An Introduction to Infrastructures for WEB projects in AWS

An Introduction to Infrastructures for WEB projects in AWS - Let's review a particular project in detail and the cost of infrastructure maintenance. And so, we have an internal WEB application that consists of a static website on React, a backend on Go, and a database DynamoDB. All code is stored on Github and for CI/CD we use Github Actions. The infrastructure code is defined in Terraform.

The Benefits of Amazon S3 Explained Through a Comic

Read this comic style conversation between two guys and get to know why some of the biggest companies in the world are using Amazon S3 for their business and why you should use it too.

12 Strategies to Reduce Amazon S3 Costs

Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3 is a service designed to house storage for the internet. In this article, we'll talk through all the strategies you can use to reduce Amazon S3 costs.

What I Wish I Could Have Told My Younger Self About Optimizing AWS Services

In this article I’ll be sharing my own lessons learned with Dashbird in building reliable Well-Architected serverless applications and the highest impact areas to focus on no matter where you are in the Serverless journey.

How to Use G-Suite as an Identity Provider For Your AWS Account

The idea behind SSO it’s pretty simple, you login into only one place and can use multiple applications. To be able to start doing this you need to be a super admin of your G Suite account.

AWS vs. Azure: Key Differences and Business Benefits

The Big Three, Amazon, Azure, and Google, are driving the cloud computing market. The variety of opportunities they offer to businesses is endless which makes the decision even more difficult — which cloud will benefit my business the most? AWS Vs. Azure: Key Differences and Business Benefits