CI/CD for Azure Functions with GitHub

CI/CD for Azure Functions with GitHub. The CI/CD pipeline for our Azure Functions app project. I assume that you have basic knowledge of GitHub and Azure Functions. After you configure continuous integration. Function app to have a CI/CD pipeline using GitHub.

Deploy Python Codes with Azure Functions

Azure Functions are code triggered events that scale well owing to their serverless capabilities. The triggering mechanisms are diverse

Create Custom Web Apps for Microsoft Teams Using Azure Function, NodeJS

Do you know that we can always develop our own web apps and integrate the same to our Microsoft Teams? That is exactly what we are going to do in this blog.

How to Build a REST API for Azure PostgreSQL using Azure Functions with Node.js

zure Functions is a serverless computing service running on Azure’s cloud-hosted execution environment. Azure Functions lets us run auto-scaled, event-triggered code on an abstracted underlying hosting environment. An everyday use case scenario for Azure Functions is to perform work in response to an event and when that work can be completed quickly, typically in seconds. The on-demand execution feature makes Azure Functions a suitable candidate for developing REST APIs. This article will create a stateless HTTP triggered RESTful Azure Functions app with Node.js to perform read operations on an Azure PostgreSQL database and return the results as a JSON object. We will look at developing a REST-style Azure Functions app using Azure Portal and Kudu.

Implement middleware pattern in Azure Functions

I wrote this post to share my experience implementing middleware pattern in Azure Functions. Azure Functions is a serverless compute service that enables you to run code on-demand without having to explicitly manage infrastructure.

Top Serverless Computing Platforms in 2020

In this article, I will quickly go over the top platforms out there that allow you to perform custom computations remotely, or in other words: Serverless Computing platforms.

The Ultimate Guide to Integration Testing With Docker-Compose and SQL

In the previous versions of this article, I’ve stated that theseed container doesn’t have to wait for thedb container. That turned out not to be the case. The article has been corrected. If you prefer looking at code — here’s a sample repo that uses everything described below.

How to Integrate Card Payment with Stripe into Your Web App

Step-by-step guide using React & Azure Functions. In this tutorial, we'll see how to Integrate Card Payment with Stripe into Your Web App

Build a Custom URL Shortener Using Azure Functions and Cosmos DB

This article describes how to build a custom URL shortener service using Azure's serverless platform with Azure Functions and Cosmos DB,

F# Azure Functions and Azure CLI

Creating Azure Functions in F#.This will enable you to use the Azure CLI from the Windows Command Line or a PowerShell prompt. I prefer the PowerShell prompt because this also gives you TAB completion.

Using Azure function proxies for mocking API

There are many options available when it comes to mocking API response, like, JSON server or even having a response JSON file added to

Role of Azure AI Services in Gaming World

Role of Azure AI Services in Gaming World. Games have always been a hit source of entertainment. Azure Cognitive Services is responsible for bringing AI in a reach of every developer with the help of certain set of API

A Practical Guide to Azure Durable Functions — Part 2: Dependency Injection

Everything you need to know to create a production-ready function app via Azure Durable Functions.

CxO Abstract: Serverless Applications using AWS

Serverless technology allows you to develop modern applications with increased agility, speed, and scalability without the need for a…