Continuous Delivery for Azure SQL DB using Azure DevOps Multi-stage Pipelines

In our previous overview of DevOps for Azure SQL DB, we showed you how you can use the built-in tasks in Azure Pipelines to deliver changes continuously to an Azure SQL database. That pipeline was quite simple, and did not have a separate step to create the database. It also did not have any built-in mechanism for approvals.

Testing performance of Azure SQL Database as a key-value store | Azure SQL Devs’ Corner

Executive summary Our testing shows that Azure SQL Database can be used as a highly scalable low latency key-value store. Starting with a cost-efficient 4-core General Purpose database, we see an order of magnitude increase in workload throughput as we increase dataset size by 100x and scale across the spectrum of database SKUs to a Business Critical database with 128 cores,

Optimize storage usage for large volumes of IoT data with Azure SQL

To optimize storage for large volumes of IoT data, we can leverage clustered columnstore indexes and their intrinsic data compression benefits to dramatically reduce storage needs. On text-based data, it's not uncommon to get more than 20x compression ratio, depending on your data shape and form.

Running 1M databases on Azure SQL for a large SaaS provider: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent SaaS business applications that helps companies of all sizes, from all industries, to run their entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. Dynamics 365 applications are built on top of Microsoft Power Platform that provides a scalable foundation for running not just. Power Platform (also offering services like Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and PowerBI) is based on Microsoft Azure services, like Azure SQL Database, which offer scalable and reliable underlying compute, data, management and security services that power the entire stack.

Build SQL Database Projects Easily in Azure Data Studio

In this episode with Drew Skwiers-Koballa, you will be introduced to a new experience for database development with the SQL Database Projects extension for Azure Data Studio. Whether you are familiar

Build your full-PaaS IoT solution with Azure SQL Database

IoT solutions usually include several components that spans from device communication and management to event processing and data ingestion and analysis. Deploying all these components independently on compute, network and storage based infrastructures can be a complex and time consuming task, but nothing compared to manage, monitor and operate them at significant scale. Azure SQL Database is a great option for the storage tier of your IoT solutions of all sizes.

Resources to become a Well-Rounded Full-Stack Developer

Javascript, Python, Azure SQL. Everything you need to learn to became a full-stack developer is available on these amazing video resources

Introduction to Azure Database Migration Service (ADMS)

This articles describes the new Azure database migration service (ADMS) launch from the migration service tab in the dashboard.

Deploying a Database on Azure SQL – {coding}Sight

The article describes how to create an SQL Server in Azure and deploy a small database using a free tier subscription and basic resources.

Promises, Node, Tedious, Azure SQL. Oh My!

Encapsulating Tedious in a Promise to allow easy asyncronous support to the most used library to accees Azure SQL

How to Secure Azure SQL Database by Setting Minimal TLS Version

In this episode with Rohit Nayak, we will cover the Minimal TLS Version setting for SQL Database. Customers can use these features to enforce a TSL version at the logical server level to meet their compliance needs.

Deploying the first SQL to Azure Migration project with Azure Database Migration Service

This article covers real-time issues and use cases of migration tasks for SQL Server to Azure cloud database with ADMS.

TodoMVC Full Stack with Azure Static Web Apps, Node and Azure SQL

This article is part of #ServerlessSeptember. You’ll find other helpful articles, detailed tutorials, and videos in this all-things-Serverless content collection. New articles from community members and cloud advocates are published every week from Monday to Thursday through September.

Fast loading data into Azure SQL: a lesson learned.

Fast loading data into Azure SQL: a lesson learned. A simple but extremely effective way to load data into Azure SQL using Apache Spark or Azure Databricks as fast as possibile.

How to Shut Off Public Connectivity to Azure SQL Database

In this episode with Rohit Nayak, we will cover the Deny Public Network Access setting for SQL Database. Customers can use this setting to block all public access via firewall rules and exclusively re

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers

A book to learn how to take advantage of the all the breakthrough technologies available in Azure SQL like columnstore, in-memory lock-free tables, row-level-security, graph.

Azure SQL & .bacpac the easy way | Azure SQL Devs’ Corner

Restoring a sample database is always useful, not matter if you are an experienced developer or a new one. It will help you to have comfortable playground where you can do all the test you need to improve your skills without the need to spend time creating new data and models from scratch, so that you can focus on learning.

What is Azure SQL Edge

In part one of this three-part series, Vasiya Krishnan introduces Azure SQL Edge and its features that make it the optimized database engine for IoT Scenarios. In part two, Vasiya will review customer

Learn How to Deploy SQL Server 2019 in Containers in Just Minutes

Containers are taking over, changing the way systems are developed and deployed...and that's not hyperbole. Just imagine if you could deploy SQL Server or even your whole application stack in just minutes.

Create Solutions with Azure SQL and Get Your Questions Answered

You probably have a lot of questions after drinking from the firehose for three days. In this final session, we’ll discuss potential solutions for the proble...