The Best Options to Store Data and Keep it Safe Forever

As technology evolved the options for storing the large amount of data have also changed. In this article, we'll learn The Best Options to Store Data and Keep it Safe Forever.

Encrypt Your Backups Before Pushing to Cloud (in #!/bin/bash)

Encrypt your backups before pushing to cloud (in #!/bin/bash). We will use a RSA key-pair to encrypt randomly generated, AES256 encryption keys for each file we protect. We will put the encrypted keys alongside the encrypted data.

Backup and Restore of K8s using K10 and Kanister(Mutating Web Hooks) with Minio

Backup and Restore of K8s using K10 and Kanister(Mutating Web Hooks) with Minio ... K10 implements a Mutating Webhook Server which mutates workload ... I have configured new Minio bucket (called db-s3)and Minio ...

Velero by Example

Exploring the open source Kubernetes backup and restore solution through a concrete example on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Having mostly worked on smallish Kubernetes installations, I never understood the need for a Kubernetes backup and restore solution.....

Jak zapisać kopię zapasową skrzynek Exchange w formacie PST?

Datavare Exchange Backup Tool offers to create backup of Exchange Server mailboxes into PST file. Timely and job-based backup of Exchange Server data is taken by the tool.

Quick Steps for Quicken Online Backup

  Total financial control, that’s what Quicken says on its home website which is really true and it’s a boon for those who are looking out f...

Using rclone on Linux to Automate Backups to Google Drive

As of now, Google has yet to release an official backup/sync client for Linux, and as a frequent WSL2 user, I was after a solution that would allow automated backups to Google drive from the WSL2 Linux file system/distro.

Data Recovery Services: What to Screen for in a Provider

As technology is developing every day, the amount of storage space required to store different sorts of files is also increasing every day. However, the safety of this virtual storage space remains a significant problem. However, due to the availability of the data recovery software now, it is no longer a problem. Any sort of data recovery like the San Data Recovery is possible with the help of this particular software.

Disaster Recovery on Kubernetes

In this post, we’ll look at using Velero to backup and restore Kubernetes resources as well as demonstrating its use as a disaster recovery or migration tool.

Regular backups for your Cloud Firestore database and Storage

How close do you have get to deleting everything in your database before you set this up?

How to back up Firestore easily and automatically

How to back up Firestore easily and automatically. An in-depth look at backing up Firestore automatically from planning through to implementation. Scheduled & ad-hoc (manual + CI/CD)

Elasticsearch 7.x Backup — “Snapshot & Restore” on AWS S3

How To create Elasticsearch snapshots and backup your cluster indices with ease. In 2016 I wrote an Article about Elasticsearch Backup, it had and still has quite good interests from people.

Backup and Restoring In Jenkins

This blog provides some ways through which backup and restoring in Jenkins can be carried out. The data loss can be the result of hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a human-caused event, or accidental deletion of data.

Why RAID Data Recovery Is Important For Small Businesses | Hacker Noon

Data Recovery is a term used to define a data retrieval process for the loss of data from various backup devices. If you have a business, it is all about data.

Exporting Cloud SQL Databases for Disaster Recovery

The odds that Google goes bankrupt taking your workloads with it is extremely unlikely it is entirely possible that someone or some process (malicious or not), deletes your data in the cloud.

How Data Loss Without Any Data Recovery Can Destroy Tech Company.

Data recovery is generally used to retrieve information from different backup devices in case the data is lost.  The businesses do suffer great losses if the data is lost for any unfortunate reasons. It is very important to ensure that the data is collected and is kept safe and secure. 

Backup / Export Docker Image easily

This article explains how to backup or share custom Docker Image between computers without docker hub.

How to Backup Elasticsearch on Kubernetes with Google Cloud Storage and Kibana

We all make mistakes and we make them quite often. Deleting a pod, a persistence volume or even a whole namespace is an easy thing to do in Kubernetes and if you delete the right one you can say goodbye to your Elasticsearch cluster. Today we will be going through how to backup our Elasticsearch cluster (Running on Kubernetes) data into Google Cloud Storage and protect it from unexpected data losses.

Azure Files share snapshot management by Azure Backup is now generally available

Microsoft Azure Files offers fully managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.