Microsoft Azure is a Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing platform


OpenJDK 11 Microsoft Build Goes General Availability

Microsoft made its implementation of OpenJDK 11 generally available so that developers who want to use Java on the Azure cloud can do so.

Cloud automation in 2021: The new normal in the tech industry — CAST AI

Scaling, provisioning, and configuring cloud resources manually often results in errors that can affect your availability or performance. Solution? Cloud automation.

Load Testing with Azure DevOps and k6

In today’s article, I guide you through your Azure DevOps setup to perform automated load tests using k6. Before we begin, I want to take a minute to explain what load tests are and why they are essential.

Predicting Housing Pricing in California using AzureML

Predicting Housing Pricing in California using AzureML

Connecting App Service to data and other Azure services

Once you have your app running in Microsoft Azure, you can get up and running on the creation and control of encryption keys using Microsoft Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Key Vault.

Azure Cost Management and Billing updates

Whether you’re a new student, thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you’re spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to the bill, and this is where Azure Cost Management and Billing comes in.

Amazon Web Services Vs. Microsoft Azure Vs. Google Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services Vs. Microsoft Azure Vs. Google Cloud Platform. Currently, three prominent cloud service providers dominate the industry: Microsoft Azure (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (AWS), and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Containerize Linux apps in Azure App Service

Dig deeper into Microsoft Azure App Service to learn how to create and deploy a web app from a Docker image, then deploy a multi-container app to Web App for Containers using Docker Compose.

Deploy, Update, and Test Apps with no Downtime using Azure App Service Deployment Slots

Take advantage of deployment slots to validate changes and eliminate downtime when you deploy. You’ll also learn traffic routing for A/B testing for both performance and user experience.

How to use Azure Log Monitoring for your .NET Web Apps

In this Microsoft Azure App Service demo, we’ll show you how to use Azure Log Monitoring to view insights on the diagnostics, log analytics, performance, and availability of your web applications

Redis Streams in Action — Part 3 (Tweets processor app)

Welcome to this series of blog posts that covers Redis Streams with the help of a practical example. We will use a sample application to make Twitter data available for search and query in real-time.

AzureFunBytes Episode 46 - OpenShift on @Azure with @jjasghar

Integrate your Azure OpenShift deployments with Azure Active Directory to manage user access and authentication to your resources. Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides single-tenant, high-availability Kubernetes clusters on Azure, supported by Red Hat and Microsoft. Teams from across the globe have leveraged OpenShift to create clusters in public and private environments, add user management features, automate updates, and make use of world class comprehensive security.

Run your VMware Workloads Natively on Azure with Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution delivers a VMware environment as a service, which enables you to run native VMware workloads on Azure. Shannon Kuehn shows Scott Hanselman the seamless experience to migrate VMs directly from on-premises to Azure.

Deploying your Resume/Portfolio using Microsoft Azure App Service and GitHub

In this hands-on workshop we will be deploying a pre-designed resume template on Microsoft Azure using Azure App Service and hosting the code on a GitHub repository. You will be learning how easy it is to use Azure App Service with a just a few clicks and get your Application/WebApp up and running in a couple of minutes. You don’t need any prior experience with Microsoft Azure to understand this session. You will be learning how to use Azure App services of Microsoft Azure and use GitHub to host your code.

How to Build A Graph and Use Links in Azure Workbooks

In this episode of the Azure Portal “How-to” series, learn how to create a hive cluster in Microsoft Azure workbooks for high-density views and how to use links in workbooks to show other workbooks or to reference Azure portal blades.

Advisor Clinic: Upgrade Your Azure Virtual Machines to Managed Disks

Travis Maier joins David Blank-Edelman to discuss Azure Advisor recommendation "Upgrade your Azure Virtual Machines to managed disks" and walks through what it means and how you can upgrade.

Azure Data Fundamentals Certification (DP-900) - Full Course to PASS the Exam

Prepare for the Azure Data Fundamentals Certification and pass! Azure Data Fundamentals Certification (DP-900) - Full Course to PASS the Exam

Azure App Service API Error While Accessing Azure SQL Data Through ENT

Azure App service API error while accessing Azure SQL data through entity framework: An error has occurred.

Integration Testing for ASP.NET Core using EF Core Cosmos with XUnit and Azure DevOps

This article shows how integration tests could be implemented for an ASP.NET Core application which uses EF Core and Azure Cosmos. The database tests can be run locally or in an Azure DevOps build …

Azure Cost Optimization-A Practical Approach to Cost Optimization Microsoft AzureSolutions

For many businesses, governing cost is a major concern when adopting cloud technologies. Balancing performance demands, adoption pacing, and cloud services costs can be challenging.