Must Have Features For Successful Fintech App Development - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the must have features for fintech app development. How to develop successful fitech app? Reasons to invest in fintech app development.

Artificial intelligence and Its Use In Finance and Banking: RFI In The United States

The agencies support responsible innovation by financial institutions that includes identifying and managing risks associated with the use of new technologies. With appropriate governance, risk management, and compliance, the use of innovative technologies by financial institutions, such as those involving artificial intelligence, have the potential to enhance business decision making and improve the services available to consumers and businesses

How to Build a Mobile Banking and Personal Finance App: Step-by-step Guide

Macandro is a well known banking & financial app development company lends pixel perfect mobility solutions for finance and banking industries across the globe.

How do I start a cryptocurrency bank to revolutionize the financial market

We provide complete digital asset bank solution to help businesses and start-ups start digital asset bank. We also serve as IBAN account provider and provide business-oriented fintech solutions for banks, making us the best crypto friendly banking solutions providers.

Citizen Data Scientists & AI On Cloud Will Create New Opportunities For Financial Industry

To understand the financial landscape better, and how Fiserv is making a difference, we spoke to Manisha Banthia, the Director of Analytics.

The State of DevOps in Banking

The panelists discuss the state of DevOps in banking, including the increased need for adaptability, the impact of value stream mapping and management, as well as a future outlook for 2021.

Why Banks should be truly using AI — by yesterday

Why Banks should be truly using AI — by yesterday. That is retail banking today, where the ostrich is a retail bank and the tigers are the mobile- only AI powered challenger banks (not to mention Amazon).

Are APIs the Real Banking Revolution?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been around for 20 years, but, as Ron Shevlin points out, just one in five community banks in the USA had deployed APIs before 2020, and they aren’t even on the radar of at least 20% of the banks.

Modern Banking in 1500 Microservices

Matt Heath and Suhail Patel explain how Monzo team builds, operates, observes and maintains the banking infrastructure. They talk about how they compose microservices to add new functionality, Monzo’s culture, deployment and incident tooling, monitoring practices and how they share knowledge effectively.

Applying Machine Learning to Financial Payments

Tamsin Crossland discusses how Machine Learning can be applied to Payments to respond rapidly to known and emerging patterns of fraud, and to detect patterns of fraud that may not otherwise be identified. She covers techniques that have been used and are emerging in fraud detection including rule-based techniques, supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Applying Machine Learning to Financial Payments

5 Ways to Transform the Banking Industry With AI Chatbots

5 Ways to Transform the Banking Industry With AI Chatbots. Here, we will look at a few ways through which chatbots will transform the banking industry in the times to come.

The Sectors Most at Risk from Remote Work and How to Secure Them

In many cases, it is against the rules for certain jobs to be performed remotely out of concern for security. Under normal circumstances, it would make perfect sense to forbid the employees of large financial institutions from making sensitive transactions over insecure home networks.

Mastercard India Tech Hub Is Hiring With A Special Focus On Analytics, Automation

Mastercard has been an important contributor to creating the payments ecosystem in India from its inception and has worked closely with regional partners on cutting-edge payment technologies for the country. It has provided many solutions that improved the online transactions and the payments value chain, as well as innovations around mobile and contactless payments services.…

Bank Term Deposit Marketing Strategy

A Data Science approach to predict who are the best clients to be targeted for the marketing campaign. Financial institutions e.g Banks generate their revenue through lending and borrowing .

Bank Deposit Subscription Predictions

Comparing different machine learning models in predicting the banking marketing strategies. In the past few years, FinTech investments have drastically increased across industries, and banks, in particular, are taking interest in this cutting-edge technology through digitization of their activities even in understanding the customer needs.

Loan Default Prediction with Berka Dataset

An End-to-end ML Project with Real Bank Data. For banks, it is always an interesting and challenging problem to predict how likely a client is going to default the loan when they only have a handful of information. In the modern era, the data science teams in the banks build predictive models using machine learning.

Banks Must Bet Big On AI And Blockchain: Prasanna Lohar

Prasanna Lohar currently works as Head – Innovation & Technical Architecture at DCB Bank. As a part of DCB’s digital transformation, he is firmly focused on innovative customer servicing, technical architecture implementation, and adoption of emerging technologies for banking.

Who are the unbanked in Morocco?

Insights from a 2017 World Bank survey using supervised learning. Recently, the Moroccan government sent monthly allowances to citizens who’ve been economically affected due.

How Blockchain Scales Banking Services | Hacker Noon

Total forecast It is all around financial services. The implementation of blockchain has encouraged solid investment into a variety of protocols that meet payments systems’ gateway for privacy and permissions.

The worst financial mistakes (Facebook edition part 1!)

The worst financial mistakes (Facebook edition part 1!) I was on Facebook a few months ago and came across this thread in one of the groups I am in that was ...