more reliable and performant applications that use AWS IoT Greengrass.

New AWS Amplify Admin UI Helps You Develop App Backends

Today AWS Amplify announces new Admin UI to configure an application backend, and manage app users and content outside the AWS console. This new feature makes it easier to use AWS services and accelerates the development and management of full-stack web and mobile apps.

AWS Marketplace Now Offers Professional Services

AWS Marketplace Now Offers Professional Services. Now with AWS Marketplace, customers can not only find and buy third-party software but also the professional services needed to support the full lifecycle of those products, including planning, deployment and support.

New - Amazon DevOps Guru Helps Identify Application Errors and Fixes

New- Amazon DevOps Guru Helps Identify Application Errors and Fixes. Today, we are announcing Amazon DevOps Guru, a fully managed operations service that makes it easy for developers and operators to improve application availability by automatically detecting operational issues and recommending fixes.

Docker and AWS Resources for Developers

Docker and AWS Resources for Developers. To get ready for AWS re:Invent, we’ve gathered some of our best resources and expert guidance to get the most out of the Docker platform when building apps for AWS.

New – Amazon EMR on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Tens of thousands of customers use Amazon EMR to run big data analytics applications on frameworks such as Apache Spark, Hive, HBase, Flink, Hudi, and Presto at scale. EMR automates the provisioning and scaling of these frameworks and optimizes performance with a wide range of EC2 instance types to meet price and performance requirements. Customer […]

Amazon EKS Distro: The Kubernetes Distribution Used by Amazon EKS

Our customers have told us that they want to focus on building innovative solutions for their customers, and focus less on the heavy lifting of managing Kubernetes infrastructure. That is why Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) has been so popular; we remove the burden of managing Kubernetes while our customers glean the benefits. However, not […]

New – Profile Your Machine Learning Training Jobs With Amazon SageMaker Debugger

today, I’m extremely happy to announce that Amazon SageMaker Debugger can now profile machine learning models, making it much easier to identify and fix training issues caused by hardware resource usage. Read right here

AWS CloudShell – Command-Line Access to AWS Resources

AWS CloudShell – Command-Line Access to AWS Resources. Today we are launching AWS CloudShell, with the goal of making the process of getting to an AWS-enabled shell prompt simple and secure, with as little friction as possible.

Managed Entitlements in AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager is a service that helps you easily manage software licenses from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM across your Amazon Web Services (AWS) and on-premises environments. Learn Managed Entitlements in AWS License Manager.

New for AWS Lambda – 1ms Billing Granularity Adds Cost Savings

New for AWS Lambda – 1ms Billing Granularity Adds Cost Savings. What I like about AWS Lambda is that it lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers, and you pay only for what you use. Since we launched Lambda in 2014. With the new 1ms billing granularity, the duration costs are: 60 million invocations * 28ms * 1G memory.