Create and Fetch Trello Card using Postman

In this post, we will create and fetch a Trello card using Postman and Trello’s REST API. We will be working with the POST and PUT request to create and fetch the data from Trello’s API. ### **Check out the video below to learn more about how to...

8 YouTubers every developer should subscribe to

Welcome to my channel for web development and tech tutorials! To get the latest tips, subscribe to my channel! I plan to create the most useful content I can...

Hashing passwords in Node.js

In this video I will be showing you how to hash passwords using bcrypt in Node.js 🔴 Subscribe for more

Downloading Files using Node.js

In this video I will be showing you how to download files off the internet using Node.js🔴 Subscribe for more

An Introduction to AI, updated

We provide an introduction to key concepts and methods in AI, covering Machine Learning and Deep Learning, with an updated extensive list that includes Narrow AI, Super Intelligence, and Classic Artificial Intelligence, as well as recent ideas of NeuroSymbolic AI, Neuroevolution, and Federated Learning.

Decoding Nodejs

The main goal of this blog is to explain the “Architecture of Nodejs” and to know how the Nodejs works behind the scenes. Generally, most of the server-side languages, like PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, and including Nodejs follows multi-threaded architecture. That means for each client-side request initiates a new thread or even a new process.

What Is Tagged Template Literal In Javascript

Before ES6(ECMAScript 2015), we have used single quotes('...') and double quotes("...") to wrap string literals. A simple example is, There were limitations when we had to concatenate multiple strings and the string literal has dynamic values. The readability of these concatenations used to be a challenge as well.

Functional Programming Techniques in Java with Examples

In this article, I will write about how to write code using Java’s API for functional programming. In the end, we will write our own stream API so we can understand how to implement a functional programming style in Java.

Understanding Data Structures in JavaScript (Linked Lists)

In this article, we will discuss how a linked list gets stored in the database and, we will implement a linked-list from scratch with operations like the addition and deletion of an element, lookups, and reversing a linked-list.

How to ace the data science coding challenge

In this article, I will share some useful tips from my personal experience that would help you excel in the coding challenge project. Before delving into the tips, let’s first examine some sample coding exercises.

Resources to become a Well-Rounded Full-Stack Developer

Javascript, Python, Azure SQL. Everything you need to learn to became a full-stack developer is available on these amazing video resources

12 Fun Challenges to Learn React Native

You want to learn React Native? Here's 12 exercises to that will help you do that.The post is inspired by a free self-paced workshop I've created. If you're interested in guided instructions, solutions, and extra exercises check it out!

Learn About Util and Inheritance in Node.js

This lesson and the coming one will cover some of the modules that we generally use in development. One of the modules is util and it comes very handy to ease the developer work while debugging. Let's talk more about it by answering the following questions.

Learn about Node Package Manager (NPM)

we are going to learn about Node Package Manager (NPM) in this lesson . it’s a Package Manager for Node. Open Source Developers from all around the globe can publish their Node packages and use the packages published by other people for free.

VSCode setup and HTML Tags

In this video I will cover how to setup Visual Studio Code. Also we will cover HTML tags syntax

Python Tutorial: How to Make API Requests

Python is in the midst of a resurgence. It never went away, but usage now grows like never before. With machine learning developers and data scientists relying on Python, much of the web development ecosystem around the language continues to grow.

Quick Introduction to API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In this modern technology world, we interact with APIs every day! For example, when you access a website like Expedia, Kayak, or any other travel booking sites to book your next vacation and you...

Machine Learning from Scratch: Free Online Textbook

If you are looking for a machine learning starter that gets right to the core of the concepts and the implementation, then this new free textbook will help you dive in to ML engineering with ease. By focusing on the basics of the underlying algorithms, you will be quickly up and running with code you construct yourself.

Ditch Web Development, Cloud Development Is What You Need ☁️

The “Learn How to Code” Hype Train. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that “becoming a developer” is all the rage.

Reasons to Write Code On Paper

Half and a year ago I rewrote the JavaScript encyclopedia starting from "Advanced working with functions" until the end, and oh boy, the result was amazing. From start I easily wrote the JavaScript class for the Webpack plugin, that was a joy.