CI/CD Pipeline for NodeJS Lambdas on AWS using Jest, Serverless Framework, Github

I wanted to start a serverless project, and one of the primary headaches aside from architecting the workflow and deciding which lambda functions need to be created is a simple and yet effective CICD workflow.

Simple Serverless: Neat and Tidy Lambda Functions Use Powertools

Reduce the frustration and the time it takes to start writing Lambda functions. Simple Serverless: Neat and Tidy Lambda Functions Use Powertools

How to Build Custom Layers on AWS Lambda

Many developers face issues when importing custom modules on AWS Lambda, you see errors like “No module named pandas” or “No module named numpy”, and most times, the easiest ways to solve this is to bundle your lambda function code with the module and deploy it on AWS lambda which at the end makes the whole project large and doesn't give room for flexibility. To solve this problem, we use something called Layers on AWS Lambda. How to build custom Python layers for your serverless application.

Serverless Application with API Gateway, AWS Lambda and DynamoDB using SAM.

The objective of this article is to create two lambda functions. Out of which, one function will write datas to the DynamoDB table and the other function will read datas from the DynamoDB table. Moreover, both the functions will be invoked by API Gateway calls. In this tutorial, you'll Learn to build a serverless application in your local system and deploy into AWS Cloud using SAM.

Awesome Hacks To Master AWS Step Functions

The use of serverless computing has become a must nowadays, and some of you may already know a thing or two about Amazon Web Services like Lambda Functions, Step Functions, and other services AWS provides. However, if this is the first time you hear about them – fantastic!

Write S3 Event Message Into DynamoDB Using Lambda Function

Learn to write a lambda function to put S3 event message into DynamoDB table with S3 object creation as the trigger using SAM in Cloud9.

Sending Email using AWS Lambda and Amazon SES

In this article, we’ll discuss the procedure to build a Lambda function that will send an email to the specified recipient from the specified sender using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). In this project, we’ll do everything in AWS console.

Combining Siri and AWS Lambda to Get the Monthly AWS Spending of Your Account

AWS Lambda combining with Siri will help you get your billing reports in your fingertips or even more, through your voice.

Deploy AWS Lambda and DynamoDB using Terraform

The objective of this article is to deploy an AWS Lambda function and a DynamoDB table using Terraform, so that the Lambda function can perform read and write operations on the DynamoDB table. Here, we won’t use any other AWS services to trigger the Lambda function. Instead, we’ll trigger the Lambda function using the test events that is already present in the Lambda console. In this tutorial, you'll see how to Deploy AWS Lambda and DynamoDB using Terraform

How to Create a REST API with Lambda proxy integration

An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software. API stands for application programming interface. APIs let your product or service communicate with other products and services. This simplifies application development, saving time and cost. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Create a REST API with Lambda proxy integration

CI/CD with Altostra and GitHub Actions

In this post we’ll learn how to add a simple GitHub actions CI/CD flow to a basic Altostra API service project.

Deploy Lambda Function using Terraform

AWS refers to Lambda as a serverless computing service. Let’s understand what server-less is. It has the following three main characteristics

Deploy Lambda Function and API Gateway using Terraform

AWS lambda is a service that lets the user to run code without provisioning or managing servers and the user needs to pay for how much they use. The user can also scale it up and down according to their needs.

Integrating API Gateway — Lambda Responses

This article shows how to program an API to return status codes that make sense to your application.

Avoiding cold starts on AWS Lambda for a long-running API request

Learn how to prevent cold start in your Lambda functions with the Serverless ... When running a serverless function, it will stay active (a.k.a., hot) as long as you're ... responses to events such as API Gateway, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, S3, etc. ... Add an early callback call when the event source is serverless-plugin-warmup .

AWS API Gateway — Integrate Environments to Different Versions of the Same Lambda Function

The quickest option was to create a new lambda function and copy the same code and then make the changes. This would have worked but then I had to create a separate API in API Gateway to integrate with this new lambda function.

The future of serverless with AWS Lambda Extensions

AWS has recently announced the preview of Lambda Extensions, a new way to integrate tools with Lamba functions. In this post, we take a quick look at what Lambda Extensions are and what possibilities they open for us in the future.

Private Serverless REST APIs With AWS Lambda Using SAM

Quickly create serverless microservices using Lambdas. By using Amazon API Gateway, it's possible to quickly create serverless microservices backed by Lambda. We'll review one such deployment ...

Execute a Basic AWS Lambda Function Without Any Triggers

In this blog, we’ll make AWS lambda to run the code without setting up the trigger.AWS refers Lambda as a server-less computing service. Let’s understand what is server-less. It has the following three main…

AWS Lambda Function With Amazon API Gateway as the Trigger

In this blog, we’ll write an AWS lambda function which will be triggered by Amazon API Gateway. AWS API gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure APIs. API acts as a front door for the application to access data, business logic or functionality from the backend services.